The Green-Gilled Shipwright has been sighted at Gaider's Mourn (advanced ships)

The Gazette writes sensationally about the appearance of a ‘vast fleet of black iron ships’ zailing around Gaider’s Mourn. The Green-Gilled Shipwright has been sighted amongst their number, preparing for business’

  • The Green-Gilled Shipwright will be available at Gaider’s Mourn for the next twelve days, for the purchase of advanced ships. These have previously only been available at Fruits of the Zee,
  • He will be at Gaider’s Mourn until Tuesday 9th July.

Wiki: The Green-Gilled Shipwright's Pier - Fallen London Wiki
How to gain tokens: Strike them down - Fallen London Wiki

Good luck hunting!


Is there anything else? If I am satisfied with my tier 2 zub.

Nothing new, just the four advanced ships from Fruits of the Zee.


So how and where does one get a Glimpse of Anathema?


My guess is something in Firmament Ch. 2, but FBG might have sneakily added something.

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It would be pretty funny if it just appeared in the Rat Market this week for no discernible reason. But yeah, given the name that sounds like a Firmament thing.

So…does anyone know the quickest way to gain Edicts of the First City? The scrip cost should be fine, the edicts seem like the hard part.

Rat market this weekend, I believe.


Ah, that’s unfortunate. Well, maybe I could do a little rat market, even if I don’t particularly want to. thanks anyway buddy.

The other options are a parabola campaign for the Fingerkings (90+ actions; you can’t free the khatun), a heist in Balmoral (~22 actions, plus access to a tier 3 cabinet noir, and having the card Respectable Passengers drawn), or chosing the First City ending for the laboratory experiment Prelapsarian History of the Red Science (require 2700 research, 10× expertise of the first city, and having finished the Efficient Commissioner’s story). So like.

If those are things you have access to and seem better I guess pop off? But the rat market is literally taking Night Whispers this weekend; super easy ri go offload some tribute real quick and you should have enough currency to get the edict :>


I do not and they do not, but thank you very much for laying them out for me regardless.

…I really should follow that bloody thing, huh? :expressionless:

Again, thank you buddy.

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How fast did you’ll get the 8 wrack iron? I’m currently at a six after, like, two-three days of zailing (I was constantly pulling non-bounty advancing cards and failing alot).

You also don’t use all of your daily actions, thought, right NLAI?

(Fwiw I haven’t done any of this bc I already have an Il-Atun-Class Yacht and I like her just fine.)


i did, actually! just had really bad luck :sweat_smile:

Oh WOW, yeah, that’s like really bad luck, yeah. Hopefully you can finish it today bud!

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thank you!

(quote later)

I’m mildly tempted by the eldritch, possibly alive sub. But all things considered I’m just too happy with my Obstinate-class cruiser to part ways.


Got it early this morning, but since I wanted the zub, I won’t be using it. Will wait for the next opportunity.

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So why did you raise it to 8? For fun? If so, then fair enough-piracy is fun.

Btw your icon is my character picture!

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It wasn’t clear initially (at least not to me) that the required goods can only be acquired either via Firmament, or via an ambition other than my own. I did look at other vessels, but I like my zub and don’t want to exchange it for a surface ship, even temporarily. And I prefer to wait with Firmament until the quality of the writing is fixed.

But yes, I also enjoy zeefaring generally and piracy in particular.

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