The Rat Market

If I understand the fabulous diamond process, you do the following:

  1. Sell things that you can this week in the rat market (Incunabulum, 4th City Echoes, Night whispers, and Parabolan Parables). The sale of each of these costs one action except Incunabulum can also be sold 5 at a time for 15% less.

  2. Buy fabulous diamonds for 3125 rat shillings - costs one action

  3. Go to Hurlers and sell a fabulous diamond for 625 Hint. scrip and 2 Stolen Kisses

Do I have this correct?

I have 6 night whispers and 48 Incunabulum and I am very slowly grinding for a Hellworm so assuming I understand things correctly, I could get a couple of fab. diamonds and sell them. Beats doing the boring professional activities which is what I have been doing.

Actually it costs zero actions to buy a fabulous diamond but other than that yeah pretty much!

Sell the books one at a time if you have this little. It takes more AP, but it’s 7.5 EPA! :slight_smile:

Selling the books one by one gets you 15 more echoes for 4 more actions. That makes it 3.75 EPA.

Assuming he meant 7.5 total, not additional.

That only matters if your alternative was to not use the actions on anything at all.

And if that’s the metric, then you should still sell five at a time because that’s 22.5 EPA

Definition: base grind is where your dump your actions when you don’t have better opportunities.
Let’s assume that your base grind is 5 EpA.
Let’s assume that we need to sell 10 Uncanny Incunabula.

  1. Selling one by one. 10 actions, 20 * 10 = 200e profit.
  2. Selling in bulk. 2 actions selling + 8 actions of base grind, 2 * 85 + 8 * 5 = 210e profit.

As I see it, whether you want to sell in bulk or not depends on your base grind EpA. Breaking point for this case is 3.75 base grind EpA.

P.S. I ended up with 39 diamonds after this weekend.

Does the fabulous diamond week always correspond with a week in which Incunabulum and night whispers can be sold? Alternatively, is the diamond week random so you stock up on all of the things that can be sold at the rat market?

What you can sell is on a regular schedule, but what you can buy is random. Only constraint is that neither Rat Wind nor Moon may repeat in consecutive weeks.

And yes, some players stock up on all the Rat Market sellables, in the event of diamond week.

Yeah, I didn’t want to scare people off with extra math. Four extra actions, fifteen extra echoes. That’s the important part. That’s all you need to get to 3.75 EPA

A fine haul, a fine one! :slight_smile:


Ended with quite a bit of diamonds, could probably have gotten a better deal but oh well.
I’ll see if this opportunity ever rises again when i need it. got me quite a bit closer to the my wyrm

Nice one indeed, skinny.
56 diamonds for me this week. Still waiting for my payouts on hoards and organza.

I spent too many actions on cards and still had 22 Night Whispers left at the end of the weekend. 71 diamonds to be turned into scrip over the week

42 diamonds to turn into script. Making some headway towards a creepy-crawly.

Whistling merrily as I assemble a makeshift table from wood planks and stacked crates outside the Extramural Trading Company, and hanging up a hand-painted banner reading WELCOME NEW HELWORM MEMBERBS !!! !!! !!!

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I need another weekend to exhaust the remaining few hundred NWs and get to the final station to finally get that saddle. I may even find a name for my worm by that time. :smiley:

The Hurlers got hotter during one Hallowmas (to avoid free menaces) and now I wonder how shinny it got after this weekend!

My total funds are already more than enough for the saddle, but I still have quite a lot of echoes to convert (or scrip to farm) before I can pick it up.

:gem: weekend again! Time to finish the pile for more lovely jewels!


Amazing! I’d feared it would be yet another year before the stars aligned again and I could dispose of my remaining 250 or so NWs (guess I didn’t need to burn quite so many coffees last time). Though I could really use a breather soon: the last several weeks have been a continuous whirlwind of egg-smashing, whisper selling, whale guiding, and piracy. I’ve barely had time to vote myself dividends lately!