The Fruits of the Zee Festival 2023

False-Summer bathes London in a syrupy heat once again! Londoners, tired of the inclement good weather, set zail to melancholy Mutton Island to take the air. This year, however, the King-in-Coral holds court…

Supplicate the zee with sacrifices, to turn Mutton Island’s fortunes around. Dive beneath the waters of Shepherd’s Wash and explore the wrecks that linger beneath that forlorn isle. Descend as deep as you dare, and unearth what treasures courage allows. Bargain with the King-in-Coral for what you wrest from the zee.

Encounter new visitors to the island and trade your winnings, restore the festival to its former glory, and perhaps even meet the Green-Gilled Shipwright and see the works of his craft.

A Revamped Festival

Fruits of the Zee is our free, annual festival of the bounty of the zee. The festival begins today, the 7th of September, and ends on September the 21st.

You don’t need to own a ship to participate: anyone can catch a ferry from Wolfstack Docks to Mutton Island to join the festivities.

We’ve added a range of new activities and events to Fruits of the Zee this year. We’ve also replaced several old activities, chiefly the Fishing mechanic, in the process.

When you arrive at Mutton Island, you’ll be met with a new short story, beginning with ‘Mutton Island, Unadorned’. Playing through this storyline will unlock the new activities for the Festival.


In the first week of the Festival, you’ll be able to dive the wrecks off Mutton Island for treasures. To begin, you’ll need to raise your Five-Fold Devotion by Supplicating the Shore-line.

Once you begin diving, you’ll be able to push your luck as far as you dare, before emerging with a treasure. These treasures can be traded in the second week of the Festival. You can check the value of your treasures by reading the Fruits of the Zee Primer, available throughout the Festival.

The first week will conclude with a certain drowning event.


In the second week of the festival, you’ll be able to trade your treasures for Thalassic Favour at the Fruits Market.

You can then exchange Thalassic Favour for new items, items from previous Fruits of the Zee festivals, and economy items.

Items from previous years, as well as this year, are also available for Fate from the Fruits Market.

You may also trade several of the new items with visiting characters in exchange for cosmetic variants with identical statistics.

Finally, if you own a ship, you can also trade high amounts of Thalassic Favour for new ships from the Green-Gilled Shipwright. These ships are only available during the Fruits of the Zee.

Your ship’s value will be factored into the purchase - you may only have one ship at a time.

As always, those who have the Cladery Heart will need to stash it in London, but may trade in their other ship.


Those without a Destiny or wishing to change their Destiny may travel to Irem during the Fruits of the Zee Festival and find an option available to them there via the Riddlefishers: Matters of Destiny.

Those without a Destiny may also acquire one from the Drowning Feast, once the Fruits of the Zee Festival is restored in the second week.


Event timing:

  • September 14, 2023, in 7 days
    Being able to gain more treasures closes
    Trading opens, which lets you get items, economy items, and a new ships
  • September 21, 2023, in 14 days
    Trading closes
    All remaining treasures and duplicate equipment disappears


  • The ship is permanent and it will be a trade: “It’s a trade in situation so the cost of the new ship is discounted according to the notional value of the ship you already have
  • The ship is the only big missable thing here. It costs at most 2000 favour.
  • You’ll be able to just pick a ship next week. I don’t anticipate they will cycle or change from year to year. They are all an upgrade on existing ships.
  • “teaser” of the new ships:
    (There are four ship options, incidentally)
    Luxurious, Fast, Zubmersible, secret fourth thing

Old items:

  • Old items from past iterations of FotZ cost between 75 and 250 per item. It costs about 1750 to get every last one.
    There’s variable text there that will say “you have enough for everything”
  • Duplicates of these can also be traded for favour
  • Some old items can be obtained directly from Wreck Diving
    Cured Jillyfleur Cloak: 1-2
    Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia: 3-5
    Wrecking Boots: 1-3
    Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd: 2+ 4-5
    Nuncian Pocket Watch: 1-4
    Scrimshander Carving Knife: 5

New items and mechanics

  • Some treasures just trade straight for favour
  • Excess Thalassic Favor can be traded in for economy items, basically.
  • Coral masses you find wreck diving can be traded for new items in week 2.
  • The new items are:
    Gloves that give Shadowy
    Hat that reduces TW gain
    Boots that give Mith
    With 3 variants each means that you need, at most, 9 corals (3 of each)


  • Players that are Doctore of the Guild in Jericho, can grind skulls faster and more efficient with either Collated research from Memories or Memories + Statements.
  • The wiki guide covers everything so I removed the info which is already there in a much better layout: Fruits of the Zee Festival (Guide) - Fallen London Wiki.

