The London Horticultural Show is here!

The London Horticultural Show is here!

This year’s summer event is live. Join the crowds drifting towards Watchmaker’s Hill to see the botanical wonders of the Neath. Begin the story through ‘The London Horticultural Show’, available anywhere in London.


Currently employing Forbidden Horticultural Techniques, wish me luck.

Looks like something is scheduled to happen at noon tomorrow, see you all then.

I really love the text from this option! :rofl:

Ha, I missed this or haven’t managed to reach that point.
EDIT: Only now I realized the 1st of August is tomorrow!

Thanks to EnigmaticOxygen over Reddit for sharing Kislev’s great festival item guide!

Don’t forget that besides the plant that is currently locked (‘Violant wing’ lily-caps), we have no clue about: 1. Cautionary Orchids, 2. ‘Silent Spore’, Oortcaps, 3. Infernal Marigolds, 4. ‘Blushing Coquette’ Exile’s Roses, 5. Smuggled Nidah Blooms, 6. ‘Whisperer’ Exceptional Roses, 7. ‘Retrofuturist’ Iremi Roses, 8. ‘Scandalmonger’ Veiled Caps and 9. False-Cantigaster Hybrids. A total of 15 plants.

Thanks to FleshHunter over Discord for the items:


Khatun-class Electric Launch

Is that a new ship?

Sadly, no. :frowning:

A Transportation that increases your A Player of Chess skill.

Now, what’s everyone’s take on the new items? The Mith Carriage and KaTo comfort items are quite tempting! But 2 is bigger than 1 :smiley:

Transport slot, not Ship. Presumably you just use it to go up and down the Stolen River, within the bounds of London itself.

Is that Ivy’s carriage, I wonder? Also, taking a closer look at that 1894 Mayoral Campaign button, A: what a handsome profile of the Contrarian, and B: of course it says ‘VOTE FOR AGAINST’.

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I’ve just finished my first plant, and I’ve noticed something. All of the judges are members of the Dilmun Club. Also, one of the plants we haven’t unlocked yet (that you can see in the options that are unlocked by having any plant) are smuggled Nidah Blooms. (Also false-cantigaster hybrids which is also very intriguing). I’d bet that the inevitable disastrous escalation has something to do with the Dilmun Club and their quest for immortality. Maybe the Prester takes offense at the smuggling and retaliates?


I’d kind of like to explore all the options, but I assume mechanically the most rewarding thing for me to do here is to just spam mandrakes?

Yes, but I think it’s worth to try all of them at least once. Here are my results so far:

A cutting from your Singular Plant: You now have 1617 x Horticultural Prestige.
Peppercaps, hopefully prize-winning: You’ve gained 3981 x Horticultural Prestige
‘Purple Maiden’ lily-caps: You’ve gained 491 x Horticultural Prestige

What are the required action counts for each plant type like? Are the lower value ones any faster or equal length all around?

Same, 19 AP for each: start and progress all grant 2 CP of Growing a Prized Plant (18 AP) and 1 more to cash in.

Oof. That’s more than half a day’s worth of wasted actions just to see a few brief flavor texts.

I’m guessing that Prestige is worth a pence per level, right? I got around 9kish from a Mandrake. If you can cash them out for rewards at 1 pence per Prestige, that works out to around 5 EPA. A bit less, since it’s actually hard to 100% those checks.

I’m honestly wondering if the current activity is one that will become permanently available after the Show completes. It seems a bit similar to the Museum. I suppose we might find out more when the Opening Ceremony happens tomorrow.

Well, I updated the initial post with the plants that we don’t know about. There are 9 of them plus ‘Violant wing’ lily-caps that is currently locked. So 10 more besides these 5.

I find festival very dull so far. Waiting for something interesting to happen.
On the good side, it’s the first event that has no lags, servers are sailing very smoothly. Congratulations to the tech team.

Well, you have to consider the fact that it hasn’t even officially started yet! We just have to wait until noon tomorrow for the real fun to begin with the opening ceremony.

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I’m noticing that plant-growing really favours anyone with Persuasive 334+: even at difficulty 200 I get to make one 94% watchful check, then it’s 16 x 100% Persuasives in a row. Granted, 9803 / 19 actions = ~5.15 EPA (theoretically) isn’t world-shattering, but it is a curious asymmetry.

My 230+104 Watchful is enough to 100% mandrake all the way. So it’s favors Watchful, not Persuasive?

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