The Jack of Smiles Case

I was wondering how the new Jack of Smiles content was accessed… and I just noticed that, on completing the first cycle of the Velocipede Squad, a new storylet appeared: a little chat with the inspector. So I just thought I’d give players like me, who’ve already finished the VS storyline and wouldn’t necessarily think to go back except for grinding purposes, a head’s up.

I now have the quality “[color=#ffffff]Your ‘The Jack-of-Smiles Case’ Quality is now 1 - Hunting Jack![/color]” and to increase this it says “[color=#ffffff]build up your Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case quality to 4 and then return to Ladybones Road. You can gain this quality by working with the Velocipede Squad or through taking opportunities to train with London’s various factions[/color]”

Can’t wait to see where this leads! :)

Thanks for the heads-up! I’m just currently grinding Dangerous to fight for a Zee-Clipper, so I could soon get the starting Opportunity Card for the Velocipede Squad :)

Fascinating! It looks like progress can be straightforward or based on card draws, based on the decisions we made with the Squad. The Inspector was much happier to see one of my characters than the other…

Indeed, Sir Fred. As a gentleman of no minor moral character, the Inspector has made it abundantly clear that I am not a welcome face on the savage cobbles. To that end, I’m tracking down the great and the good of the Fifth City to assist my investigations.

For those of you more ethically flexible than I was, I’ll be transcribing what I find sans the Velocipeders into my journal - feel free to peruse it if you want.

I have yet to purchase the fate options on the velocipede squad. Other than a more sporadic track for those who made a certain choice at the end, has anyone seen any difference opened up by the fate content?

I just reached a branch in the story that requires fate, and wow does this sound exiting. Its giving me more pause then even seeking the name.

Is it [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]become Jack of Smiles[/color]? I feel as if this story has been leading up to that.

Can you tell us how much Fate might be required? No spoilers, just the price.
I just bought a Peculiar Enhancement and I’ll kick myself if this new storylet costs three figures as well.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]Can you tell us how much Fate might be required? No spoilers, just the price.
I just bought a Peculiar Enhancement and I’ll kick myself if this new storylet costs three figures as well.[/quote]

I bought it. Its ten fate and [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]I guessed right[/color]. [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)]The thing that sucks though is now I have to wait for cards. T^T[/color]

I went for the fate option too! I am excited to get the cards :)

Great, my Dangerous is way too low for the Velocipede Squad, but I want to play this case…to the grind!

Hmmmm, I seems to had stopped getting any training cards the moment I took on the case…

I’ll tell you when they’ll appear again: when you finally give up and spend those five actions you’ve been saving.

Whoa. I’ve gotten to the choice. This should be interesting.

I’ve been echoing these to my Journal if anyone’s interested.

Sure I am!

Once you have taken the 10-fate option, is there still a reason to accumulate “Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case” from opportunity cards? The choices are still there, but I don’t know whether they do anything.

Sure I am![/quote]

In case it wasn’t obvious, my profile (I think) is here: Fallen London

As for MLG’s question, I thoughtlessly spent 5 actions getting the next breakthrough, but since the option is gone from Ladybones Road, I doubt it means anything any more.

It was mentoned that “seeking the next breakthrough” could be increased in a number of ways beyond serving on the velocipide squad. Has anyone else found these other opportunities?

Yes. Check out the cards that offer you a skill boost in exchange for some of your Connected with a particular group. You’ll see that they have an additional new storylet relating to the Jack story.