The London Horticultural Show is here!

Oh good catch, although 16 checks against 17 is a tight race! It’s just poor Shadowy that can’t make it to 334, I think (Dangerous could eke it out if there were an option to brawl the judges and yell at your plant).

Still undecided about what to spend my 30 Estival tokens on. This year’s items or past years’ items? And I can’t remember what I bought in the years gone by.

Also, I hope accumulating all that Horticultural Prestige culminates in some tangible reward or vanity quality at the end? Maybe 200k accumulated HP required?

If it’s anything like the previous Estival, they’re likely going to be similar to the Curator’s Gratitude in that you’ll be able to trade it in for various items, qualities, and other various knickknacks. As for what you haven’t bought, you theoretically shouldn’t be able to buy duplicates. All of them appear to be locked by having the item already.

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It might be overkill, but it’s wise to go for at least 156260 Prestige.

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My guess is that it will become permanently available because the option to “dose it with a very gentle application of toxins” unlocks at 10 million advancing the horticultural arts (AtHA). 10 million AtHA is when the progress bar for this quality fills completely. I don’t see a point to having an action that opens up just as the festival ends and that’s my whole argument. Or maybe the festival has a more complex structure, like last year’s, and plant cultivation remains open only during festival, but past the initial phase of raising AtHA.

I’ll probably just grind as much of it as I reasonably can, but I’m curious to hear why this specific number.

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If they’re worth 1 penny, then that’s enough to buy the most valuablr single item that currently exists (not counting cider and the overgoat)

(There’s actually a handful that are worth that amount, not just one)

You can now grow ‘Violant wing’ lily-caps!

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Ah yeah, that does make sense I guess.
I doubt it’s really a relevant figure, though. If we think back to the museum event for instance, I’d expect the highest-value individual rewards to settle in a similar range, somewhere around 20k or 30k prestige.

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Is Dilmun Club working with Hearts, btw?
Or are they competing, but going in similar directions?

These seem to be geared for people with non-endgame stats?
Or do they have better PPA somehow?

I do agree that plant cultivation activity will be permanent. But it’s also likely that we will be able to buy unique item / memento only available during festival with Prestige. So keep growing dangerous plants, nothing could go wrong with that…

Probably just to highlight the progress and I assume that there will be an improvement in reward. Although, Bruno stated that the reward is tied to the difficulty.

I think so too and Bruno also confirmed festival rewards are higher:

Festival economic rewards are allowed to go a little over the norm because we want players to engage with them, and we don’t want people doing math in their heads about whether it’s worth it.

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Nope. I tested one (only non-mandrake plant I’ve tried so far) and it’s not special in any way, the reward scales as you’d expect based on the difficulty so it’s more rewarding than the other sub-mandrake starter plants but that’s it. Only distinguishing thing about it is the text upon planting.

But yeah, I reckon the event will start picking up speed soon and we’ll hopefully have something other to do than tend mandrakes before long.

The Opening Ceremony
Porters unload a cartload of plants onto the trestle table, ready for presentation. Reflected False-stars twinkle in your wine.

His Amused Lordship taps a pocket watch against his glass.

“Right! Let’s get this thing started.”

Enjoy the Opening Ceremony of the London Horticultural Show, available now throughout London.

Ah. Spiralhugel. Definitely was not on my bingo card.

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Well that escalated quickly


I came here to write exactly this :smiley:


It hurts!
I wish I had never been to the Horticultural Show.
I had hoped that I would be able to complete my story in one go without dying.

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Hope everyone is enjoying the totally normal one London is having