The Fruits of the Zee are Upon Us!


London ripens under the false-summer. Londoners perspire in linen and crinoline, street-side hawkers promise ‘Gin-u-ine Rubbery Lumps’, imported flowers briefly beautify the streets. Anticipation for the Festival of the Fruits of the Zee lingers in the air like unspent lightning.

Dig out your rod and reel: the Fruits of the Zee Festival is upon us! The festival begins today, 18th August, and will end on the 1st September.

As summer winds down, enjoy calming fishing trips and indulge in a cornucopian repast of delights plucked fresh from the bounteous Zee.

  • Hire a fishing boat, land a Strange Catch and trade it at the festival for special rewards!
  • Discover new items and companions in the Wreckers’ Cove!
  • Enjoy the maypole dancing, Drownie serenades, beer &c!
  • Secure an invitation to a secret feast and catch a glimpse of your Destiny. Will it be a vision of victory or a dream of darkness?
  • Assist F.F. Gebrandt with a strange and seasonal experiment!

Catch a ferry from Wolfstack Docks to Mutton Island to join the festivities.

The Fruits of the Zee Festival is a free event open to all players, no matter your level. You don’t need to own a boat, and if you don’t know the way to Wolfstack Docks, there’s a helpful urchin at your Lodgings who will be happy to ferry you for a reasonable price.


What, already? How time flies… :astonished:

I thought that after the last one she’d be done with “strange seasonal experiments” :joy:


I love the sound of this!

EDIT: Here’s a table for this festival’s items usage. New ones are already on Wiki!


Wot, no muter salt? I need some muter salt!

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Yay another event! It seems like only yesterday for my last Fruits of the Zee event.

Anyone knows what happens if you refuse to help F.F Gebrandt on Mutton Island?

I am inclined to help her… but I just don’t want another nasty surprise like in the previous event.

I think I already have a number of them from previous Fruits of the Zee events.

Let’s see what is new this year.

She seems disinclined to learn any lesson that involves doing less science.

So now we’re doing well-science, which surely can’t go as sideways as the last one did.


I fished up a cat! :D


Oh, now I vaguely remember from last year: while fishing some of your quirks should be low if you wish to deliberately fail a challenge for a desired outcome.

Unfortunately, my quirks now are high and almost all challenges have a 100% success rate.

We’ll see how it goes.

Please, tell us more! :)

Ah, so it’s already time for the year’s most consistently frustrating event. Well, nothing else for it than to dive right in, I suppose.

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Hmm. Trying to remember how hard it was to get everything new at a FoTZ. Can I postpone starting this until after bird week and still get everything new? I think I can…

I love it! Two weeks of dozing in a boat with a hat over my eyes and occasionally lobbing dynamite into the water. Powerbroking in London can be so tiring…


Am I right in thinking you can only get to the festival if you take the ferry, rather than going by your own ship? My main qho was at Zee anyway just docked at Mutton Island and there was no sign of the festival.

Actually, scratch that - I just realised that Id landed at Hunter’s Keep rather than Mutton Island. My bad!

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Am I misremembering, or had Failbetter said at some point that they were going to eliminate the Fruits of the Zee Festival?

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Exactly - hang up the sign “gone fishing” and…go fishing! :smiley:


I don’t remember such a thing at all.

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I was probably misrembering something else then. Thanks for your reply!