The Rat Market

Thanks for the tip! I’m just about to unload all my Night Whispers in the market.

It appears the link you posted came out wrong. This would be it, right?

Hahaha, such a stupid mistake! I used the forward slash to escape the parentheses for Reddit.

While you’re at converting NW, besides a pile of ~20k Inklings, I would advise you to convert 2-3 NWs into the base items that have no markup when buying from the Market: Maniac’s Prayer, Amanita Sherry, Map Scrap and Phosphorescent Scarab. You may never know when you need those and if you need E you can just sell them.

EDIT: And some Rostygold too! If you’re using the Stag’s club for favours (which has an amazing EPA), be sure to reserve around 40k! Breakdown:

  • On average, if you draw many cards per day, you’ll get it 1.1 times
  • almost 10 more weeks since NW will be available again
  • 500 each time
  • 1.1 * 10 * 7 * 500 = 38500
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:gem: :gem: :gem:
Guess what week it is!
:gem: :gem: :gem:


Umpf, couldn’t it have been 2 weeks later? :confused:

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In fact it can be two weeks later. Actually I think two weeks later is slightly more likely than any random week in the future, given that next week is guaranteed to have neither Wind nor Moon overlapping with :gem:

My 50+ Parabolan Parables are ready. Hope the Hurlers trading post doesn’t go bankrupt next week and we don’t see a repeat of The Great Bone Market Crash of '98.

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You have no idea how many times I hoped this before/during NW weekends! It wasn’t enough, but I do hope RNG listens to you! Who knows? Looking at my pile, it just broke the value of 100k E!!

Easy 40k scrip, gg! And some kisses! :rofl:

Now I’m totally confused. Sell Parables, then buy … what? And take them to the Hurlers trading post? And become a an insanely rich poo-bah?

Fabulous :gem: DiAmOnDs :gem:! They sell for 625 scrip. The action is only visible if you have one in your inventory.

Aaaah, thanks! (Words that add to less than 20 characters.)

It took a while but my bet finally paid off.
I haven’t been actively grinding parables for some time now, but I just finished converting some 120 of them into over 160 diamonds, so I’d say it was worth the wait. Now to just sell them all off at my leisure.


Well, we can say that again for the the last NW week! Wait, no, this actually lower the chances!

Wow, that was impressive, Parabolan Commander!

My command rating is apparently 171. I’ve been in the wars alright.


How many?
Does the description change from “The Thunder That Quakes Parabola”?

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Well, 171?
And no, that seems to be the top level.


They should add Violant and Apocyan Boxes to the Rat Moon list

Apocyan on Hard/Blue and Violant on Soft/Runny

And it is live! :gem::gem::gem:
Night whisper and Fabulous diamonds!

EDIT: And the servers are going slower and slower!

Please excuse my ignorance but what is special about “diamond week” that I have seen excited mentions of several times?

Diamonds can be sold in Hurlers for its equivalent value in scrip plus 2 stolen kisses. Basically, you can convert echoes (NWs) into scrip. And because Tribute grinding (favour → tribute → NWs → Rat) is above 6.5 EPA, this means the scrip is obtained at 13+ SPA.

Looks like it’s finally time to flog off my 175 night-whispers! Not quite as big as my last inventory dump, since I only have a handful of parables in stock, but still a tidy profit.