The Janissary Guard: for perplexed new PoSI

[li]Malthaussen’s Young Turks Club has been a huge help to me and I am sure to many others just starting out in Fallen London (So go join up!). Having, through some terrible clerical errors and backhand dealing, just become a PoSI, I find that I now have a whole strange new world of questions to ask. So in an act of shameless plagiarism (and to keep the Young Turks for new players’ questions) I’ve made this thread as a sounding board for others in the same situation as I find myself now.

  • A little celebratory music for those who have just become PoSI - Very Well Done! -

In keeping with the thread title- Mozart, JB Lully, and what they were both trying to copy. I like Lully best but I’m biased- and yes I know :educated:.


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[li]So first question - do I need to worry about making waves and notability yet? Thank-you :-)[/li]
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Should I cancel the loitering invitation that you sent to Fei Xue? It will drop Making Waves, sadly…

I could send you a point of Notability later (someone else might beat me to it) but I am currently at Zee…
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Every point of BDR makes getting Notability easier so I would wait until you get some of the BDR POSI items (God’s Editors; transport and a club at least).

[li]Thank-you both! Looks like I’m going to need to go and spend some time reading the wikis. I have a couple low level BDR’s already, so hopefully they’ll be a little useful.

[li]@Sestina - Don’t worry - I could certianly use the Warning Note. Thank-you, that very kind, but my charismatic patron beat you with the Notability already.
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For new PoSIs, Notability is primarily a concern if you want to upgrade your profession in a hurry. Joining a Club, acquiring Transport, and being hired by God’s Editors all provide a significant boost

[li]Ah thank-you, my mistake. Still getting my head around the system.[/li]- Sorry again, do i understand right -its (20 - BDR) + 4N = amount of Making Waves needed to raise Notability by one? Therefore if you have 0N and 0BDR its 20? I’ve first read it as 20MW -(BDR + 4N) and got really confused.

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do i understand right -its (20 - BDR) + 4N = amount of Making Waves needed to raise Notability by one?[/quote]

That is correct: the amount of Making Waves required is 20-BDR+4N. That’s why BDR are so crucial to reaching high notability.

Easy way to start gathering your BDR are joining clubs/Affiliations and acquiring good items. Here’s a list:

Other than the obvious things like joining a club (both are equal), an affiliation (Orphanage or God’s Editors) and getting a Sedan, I recommend you look into getting an Unfinished Hat from Polithreme and a Republic Journal from the Iron Republic. Or spending Fate.

Congratulations! I recommend academia!

[li]As long as there’s no maths questions on the entry exam ;)

Wow, you’ve really impressed Hobnail, he used a complete sentence!
I hope to be joining you soon among the Janissaries. Good idea! Meanwhile, you should read Tim Powers and Jerry Pournelle.:)

– Mal

How dare you mock my patroness! Seek not her most searing and avid wrath!

-I’m very pleased you approve. I hope you will all one day soon give up your d–med radical ways, and join me here in the conservative comforts of the Sublime Porte.
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I prostrate myself in abject apology. It was the Forum avatar threw me off.

– Mal

It’s the first point of notability which is the hardest: after that one, you’ll have a bit more control over the process as you’ll be able to call for the card when you’re ready.
That said, it’s possible to gift a point of notability. People are usually quite happy to help - I would myself. One thing I would mention is that you’ll need to be formally acquainted - calling cards are necessary.

I have just spent all day with the blonde barrister and I believe I am just a velocipede shy of being a POSI. Am I understanding that correctly?

If you are in the Bazaar side-streets then yes.

  • just checked your profile - your good. Get the components from the shops in the Bazaar.
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  • I’m on tenterhooks here I want a new minio…recruit :)
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I only recently remembered the various menace-removal tonics as a near-cap PoSI, so it’s a little strange to be told my abuses have made me resistant. Some sort of quality tracking use might be useful. But yes, get the most effect for your Echo while you can!

@Optimatum: Like being told you have been approved for a credit card for which you did not apply. “Act now! One-Time Offer!” (What they don’t tell you is that the one time is continuous)

– Mal

On the good advice of the kind people who posted before I’ve been trying my best to get hold of some more BDR items. I have a lot of golden story cards for these in the Bazaar side streets now. All at various degrees of completion.

The final options to get the BDR equipment in these story-lets (the ones I have been able to make my way through to the end of anyway) need items bought from the Bazaar side streets to complete. Gosh! A lot of those are expensive! ( It also appears they can be gained by playing Tournament of Lilies and the like, but that looks a long way off for me, and maybe a little RND reliant?)

My question is do you have any tips on ‘grinds’ for getting the minor items needed to make things such as Strong-Back labour and Personal recommendations, etc, etc? The two I’m personally closest to are the Stag Club membership and the Gang of Hoodlums. Use of Villains in particular seem like hen teeth.

Maybe this is a case of being patient and working slowly? Perhaps these are suppose to take a long time to get hold of? But maybe you all know that there is one item that is much easier to get at than the others? I would love to be able to push up my notability easier. Thank-you for your help :)