The Fruits of the Zee Festival 2023

How did I missed this? :expressionless:
And an update: no nerf on the skulls this year! Feel free to farm them in Jericho if you want to be sure you’ll reach your target.

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i missed the storylet too! got down to the bottom, saw the cards were the same as the penultimate depth and thought it was a bit anti-climactic but didn’t think to check elsewhere

So I read this in the description of treasures “Pedestrian Polyps, Barnacled Headpieces and Grasping Corals can be converted into brand new items later in the festival, separate to Thalassic Favour. Each of these coral clusters can become one of three cosmetic variations of the same item.”

Does this mean that we need to get three of each (polyp, headpiece, coral) to get all the items (including variations?) Or one of each? Or more, if it takes more than one polyp/headpiece/coral per item?

Don’t quite get how many I need to accumulate this week for completionism. Anyone know?

Well so far I have only experienced the set-up, but I am so glad they decided to change up the festival. For a long time it has been my least favourite one and I have become so weary of it that I was planning to skip it entirely this year. Nice one. :)

I updated the info post with ships, item depths and Jericho skulls.


Thank you for pulling everything together!

I’ve started a data collection thread on the Wiki as well, but I’ll note here: Jellyfleur Cloak is 100 favour. And the combination of 10 witch-stones and 5 zee-glass collections is worth 200, but I don’t know the breakdown.

1 polyp/headpiece/coral =1 item.

Excellent, thanks! I see on the wiki that to get all the items I will need 3 of each coral, for a total of 9 (3 pedestrian polyps, three barnacled headpieces, three of that other one I don’t remember.) That seems to be most efficient with Devotion 5 runs, so I’ll do that until I’ve got all 9 and then switch to high-devotion runs to accumulate the 3750 max amount of favor that could be needed, and then try for the vanity bottom-level quality.

I think I got all the items from the previous FotZ events, will focus on the new ones this time. Eagerly awaiting the spreadsheet that someone will definitely provide as reference.

The previous FotZ events were a pain… you had to lower some quirks to improve the success rate of challenges.

Fun fact: you can click this storylet a second time if you dive deep enough again, and get…absolutely nothing. Tested for you.


I’ve just started and am having a great time with it so far- the lore and writing are very enjoyable! It’s so great partaking in bizarre rituals so a village can resume eating dubious not-sea food

I’m having trouble accessing the festival. I’m at the Docks and attempting to board the Ferry, but it’s telling me "Unlocked when you do not have An Explorer or the Unterzee - ". Am I missing something obvious here?

What storylet contains “Consider your zee treasures” ? I have 1 grasping coral now, in addition to 1 unit of every unique item from FotZ past, and I still see no option to view the accumulated value of my stuff for thalassic favour?

You have to use your own boat to get to the Festival rather than the Ferry. It’s on Mutton Island.

Thank you, I figured I was missing something obvious.

“Consider your Zee Treasures” will appear under both “A Fruits of the Zee Primer” and “The Fishing Boats, Empty” after you fish up a new copy of an item that can be exchanged for favour: apparently treasures from previous years don’t count (or only duplicates count)

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I find it really funny how all the islanders are saying things like “oh no the fish are gone! Time to venerate the Drowned Man” and everyone is supposed to think they are talking about the Fathomking. But we know who they are really talking about, eh? My theory is that the statue of “The Drowned Man” that we can help build in the main storylet is going to be possessed by Eaten at the climax of the festival and fight the Fathomking in a kaiju battle for the fate of seafood everywhere, but that probably won’t happen.


But what a thing to imagine


Thank you! It is right that I had not met those conditions.

Gentle reminder that you can check what you have retrieved on the ‘Zee Treasures’ section of your inventory page… just scroll all the way to the bottom.

It’s a good visual summary for keeping track.