The Final Season of Hearts' Game!

Man, between this and a certain vampire alien fairy princess’ banner dropping in a certain online gambling game, June’s turning out to be a big month for my online gaming experiences.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d consider giving Battleon or Dragonfable another spin…

Battleon or Dragonfable

“I haven’t heard that name for a long time…”

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July’s there, which means a new Season. Don’t forget about it in all the Firmament excitement.


Got the distinction for this month on my first try in 7 rounds, with Cod, Livers, Roses. Fastest distinction I’ve gotten.


Took me three or four failed and/or aborted runs to get my Distinction of Dares. Now, back to the Midnight Moon!


I think this is the third season in a row where Knuckles quite literally carried me to a flawless victory.

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I won with the first team, 7/1, Skins + Cod + Gambits. One round lost because of extremely long streak of unlucky draws, Skins is kinda fifth wheel in the team. Damn the timegate.

Knuckles worked for me too. 7 wins in 8 goes.

That was my third attempt this season! That’s the luck of the draw though, getting through the teams that don’t work out until you draw one that works.

I went 7 straight with Tallow + Flames + Smiths. The smiths was a forced choice, but the bonus watchful from the ace and the fact that he does progress + prep actions was nice. Tallow and Flame are a killer combo, once you have good prep.


Got my 7 straight with Talons + Ribs + Livers a few days ago. Got my vampire fairy moon princess in another game to lv. 115 with greater ease than expected, and should be taking her to lv. 120 in short order provided my wifi holds out. All is right in the world.

September approaches.