The Rat Market

Here is the Gazette message for this week:

Next weekend, the Rat Market will be buying:

  • Leaving after this week: Ratty Reliquaries.
  • Leaving after this week: Parabola-Linen and Ivory Organza.

Same goods, but we know they won’t be around the following week.

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Rat market potential bug warning:

Check your saturation before selling anything this weekend!

My saturation from last weekend has not been cleared yet. I just received around 60€ less than expected from my first organza sale of this weekend.

Bug report to FBG submitted…

Thank you lordbolo.



Saturation is now wiped when you become a rat for the weekend.

If you already are a rat, it’s doing… something. For me it’s setting to what it already was. Probably some tricks with hidden values. In any case, leave and re-enter and hopefully that works out.

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Interesting that you need to spend three actions to get into the Rat Market now.

At least you get some new flavour text.

The court of the Rat Market

Canvas hangs between chimney pots, framing the entrance to the court of the Rat Market. Bounded by brickwork and the sharp drop below, the Market runs across a row of roofs, dense and chattering. The stalls are crammed into every available nook and cranny, bristling with all manner of miniature commodities.

The currency of the Market is its shillings, larger than a rat’s paw and stamped with an icon of ratty origin. The Saint peers up at you from beneath her crown of knotted tails. Of course, only rats may use the shillings.

However, the Market is a place of commerce, and all customers must be catered for. There is a rite to perform in the broken spout of a battered chimney. You must kneel before it and accept the flow of the dirty water over your head. Two rats place a blindfold over your eyes, slit to allow in a modicum of light. A third whispers in your ear of indignities and cruelties, generations of ratty shames inflicted upon ratkind. When you rise, you rise a rat (honorary): the Rat Market is open to you.

I have bought a lot of things in the Rat Market over the years, including the seasonal Rat stuff and the rare items worth 15625 Rat Shillings e.g. Reported Location. Unless there are new or useful items available there, or there is a somewhat ‘profitable’ grind you can do there, something you can look forward to every weekend, I doubt I won’t be entering the Rat Market again anytime soon. :upside_down_face:

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Looks like I chose a lousy time to return to the game from hiatus, to find both the Rat and Bone Markets nerfed. Guess I didn’t need a Hellworm that badly.

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10 SPA is still a reasonable rate to work towards a hellworm. And we stand at the beginning of a new grand story. I would say it’s a great time to return.


I understand the SPA ‘nerf’, I wasn’t really doing much SPA grinding e.g. Bone Market prior to the update anyway, and I myself want to get a Hellworm before next year’s Whitsun.

I also mean the psychology of anticipation in the old version of the Rat Market. Two new items were offered every week, and you never knew which ones those were.

At the very least, instead of expending three actions to get inside the Rat Market, you get a (random? seasonal?) reward by visiting it… maybe dependent on the number of previous visits you have made by expending those three actions per visit.

Mechanically, it will be similar to visiting Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House or a Cultural Exchange with the Starvies. But instead of having Time the Healer as the reset trigger, it happens every Friday when the Rat Market reopens.

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PSA: next weekend, the rat market will buy uncanny incunabula, cartographer’s hoards, captivating ballads and parabolan parables.

Worth stocking up on Ballads from the Tracklayers’ City.


PSA: next weekend, the Rat Market will also buy Night Whispers and Storm Threnodies (in addition to the items bought this week).