The 'good evening' thread: introduce yourself here

A hardy hello to all.

It has been some time since I visited FL. My last visit ended with me going North, a place from with one does not return. So I’ve put on a fresh face and set myself up in a smoky flophouse to investigate the changes that have occurred in my long absence. You will find me at Lorelu. Surface obligations keep me busy, so my visits are sporadic.
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Ahoy, me hearties! I be an old zalt upon these waters, though me current guise be fresh. Thought I’d stop by and pay me respects. I’m currently digging neath the Blind Helmsman and having a grand old time! It warms this old zailor’s heart to be working alongside the community towards a common goal!


I am very new to the game. I was looking for something to play and saw this game recommended on a list of good games. I am quite lost and unsure of what I am doing but, perhaps, that is a normal for a first time player in the beginning.

howdy! i am a player who is relatively new to the game.

my character, khufu is a rootless madman who just recently gained a personality which is both arrogant and hungry for knowledge

Good evening. I am an old soul with a new face.

Eleanora Braithwaite, at your service. Unusually quiet. All shall be well – somehow. Too poetic for her own good, and knows it. Open to acquaintance. Very open to friendship. Please come for tea.

Hello hello! 820 here, reporting in with a fresh new coat of face after a very, very long absence from FL. I used to play quite actively back in 2015 or so, but never really engaged with the community, and eventually stopped playing altogether. I decided to make a new character and try to be a bit more sociable this time around, which includes joining the forums. I hope everyone’s looking forward to the turn of the century!

Good evening Delicious friends. I’m returning to London with a fresh start hoping to become a person of some importance this time. please don’t hesitate to call on me if you need a friend.

Good Morning,

brand new citizen here. Only joined a bit over a week ago and am definitely still trying to find my way around and learn as much as I can. That being said, I’m more than happy to find new friends and am open for any and all social interactions.


I recently began my stay in Fallen London. Although I am still finding my way, I am a lady inclined towards gathering knowledge, solving mysteries, and investigating strange occurrences. I would be pleased to make the acquaintance of any other denizens of this fascinating realm, should you be so inclined.

Kind regards,
Evaine Thuryn

Good evening! It’s been about a year since I fell into the Neath (I got here just in time to see the Grand Clearing Out, but not in time to meaningfully participate). In such time, I’ve completed my Ambition to Bag a Legend, built much of a railway, become a Paramount Presence, and now I’m eagerly snatching up all the Exceptional Stories my meager wages permit. More than happy to send anyone correspondence (or Correspondence!) of any kind.

Be well!

Evening all,

I’ve been playing the game for nearly ten years (that makes me feel old) but only just joined the forum.

I used to be a chef and now I’m a gardener, also an amateur writer.

My reasons for joining the forum are to talk about the food in fallen London and to guess what real places are in the game.

I’ve attempted to make rubbery lumps, but I used fresh tuna, octopus might be better, but it’s too expensive.

I’ve never been to real London and have no desire to, it sounds a lot less whimsical than fallen London. And you’re more likely to get sliced.

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Good evening, I’m John. I like most things to be done with horror, tabletop games, and lemon poppy seed muffins.

I am frightfully new and just started playing on impulse, so I have no idea what I’m doing. If anyone would like to offer some advice or take advantage of an easy mark, I’m all ears.


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Hi! I’m Mel, or Avra, whichever you prefer, and I started playing maybe two weeks ago? I’m fairly new, but I’ve already kinda gotten an idea of what I want to do in the game- if anyone wants to help me with getting into the Great Game (currently needing some Favors and Renown), it would be much appreciated. Of course, I’ll be equally amused if backstabbed.

Best Regards,
Avra Lost