I’ll update this post as more info pops!


My thoughts so far are that I like it! The flavour is very well written, as always, and I am very excited for the new ships! However, I do feel that building up fivefold indulgences or whatever its called is a little grindy, but you get scaling rewards while you do it so it isn’t all bad. The risk/reward between trying to build up indulgences so you can dive deeper and just cashing out is interesting too.

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Bountiful grindings on a barren Mutton Island. Lovely.

Can’t wait to see the new ships. Can I get a Kraken? A Drownified Hellworm? A Frankenstein behemoth? Lovely.

The game tells me I already have treasures worth 2,500. I’m assuming this comes primarily from items from previous Fruits. Which I would prefer not to trade.

Got some headlamps ready to go though. And the idea of “cosmetic upgrades” sure is interesting, especially since… y’know. It’s a text game. It’s a text upgrade. Which, actually, I might be completely in love with the idea depending on the variations. Making my character distinct would be awesome.

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I thought I gained some from a failed diving, but it looks like that’s not the case. The value I had was 375 and I have all items from previous years and a few of the ones that became Fate locked 7 years ago.

EDIT: Wait, skulls in coral! How many of those do you have?
Yup, that’s it! You have 20 skulls! One is worth 125 favours and the Shiv is 50. After my second dive I got a Skull and a Shiv and jumped to 550 favours.

Any bets on what the Pedestrian Polyps, Barnacled Headpieces, and Grasping Coral will become? I’m guessing the Grand Devil’s crown for headpieces and Kneelgraspers for Grasping Coral. And whatever cosmetic variations on those items FBG can come up with of course.

When you find them while diving, the Metatext describes what they’ll be traded for. They’re new items, not existing ones. The Headrest reduces TW build-up (!!!) and the grasping coral are shadowy gloves.

Wait until you see the final item! Boots that give Mith from “Wounds something card” (I didn’t get it yet).

I actually just saw the TW reduction!

Now that sounds interesting! And exactly the kind of creativity I hoped for when the change to menace items dropped.

Edit: I’m an idiot, I though it was boots that increased wounds gain but also increased Mithridacy. I just drew the card, Old Wounds I think. Still cool!

I dived 2 times and got 50 favours worth of junk. For 14 actions. Depressing.

If the Skull in Coral thing is correct and you’ve unlocked Jericho, it might actually be worth it to head over there and get a bunch of Gondolier’s Favour for the Persephone. That would get a good bit of favour.

EDIT: and you can grind memories of distant shores in the festival at a pretty good rate, so you can stock up while also getting indulgences before a Jericho trip.

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Hmmm, 10 research for 2 Esteem, 3 Esteem (as a Doctore) for 1.5 skulls, so 2 Esteem for 1 skull. 50 Memory of Distant Shores for 125 favour in 3-4 AP (I think).



Oh Skulls in Coral would explain it. Got 20 of those things lying around.

In that case Crooked-Crosses are at an advantage for this event, possibly to the point of unfairness. We can cycle Persephone quite efficiently.

You could dive only in first week. Skulls are available any time.

Jericho issues was raised to FBG, but maybe only tomorrow we’ll have an update. A quick analysis shows that getting skulls (thus favours) outside the event is way faster than diving.

Well D___ now I feel bad for losing myself this great opportunity.

We were already talking about it over Discord. :smiley: It feels just too wrong, sorry. I won’t pass a nice opportunity, but this is broken.
Similar to a… 5-6 year old issue that I reported it. It enabled you a 6+ EPA grind! Imagine! 6 EPA when ~2 EPA was great.

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Exciting news! I built up to 11 indulgences and made my way all the way to the bottom, trying to find the Submerged Rector (I refuse to finish the Church in the Wild without him) and look what I found!

(It’s a pinned storylet by the way)

Haven’t played it yet, but this looks fun!

EDIT: it gives a quality called Discovered: the Pentamerous Bride, and then just kicks you out of diving. I’m not skilled enough in the art of wiki editing to add it, but if anyone wants to, it’s on my profile.