[color=#ff9900]The Feast of Masks is over, but Mr Huffam is eager to interview revellers for a special Hallowmas edition of his Unexpurgated Gazette! You can find his silver storylet throughout London. Trade in your Spirit of Hallowmas: the more you accumulated throughout the season, the more impressive your mention may be![/color]

6 points of spirit short of the last option

Apparently I’m a Reliquary of Secrets now. I already regret not having spent more time on collecting confessions this year, though I probably wouldn’t have reached 250 Spirit anyway.
Maybe next year I’ll do better.

Beware, Friends, that you may only get one chance, one entry in Huffam’s newspaper.

For those interested, I was magnanimous to those who betrayed me.

Well, I didn’t expect the entire edition of the Gazette to be just about my exploits.

And my, what wonderful rewards such fame brings…

edited by dov on 11/12/2014

Sigh, the one outstanding confession I never had returned would have pushed me over 50. I suppose if I’m around next year I will try harder to reach 250 or 500.

Swore vengeance and gave an insider’s 20 spirit opinion, respectively. I used it more as a way to manage nightmares from hunting the quarter for skulls than spamming confessions and optimal menaces. Perhaps next year I’ll get more in the spirit of the season.

I published a sincere account of an enduring confidence (Needed trust 3 and Spirit of Hallowmas 50) Got a Primeval hint, which was nice, along with a reasonable amount of making waves. Got to hit 100 next year!

I had more than 250 but less than 500 Spirit of Hallowmas. Going on the thought that I should use the option which asked for the most Spirit and fitted my character best I ended up with another point of Notability and an Elemental Secret

Being in the same situation, I chose the somewhat more villainous option, gaining an Intriguer’s Compendium and a point of Notability.
edited by Inpiun on 11/12/2014

Hm, well, I didn’t get quite enough for the 250 spirit options. Perhaps next year. But I do want to see the last bit that my Nex bought with the Face Tailor, so…

Was kind of disappointed, actually, now that I’ve read some of the alternatives. It’s far from the best reward materially (in terms of echoes, I mean, and even in other intangibles).
edited by Rackenhammer on 11/12/2014

Hmm. I’m betting that even this will not allow me to increase Notability above 15…

A bit disappointed, was hoping there’d be unique rewards instead of commodities that can be found elsewhere in the game… on a more positive note, the confession exchanges were fun.
edited by Grey Kestrel on 11/12/2014

Some nice rewards for the 500 spirit option: 1 Intriguer’s Compendium, 1 Dreadful Surmise, and 2 points of notability. Nothing unique though.

i see how you can only choose one reward, but will the rest of the spirit points be gone? or can i improve on them next time?

They’re gone :(

. . . I am 28 short of the top tier and had a few more confessions I forgot to trade in.

Oh well, let’s see what we have . . .

Hmm… yes a bit disappointing. I only reached 66, but wasn’t expecting spirit numbers 2-66 to end up so pointless! Though just realised I clicked a little too swiftly and may have had better options. Anyone choose the Face Tailor or Expert Advice option?

None of my characters got much above 60 Spirit (in fact, Cairn only had 22, but that’s to be expected when one has the impeccable timing to create a new alt in the middle of the celebration), but I’m sure I’ll get around to unlocking some of the more extravagant options next year. Although Soran received a rather welcome Personal Recommendation for their eternally gracious forgiveness of the people who so ruthlessly betrayed them. Isn’t that nice?

On an unrelated note, Soran is now a proud (or, more likely, begrudging) member of the Parthenaeum. Maybe I’ll spring for that fifth point of Notability this week…

But anyway, this was really fun. I am so, so glad that I finally decided to stop being my usual social interaction-averse self so I could participate in these things. Can’t wait to see what the next holiday celebration brings.
edited by Soran on 11/12/2014

Oh, This is interesting. I drew the One’s Public card, and it had a new option. On it, I could gain rewards based on which choice you made when you traded in your spirit of hallowmas. I got 1 intreging gossip, 31 cryptic clues, and a small amount of making waves. I wonder what the 500 spirit option gains you…