The Masters' Gallery of Singular Equipment

Suppose that your character in Fallen London had the chance to create one or more pieces of singular personal equipment, (or acquire one or more singular pets or companions, etc), which would be unique and best-suited to your character.
The question is, what would such item(s) be, and what benefits (or drawbacks) would they provide?

A sample item follows:

Mr. Wines’ Stone Jar
If you have to ask, you won’t be able to drink it.

I look forward to seeing your character’s unique curiosities!

Great idea!

Category: Transport
Your Own Steam-powered Dirigible
Mr Fires’ magnum opus. A noisy dream of brass, clockwork, and things you have no name for. Sane people will not ask what you had to pay for it. Some things cost more than a city. Well, most cities.
Respectable +5, Dreaded +5, Bizarre +5

(the cost would probably be somewhere in the region of 150x Strong-backed Labour, 75x Whirring Contraptions and 15x Bazaar Permits. I would definitely grind for this.)
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Oh, fun! Let’s see… one for each of mine…

Category: Club.
The Hermetic Order of the Gilded Pangolin
Esoteric scholars, society cliomancers, and other seekers of the Cities that Fell.
[b]Respectable +2, Bizarre +2

[/b]Category: Clothing
Sturdy Tweeds
The country squire’s cuirass. Popular among London’s velocipedists.
Dangerous +3, Watchful -1.

Well, how could one refuse?

Category: Weapon.
Two-headed First City Coin
Better said, two-“cedared”. But so few of the originals are left that nobody will probably spot the difference.
Persuasive +2, Shadowy +1, Dangerous -1

Category: Hat
Deerstalker Hat
It is possible that Sherlock Holmes never actually wore one. But it’s so iconic!
Watchful +3, Bizarre +1

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Category: Home Comfort
Correspondence Tapestry
The things it whispers! Much better than talking to a wall.
Watchful +4, Nightmares +2
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I have a few. My character is rather mischievous, so these should fit.

Trickster’s Gloves
Pair of long gloves: 25 Echoes. L.B. stitchwork: 4 Echoes. Tube and rubber bulb: 1 Echo.
Squirting unsuspecting gentlemen with Greyfields when they bend to kiss your hand: priceless.
Bizarre +1

Music-Hall Singer Outfit
Even if you aren’t noticed, what you’re wearing will be.
[b]Persuasive +2, Shadowy -1, Scandal +2, Respectable -1

Mermaid Suit
[/b]Perfect for exploring underwater, quick getaways, and fooling gullible fishermen.
Shadowy +1, Bizarre +1

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What a lovely idea! After much thought, I’d have to say:

Black Glass Daguerreotype Camera
‘this dratted thing just won’t immortalise my pets. All it seems to show is a lush forest…’
Nightmares +2, Watchful +2, Dangerous +1, Scholar of the Correspondence +1

Hooded Paramour (Constant Companion)
You’ve pleased someone in more ways then one. Now you know what lies beneath the Masters’ cloaks.
Bizarre +5, Dreaded +3, Persuasive +3, Watchful +3, Nightmares +3

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edited by Passionario on 5/14/2012

Wouldn’t a Constant Companion who gives Nightmares make it impossible to escape the Royal Beth? As far as I know it can only be brought down by -2 using the cane and fish, and if a player didn’t have either of those they might be stuck permanently.

Vake Costume
You are vengeance. You are the night. You are the Vake. Or at least you dress up like it.
Shadowy +5, Persuasive -2, Bizarre +1

Just a Shadowy version of the Dandy’s outfit so it isn’t too powerful.
Come now. Persons of Some Importance are simultaneously great detectives, master thieves, experts in combat, scientists, wealthy, and beloved playboys (or playgirls of playsquidthings). Remind you of anyone? No one else wants to dress up as the Vake and fight crime? Oh, just me? Awkward.

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Oh yes. The Royal Beth is full of Masters’ ex-lovers.

That is worryingly plausible.

Category Weapon:
Little Anarchist’s Chemistry Kit
Discover the revolutionary inside you[b]
Dangerous +2, Suspicion +1

[/b]Category Pet:
Unfinished Undergarments
You never ever want to put these on.
Dangerous +2, Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1, Scandal +2

Category Weapon
Scrutinizer Brutalizer
A curious combination of a derringer and a spyglass, made from plans stolen from Colonel Pommery. Just don’t let the Constables see you with it.
Dangerous +3, Watchful +3, Dreaded +1, Suspicion +1
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Ooh, what a fun little idea. Let’s see…

Occult Pocketwatch
Category: Weapon
Inscribed with odd symbols in place of numbers, but it always seems to get you there early.
Persuasive +3

Rubbery Steam Engine
Category: Home Comfort
It isn’t actually steam powered. In fact, it isn’t even an engine. Whatever it is, it has to be kept in the deepest, dampest part of your basement cellar. It’s also far too dangerous to let others near - but oh, the secrets it can find!
Dangerous +1, Watchful +2, Bizarre +1

While not particularly suited to my character, I would like to see a bit of expansion on the unfinished men:
Unfinished Clay Suitor
Category: permanent companion
Dangerous +1, Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1

Ooh, most entertaining. Let’s see…

Servant Grunt
Category : Pet
And you thought rubbery men were abhorrent. They at least know some table habits.
Dangerous +4, Persuasive -2, Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1, Nightmare +2

Defunct Traveller’s Locket
Category : Weapon
They say this thing used to allow passage between ‘different planes of existence’. Now it only makes a shiny blue ring as big as a plate. Though what you can see through it is most interesting. Just don’t touch it.
Persuasive +2, Watchful +3



Alright I can give this a crack. All these items would be for my character ideally.

The Starveling Cat
Category: Pet
This time its decided to stay.
Persuasive -3, Dangerous +8, Nightmares +3, Wounds +2, Dreaded +10

Category: Constant Companion
After several attempts at love you are over the entire ordeal. Life is simpler by your self. More manageable at least. Your cats seem to approve either way.
[b]Persuasive -2, Watchful +3, Dangerous +1

“Trophy” Collection
[/b]Category: Home Comfort
You have been the victor of many battles sense you first journeyed down to the neath. You now have the means to show off your many conquest. Some of the choices you’ve chosen to display are a bit questionable though…
Dangerous +2, Bizarre +1, Dreaded +1, Respectable +1

Knife Shoes
Category: Boots
A technological marvel. The concept was incredibly ingenious on your part. The cost of the parts alone were worth a small fortune. The leather was imported from Italy. Just be careful whenever you walk over cobblestones.
Dangerous +2, Sneaky +2

Love this! I certainly want a dirigible of my own as well. And someone like this gentleman:

The Risque Rector
Category: Constant Companion
“My dear, he’s simply too wicked for words! But his stories are divine.”
Persuasive +2, Bizarre +1, Scandal +1

I’m reasonably certain the development team is prohibited from reading this thread for fear of getting sued if they make something similar accidentally, as is standard in the games industry. Which is disappointing.

I give them full permission to use my stuff. So long as I was credited in one way or another.