The Green-Gilled Shipwright has been sighted at Gaider's Mourn (advanced ships)

? I got my edifice of the first city via rat-mart(better than any human store, fuck off™), and I assume the rest could be acquired that way.

The submarine requires a glimpse of anathema instead of the first cities edicts. And those glimpses are gated behind Firmament part 2 at the moment.

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That is strange. I got a new type zubmaring on my Alt many months ago before the first chapter of Firmament even came out. Perhaps it was at the last Fotz festival and perhaps the required materials to purchase it were different then.

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During fruits of the zee the T3 ships are considerably cheaper.


Well Fruits is pretty much my favourite festival, though I missed last year. So something to look forward to.

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No longer gated! Firmament part 2 opened Tuesday of last week and I already have one. But I haven’t decided whether I’m willing to spend it on a zub, because it’s far from clear whether you can ever have more than one Glimpse.

I agree with you. I love the idea of the Zub, the Crusier gives me built-in reduction of Troubled Waters, and I do piracy enough that that is important. (Yes, I have the Cider, but being dragged into Death and then returning is a nuisance I’d rather avoid.)

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Pretty sure you can but after the first one they’re more difficult. There’s a ten-run cooldown, and after the first time the relevant card is Rare.

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Yes, it’s available. It is still gated in the sense, that you need to complete Firmament part 2 to access it.

Thanks for clarifying what I was trying to say, GB2K!

But here’s another question: can you get another Glimpse of Anathema while you still have the first? I’d bet the answer is “no” on that one.

Yes, you can collect multiple Glimpses.

The Chained Volume card which starts the search for the Anathema is not locked by having a Glimpse of Anathema.


Thanks for letting me know!

Last year’s FotZ was basically a complete redesign, so prepare to be surprised