The Final Season of Hearts' Game!

It seems like only yesterday we inflicted Hearts’ Game on an unsuspecting playerbase. Alas, it was nearly a year ago. We have reached the end of the line: the final new season of the Game. Welcome to the Season of Duplicity.

Read more about this final season, and the plans for the future of Hearts’ Game, on our blog:


I remember when you tweeted out a picture of a slab of raw meat and the word “Tomorrow” underneath it. Fun times. I can’t wait to see all of the juicy new text!


I like these “achievement” type trophies because it’s making me experiment with team composition and strategies that I usually never do. There’s whole facets of the Game that I basically haven’t explored because I tend to stick in my comfort zone, and this has finally made me step out of it. Currently 2-1 with an all-Knights roster which is a little shaky but seems viable.

It is permanent, though. The Seasons will cycle, but the Game is there to stay.


I’ve never won a round of Heart’s game, what stat level should you aim to be at in your chosen stats?

I’m considering taking the new king in this draft but I’m unsure if it’s better to take the King of Rose’s perhaps, because I would so very much like to win some haha, and I have an all persuasive team rn.

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Definitely base 200 at least, but take comfort in the fact that you aren’t supposed to win every round. This is a very late-game activity, so if you can 100% all the checks then that’s incredibly impressive. You also might want to experiment with a checkless team, like Teeth Roots and Magpies/Loins depending on personal preference.


The rewards will take a long while to obtain, but in the meantime we can gaze upon the descriptions and… scratch our heads.


Bet a fiver those are related to Counterplay somehow.

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I liked Heart’s Game when it first started, but as the seasons progressed I played it less and less as it just got more annoying. Now adding those autofire counterplay cards into the mix and I gave up right away. Its just not fun for me at all.


The Fool of Audacities should count as a king/page/knight for the corresponding achievements, no?

If the Priests count for the achievements, rat boi should too.

I love the achievements, that was a wonderful change. Too often I would just find whatever trio worked, play them, and not touch the game till I needed another trophy. Now I can aim for something, which is a lot of fun. I’m currently 5 wins straight in a 2 knights + priest run, but I am dreading having to do the 3 kings one.

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Only aspect of the Game I don’t like is that victory does not matter. They partially cured it, and I like clearly stated goals / achievements in general.

Postponing rewards by 5 months is a rude move. Why not retroactively grant necessary distinctions (or whatever) to those who have gold medals for previous seasons? But again, Fallen London is the game of patience, we will endure.

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Why not retroactively grant necessary distinctions (or whatever) to those who have gold medals for previous seasons?

Two possible reasons I can think of:

  1. The system might not have recorded which players earned which medals in which seasons until now, making it impossible to award those distinctions accurately.
  2. Beginning the awarding of distinctions now starts everyone off on a level playing field - everyone knows how the distinctions are awarded and can try to earn them accordingly. This way, no-one’s missing out on distinctions just because they didn’t know they would exist in the future when they made the decision not to earn them.

But he also mentioned the weapon stats: The Black Book of Hearts - Fallen London Wiki.

Only need 1500 exploits until then.

I won my first trophy, with Embalming and Duplicity distinctions. With a bad team (Shadowy King, Priest of Kings, Dangerous Knight). So far Embalming seems pretty easy with accomplices tied to base stats. Just throw second chances at checks.

They badly need a tweak at present.

They seem like something that should be triggered on a rare failure rather than autofire on draw, because being repeatedly kicked in the face when trying to refill your hand grates pretty hard after the 2nd consecutive time.


On the first run I got a mismatched team (Nobility, Disintegrities, Roses) and tried to go for an Embalming run, quit after first round. Avoid Embalming with Advanced Stats accomplices…

On the second run I got a Knight team (Smiths, Ribs, Nobility) and managed to win 7/2 with several close rounds. I have my first Distinction!

Now going for a King run with Briars, Roses and Spines.

I very nearly made a Motley run work, but I had a run of bad luck and lost my lead. Now I’m attempting a Kings run with Briars, Knuckles and Ambivalences. Fingers crossed!

Won comfortably 7/0 with only a couple of close rounds. Briars can generate Preparations reliably for the heavy hitting Kings. Counter-play was not an issue because I avoided the Kings’ checkless basic abilities.

Oh, is it going away like Knife and Candle did? Maybe I ought to get around to actually playing it then…