The Mysteries Tab is Gone

So, with little fanfare, other than an @EchoBazaar tweet about 14hrs ago, the Mysteries tab has been closed and removed. Would this perhaps mean some answers may be forthcoming? Some form of reward for correct guesses? Its exciting in its possibilities, but at the same I’ll kind of miss having it there to constantly ponder & sometimes revise my answers as new information from storylets give me another puzzle-piece to chew on… It would actually be nice if a new slab of fresh mysteries were proposed in its place!

To answer your questions, yes a reward will be given. If I recall correctly, a correct answer will net an individual some fate/nex. Some discussion about the possiblities and what-ifs are going on here though if you’re interested.

There was an email that went out too. You may have missed it if you have notifications turned off.
For future reference (don’t miss out! Much wow!) account settings at the top right should offer some notification things.

Ah. Forgive me, I had not seen the other thread down there below the main page-branch directory. I had thought it odd that I saw no other discussion of such a thing!

As for the missed notification, I signed up using a burner email that I’ve now lost access to, so adjusting any account settings in that regard is now a bit of a moot point. I wonder what other important news I’ll be the last to be told about. How socially awkward!

[color=#009900]We’re looking to rationalise the announcements a bit now we have some more resource (Flyte) - not least because it’s currently impossible to sign up again for email announcements if once you click an unsubscribe link. But in the meantime, do follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds - we almost always announce stuff there.[/color][li]

On the subject of email and account settings, would it be possible to have copies of my own invitations and letters sent to my email address? Perhaps with a new checkbox? It helps to be able to go back and see what I wrote in case a reply doesn’t make much sense without the context. It also helps to make sure that I don’t repeat myself because I’ve forgotten what I’ve said to whom. Right now I’m keeping all that text in a TXT-file on my computer, but that is becoming a bit cumbersome as the messages accumulate.

(I didn’t want to make a new topic, because I’m not sure where to make it. The old feedback tab is thankfully gone, but I never found a replacement-link. And it seemed to me as if new suggestions were always drowned out by popular suggestions.)

Rewards have been awarded. Thanks to FB team for their effort. Now let´s find out who did better :)

Thank you for noting that, as I’ve not gotten a message about it in my email for some reason. I do hope we get to see the correct answers and/or the most hilariously errant ones.