The Icarus In Black

The latest story update mentions it, and I’ve managed to find what I expect is the storylet to go about getting the thing in the Iron republic, but it has a &quotYou need Impossible! 1&quot as one of the requirements. Is this a bug I wonder? Or is it so for everyone?

I have the same thing in mine, will go get the goods and report back in a short while to see if it remains there.

“Impossible 1” normally means that the relevant bit of story hasn’t been released yet, at least it does in Fallen London.

It did in my case, so I can confirm that much at least.

And confirmed that it makes no difference if you’ve got all the goods needed for the quest. However, interesting to find you can now collect sunlight when running around the sea, and even more interesting to find no more serpent images in Irem… Hope that comes back…

And another update has released, which unlocks it. Lady ciel was correct it seems. Now to go find Mt. nomad with this new cannon…

Wait a minute…isn’t the Tree of Ages in this update? Was the Icarus devised to hunt it?

On a side note: What do you do with Doomed Monster Hunters? I can get them from the Chelonate and Khan’s Shadow and they’re somehow tied to Icarus in Black.

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You shoot them out of the Icarus in Black. It’s a Monster Hunter Gun.

Ah thanks, I can see that now.

The Icarus In Black 2-shots Mt. Nomad, with 1 shot doing around 500 damage. ::

I suppose it’s worth it with ammunition costing 1k echoes each (Codex also provides them for Searing Enigmas).
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[li]I just hope it can be sold, like the Serpentine can be. I have nowhere near the echoes for a ship with a forward weapon on my current character, and I need the cargo space…
[li]Maybe at some point they’ll add the ability to store unused items for later use, but for now I’m better off selling some items that curiosity has led me to obtain. ^^;

Presbyterate Adventuress Officer just got a small update in the &quotInvite to dine with you&quot option. Though it’s still incomplete, at least I know to keep coffee with me for her!

Big Presbyterate/Adam’s Way update incoming in January?

Still no Tree of Ages though. :(
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[quote=Bardigan]Presbyterate Adventuress Officer just got a small update in the &quotInvite to dine with you&quot option. Though it’s still incomplete, at least I know to keep coffee with me for her!
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And it is now possible to recruit her as an officer outside London, which was unexpected but very welcome as I had just started a new captain.

[quote=lady ciel ]
And it is now possible to recruit her as an officer outside London, which was unexpected but very welcome as I had just started a new captain.[/quote]

Yep I just got that too, very much like the idea that not all the officers come from London

Two things I’ve noticed.

1: So I got the Icarus in Black, and, not having a Forward slot, I can’t sell the thing, nor would the Fathomking accept it as a miracle of science. So, it’s sitting in the cargo hold for now!

2: The Adventuress’s story is now live… and I am trying to find anywhere in Melbourne that does coffee sorbet.

There is somewhere that will buy the Icarus in Black, there is a hearts challenge and I think it was Khan’s Shadow that had the option (but it might have been the Chelonate)

AS for the Coffee Sorbet - Coffee is very expensive in London but it is available elsewhere. I provided the Adventuress with what she needed at Apis Meet but there are other possibilities. Actually if you are low on echoes and haven’t completed Station III some time spent guarding the yard would work.

Oh, cool! I’ll look in those places! And, ah, I’m not bothered about finding coffee in-game - her favourite treat just sounds so tasty that now I really want to go out and get some. It’s high summer here - a little coffee sorbet sounds like just the ticket!

Is anyone else rather disappointed with the ending of the Adventuress’ questline?

[spoiler] You lose her in an odd fight between her and what seems like the Bazaar, a giant moon-miser or Storm for just 1 normal Outlandish Artefact, or getting scared out of your wits and obtaining 1 secret and 1 Searing Enigma, even after you perform that unique choice of getting her to sleep with the upgraded Campaigner in the night before the duel (what was the point of that in terms of gameplay anyway? You get the same results even if she doesn’t pork Madam Anti-Death). Come on, at least you were compensated with a bunch of stuff and a new Mascot for sacrificing the Nacreous Outcast. All you get for getting the Adventuress killed in her ending is an Artefact? She wounds an eldritch power and all you get is an Artefact…really? On another note: I got a suicide gun that can drop Mount Nomad in 2 shots and you’re telling me I can’t launch her into the Bazaar/a giant moon-miser/Storm and she has to instead die like a bug-eyed putz on foot armed with just a bloody pistol and knife?

Edit: Gah, forgot about the Vake. Still salty about the whole affair though.[/spoiler]
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The Icarus in Black can now be sold in the Khans Shadow for a hearts challenge to get 750 Echoes if this is still a question to be answered.

As for the Adventuress (spoiler alert):

I was also saddened to permanently lose her by the conclusion of her storyline, because not only was she a good character she was also one of my best officers. The Irrepressible Cannonneer is my last gunner so I hope I don’t lose him/her as well. That she seems to have died fighting nothing less than the Vake was spectacular certainly but I was really hoping for her to have somehow survived the fight and gained a few upgrades.

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Oh, cool, where? Also, weird about the whole &quotImpossible&quot thing, I’d gotten used to seeing &quotrequires 1 Key of Histories&quot in Sunless Sea :P

To recruit the Adventuress outside London you need to go to Apis Meet - down on the Southern Coast