The Fruits of the Zee Festival is here!

[color=#0066ff]You are invited to the Fruits of the Zee Festival, a smorgasbord of quaint rural traditions, frolicsome locals and rubbery lumps.[/color]

[color=#0066ff]Leave a wish at the well. Dance with a Drownie. Hire a fishing boat, land a Strange Catch and trade it at the festival for special rewards![/color]

[color=#0066ff]Secure an invitation to a secret feast and catch a glimpse of your future. Will it be a vision of victory or a dream of darkness?[/color]

[color=#0066ff]Catch a ferry from Wolfstack Docks to Mutton Island to join the festivities![/color]

[color=rgb(0, 102, 255)]The Fruits of the Zee Festival is open to all players, no matter your level. You don’t need a boat, and if you don’t know the way to Wolfstack Docks, there’s a helpful urchin at your lodgings who will be happy to show you for a reasonable price.[/color]
edited by h4nchan on 8/20/2015

I am excite! :D

A suggestion:

Shouldn’t the option to pay the urchin be locked if one already has ‘Route: Wolfstack Docks’?

(not that it matters much, since the price is reasonable - indeed, a bit too reasonable for the urchins given what they extort at Christmas…)

My only concern is if this will devastate one of our unique resources again.

In case anyone’s wondering, the Quirk challenges in fishing work the same as last year, but don’t reduce quirks anymore. They do appear to increase them (up to 5) on failure, however! It’s a quirker’s paradise. (Where everything’s straightforward if all your quirks are over 6.)

How long will the feast last?

Should last a couple of weeks.

I had forgotten how annoying it is to wait for the chosen recipient of your catch to show up. And how annoying it is when your catch of 8, which cost a lot of echoes, turns into a 4 by the time you take your pick of the cove. Still, I got most of what I needed last time I did this (before I rage-quit), so it won’t be so bad this time.

Does anyone know if there are any new unique prizes this year? I think I got them all last year, and while I’m enjoying the festival again if there’s nothing new then I can relax instead of rushing to try and get all the Wreckers Cove values.

I rushed straight from the Empress’s court to join the festival. And the price of a ferry is only 30 cents and 5 actions which was nice.

Fishing may not damage quirks this year but be careful - a couple of the encounters at the Festival hit them.

First round of fishing gave me a Strange Catch of 6. Didn’t have the option to give the Catch to the Drownies. Instead was able to exchange it for various items.

Went fishing again, had a Strange Catch of 5. Clicked on Offer the Catch to The Drownies. Was overwhelmed with the options - none of which I knew and not knowing if I could return after getting my destiny I chose &quotperhaps not&quot so I could research more.

The problem is that when I went back to the Fruits Festival my Catch was gone.

Is this a bug or a feature?
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Thank you Delicious Friend for pointing out the obvious to me. I am indebted to you, good sir. :)

I’m out fishing right now, but I have a question: do I need some preparation before offering my catch to the Drownies to get a Destiny?

Took 5 actions to get there. Realised my Nightmares went from 4 to 5. No big problem. Realised my Wounds went from 6 to 7. Kinda a problem. Spent 5 actions to get back to London.

10/10 (actions were spent travelling there and back again so I don’t die on an island.)

I guess I’m not ready for fishing today…

While you are at the Festival you will get the opportunity to trade your Strange Catch to reduce your Nightmares or Wounds … and get some items as well.

Ah well. I’ve not done this content before, and wasn’t aware (also didn’t want to try every option and die / go mad before I had a way of getting back, as I couldn’t use items in that location.)

I hope you enjoy the Festival. I’m not sure if you can be sent to a menace area from the Festival, as normally when you are at Zea you aren’t. Also if you play through the regular Mutton Island content (a time passing carousel attending the Great Feast at the end reduces Wounds and Nightmares.

Speaking of the benefits of being on Mutton Island, am I right in thinking that the Chef is the most efficient source of Uncanny Incanabula? Unlike Benthic’s Press, he doesn’t require 4 actions’ worth of connection every time.

If you need Uncanny Incunabulum and don’t need Making Waves, yes - you don’t get anything else in exchange for not paying Benthic.

In a way it is worse than menace areas since so many actions here scale with your stats.
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