The Rat Market

Selling the Night-Whispers takes 1 action per NW. Buying the Diamonds costs 0 actions. With the stockpile you have, this might make a difference for how many you can offload this weekend.

Selling the diamonds for scrip takes 1 action per diamond at the hurlers, but that step doesn’t have a time limit.


Huh, I thought for sure buying also cost an action. That’s what I get for not checking the wiki.

Thanks. I can “schedule” my actions to only be used to sell NWs this weekend. That will help with the actions needed for FotR to get the two new non-fate companions… assuming they are worth me getting which remains to be seen.


The Rat Market opens on Fridays at 11am UTC, so that would actually be the 9th. Unless of course you live in the few parts of the world that are UTC+13 or UTC+14.

Thanks for the info, johnlucci. I do not visit the rat market often so did not know when it began.

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I find myself wishing that there wasn’t a companion that reduces Scandal. On Monday I’ll have enough scrip to buy a Hellworm, but the optimal worm-riding outfit will not have a worm in both the transport and companion slot :slightly_frowning_face:

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You’ll only be able to play with it and that only reduces nightmares. After purchasing a saddle, the worm will be transformed to a Transport item and the riding option will unlock (scandal and 1-2 disposition). With it equipped you’ll have the companion slot free and be able to use all scandal items!

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I was unclear. I have a worm-riding outfit with worm items in the transport and boots slots. I was just lamenting that I have to choose between the mechanical benefit of scandal reduction and the extra style points of raising In the Company of a Hellworm to 2. In actuality what I’ll be getting next week is the boot polish that does nothing

Ray drenched Cinders available in this weekend’s Rat Market, good opportunity for the newbies who want to have an easier way to access the Cave of the Nadir.


The Unexpurgated London Gazette is out.

This week, the Rat-Market will be buying:

  • Ratty Reliquaries.
  • Parabola-Linen and Ivory Organza.

I vote for the decrease of the price of the Organza in Hearts Game to 65 exploits. Except if it’s not supposed to be a profitable trade, but just an easy way to get an Organza… but what’s the point, it’s not that hard to get already, and it’s not as if you need one in a hurry every other day…



Main mystery for me is whether we are allowed to buy Tears or not.

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The announcement only called out Diamonds as the one item that’s been removed from sale, so I assume Tears will be available as part of the regular cycle of items for sale that presumably exists now. We have no idea yet exactly what order that cycle goes in or how long it is, though.

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IIRC items that you could buy rotate on seasonal basis. Thematically it would make sense to place Tears in Winter, but who knows…

Up to now the rat-season has changed every week

Isn’t the season bound to real world seasons? Wind and moon change weekly.

There’s the rat season and the false season. Two different things.

I only bought a few gems from the Rat Market once in a while for hoarding, never knew they were so important.

We should have a gem trader opportunity card, similar to the rag merchant, wine merchant and scrap merchant.


A new quality has been implemented: Rat Market Saturation.

You sell certain items that are in demand this week (parabolen linen, ivory organza or ratty reliquary), you gain Rat shillings and Rat Market Saturation increases (caps at 800k), and resets when the weekend Rat Market ends.

I can still sell my Fourth-City Echoes at 125 Rat Shillings each.

Hm. I was expecting (hoping) Rat Shillings would end up converting into a larger proportion of other currency, with Rostygold making up the spare change. This seems to still be mostly Rostygold.

Yup. Out of around 6500 rat shillings (if memory serves), I got:

  • 2 x Fourth-City Echo
  • 1 x First City Coin
  • 1 x Justificande Coin
  • 15 x Hinterland Scrip
  • 96 x Fistful of Surface Currency
  • 20 x Assortment of Khaganian Coinage
  • 61,737 x Piece of Rostygold