The 'good evening' thread: introduce yourself here

New to the forum? Bid a pleasant ‘good evening’ to your fellow players here, and say a little about yourself.

I’ll start, shall I?

Good evening, delicious friends! I’m Chris, writer and community liaison at Failbetter Games. I like cake, games, cake, Spiderman, and cake.

Who’s next?

I’m Yasmeen, one of the writers at FBG. some of the things I like are films, cats, art classes, Southampton FC, anything Nordic and Ryan Gosling. This is not an exclusive list or anything, unlike Chris’s.
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I’m Nigel, writer and designer for FBG. I’m much like an overgoat, but cheaper.

I’m Paul, co-founder of FBG and art guy. I mostly just like dumplings.

I’m Alexis. I run FBG and double up on most of everything. I like noir, Octonauts and text. I don’t like cheese, Batman or vegetables beginning with A.

Greetings, gentlebeings.
I am James: player, wikiguru and curmudgeon.

Good evening. I am travellersside, and I play an agent-for-hire by name of Mr. Green. I pride myself on having a modest knowledge of the game, and am generally willing to offer advice to any who ask for it.
Sometimes the advice may even prove useful.

Hello there. I am Drew, I’ve been playing EB for some time now, as time allows, and remain fascinated.

My real world interests are many and varied, but mostly describable as “things I can turn into games”; I’ve been running tabletop RPGs for more than two decades now.

Hello all, this is hannah, writing from the mysterious Orient. It’s been a pleasure to immerse myself these several months in EB!

Good day! (one assumes, in the absence of all the normal indicators that it is both Day, and Good.)

Hello hello hello! Sir Fred here. I’ve been mad for EB since can’t-remember-when, and am delighted to meet you all.

Hello all, I am Anna, and I play a watchful and dangerous lady called Inskora Bournvadus. I got into EBZ after The Border House reviewed it.

I like kittens, coffee, Magic the Gathering, vegan cupcakes, Marmite, real-world mythology, and videogames that let me smash mythical beasts (Shin Megami Tensei, Darksiders, Devil May Cry…)

Pip pip, what ho and all that! Just old Rupert P. Brittleton here, a genial, if somewhat shadowy fellow who’s been stalking, err, enjoying the perpetual night life of Fallen London for some time now!

Greetings and salutations! I’m Alice, and I nitpick text in video games for a living. And on my off-time, I like to play Echo Bazaar, and…nitpick text some more. >.> <.< I am also fond of baking, drawing, horrible puns, and making things up.

In-game, I am Eliza Cromlech, an ambitious (some say obsessed) scholar and dabbler in archaeology on an increasingly-crazed mission to uncover the Bazaar’s deepest secrets, despite–or perhaps because of–the harm they will undoubtedly cause to mind, body, and soul.

T.W.O. Chandler here, at your service.

Been running about the Neath for the last few months now and having a damnably good time doing so, despite making a rather large number of decisions that other might deem hideously unwise at best - none of which I regret in the slightest.

Now, anyone else feeling a tad peckish?

Ah. I had entertained the idea that your username indicated Chauncey Gardiner. Were he not American, he surely would make a good Master of the Bazaar.

I work for the CVR, which is a peculiar claim given that they quite simply don’t exist. Surely someone shepherds stolen souls back to their rightful owners, and bless those who do — but it’s certainly not me. I just keep my head down, you see.

Good morrow, my name is Maurna Frost! I enjoy exploring, trying new things, and have a current interest in archaeology.

In my other life I enjoy reading, hiking, and MMORPGs.

Greetings honoured gentlemen and delightful ladies, delicious friends one and all.

My name is Howard John Abrahall, (both my for character and me irl), as it’s a very english name, which makes some sense as I am English.

I have been playing diligently for many months now - it’s been helping give me a wonderful daily injection of missed British humour since I took a trip far beyond the underzee to the other ‘Elder continent’, (I emigrated to Flanders, Belgium), where I currently reside for the time being.

[In game terms, I am shortly about to launch out on my tramp steamer into the underzee, whilst I gather components for the much more redoubtable Zubmarine - life imitates ebz… or is it the other way around…].

I’m a professional games artist and designer and writer, (though sadly not affiliated with the excellent, and witty folk at the FailBetter team) - currently working part time contracting on serious games research, and freelancing the rest.
I thoroughly look forward to getting to know players and devs from this fledgling forum community.

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Evening. I am Salt Garth, posting from way, way down under.
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time in Fallen London thus far, but after an unfortunate incident with the login page, I’m not certain I’ll be able to return.