The Mayor of London


London is to have a Mayor

Nitebrite for mayor 2016 I MEAN 1894 OF COURSE


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I vote for Nathan Attford and his sky-high Society score.

Don’t vote for me, I am very unwise :P

Then you’ll be the perfect candidate, NiteBrite.

– Mal

Based on recent internet voting patterns the winner will either end up being Eaten’); DROP TABLE mayors;-- or Snuffy McSnuffface. Other strong candidates: the Vake, the Bazaar, THE SUN THE SUN THE SU

I’m putting forward my hat into the ring. As my election campaign, I promise to gather all military and admiral powers and lead a full on assasult with as many powers as can back me into the Eldar Continent and bring back the secret of immortality for all!

Ooh, this should be fun. I wonder if it will be a player or NPC. It ought be glorious regardless.

Were it a player I should dearly wish to vote for Mrs. Brite, but I think I agree with her that such would an unwise choice. That said, she would win in a landslide.

All here to spoil the fun:

I think this is an EF story - I saw a tweet from Chris Gardiner on a new content submission from Emily Short -

[quote=Professor Sketch]
That’d be The Frequently Deceased, the next EF.[/quote]

No, that’s not new though; it’s just being released for Fate purchase.

[quote=Professor Sketch]I’ll be voting Nigel Overstreet for Mayor 1894. He has quite a fancy profile picture, and really, I think that is exactly what London needs at a time like this.[/quote]Interesting. As an unapologetic Hedonist, I do have the requisite number of scandals.
Overstreet '94: Everything You’ve Heard is True!

But mostly I like the idea of a campaign based off the fact that I have a nice picture.
Overstreet '94: Because I’m Pretty!

And if I’m mayor, I do get to have a fancy chain!
Overstreet '94: For The Accessories!

But that would bring my number of chains to 8.
I should consult with my family, the fraudulent thief daughter and alien squid wife, before making an announcement.

Another one of the tweets says this will be one of the coolest things we’ve done in fallen london. I don’t think its for an ES. (Plus they’ve always said what they’re announcing is an ES if it is, right?)


[color=#ff9900]I r very mysterious![/color]

Chris Gardiner Not-For-Mayor.

– Mal

I reckon it’s a new seasonal event. The GDP between the feasts of the Rose and fruits of the zee always seemed oddly long

Ah, but is it from Emily Short?

Ooooooo. Now that would be fun!

It’s the new K&C season. Winner will become mayor for the rest of their short lives, replaced by another who bloodily climb to the top.

Yes, the Gross Domestic Product between the two festivals are worrying. No opportunity to blow Fate!

The mayor better take steps to remedy that. We do need a new mayor with the tiger toppled from his jauczzi-throne.
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