The Feast of the Rose: Gift Exchange

I’d be happy to exchange non-Fate gifts too!

Happy to exchange any and all gifts, both fate and non-fate (message me first before exchanging fate gifts).

Let’s exchange some non-fate oddities. I mean, teeths? Pink cats? Buttered chess pieces? Where is that inspiration coming from, staff?

No, really. I need to know.
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Good day everyone. I am willing to reciprocate any non-fate gifts.

May you all have an exciting Feast.

Still have over 100k in honey, so I can send a card for any 1 masque item you want to exchange with me. Profile is linked. Any 1 masque item sent will be happily token returned via a singed card. So ashy, very hot.

Greetings, delicious friends! I’m also willing to exchange non-fate gifts.

I would be delighted to exchange gifts both fate and non-fate alike. This is my first Feast in Fallen London and I hope to make it a memorable one!
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Hello dearest. I will be happy to exchange gifts of either fate or non-fate nature.

Please send me a letter beforehand to ask for availability of gifts. Teeth, however, are plentiful. My in game name is identical to my profile’s/
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Kestrel Zestvim will gladly exchange non-fate gifts!
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I can exchange non-fate gifts.

Edit: I have everything I need at the moment. Thank you!
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I am looking forward to exchanging non-Fate gifts with everyone who reads this message!

Crunching the numbers, I need to trade a lot more gifts.

Specify if you want something in particular back, otherwise it’s going to be teeth, playing cards, or illicit poetry, as I’m pretty heavily stocked on those.

I’m done trading for this year, many thanks to all of you who have sent me gifts and a merry Feast to everyone. If you’ve sent me something and I haven’t responded yet, please let me know and I’ll correct it as soon as possible.
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I am looking to trade non-Fate items for items of equivalent value. Send me a message if you want any item in particular.
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Both of my characters are looking to exchange gifts. If you have any special requests, just send me a message.

Byrons Ghost

Lady Catterly

I’m looking to exchange both fate and non-fate items. Please send me a message in game and let me know which fate items you’d like to exchange. Thanks!

Edit: non-fate only for now. Have enough partners for fate gifts. Thank you.
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I’m keen to exchange gifts, non-fate only though. Send me a message in game, no RP required

Just reminding people that I’m willing to draw art in exchange for Fate gifts. You could get super cool artwork of practically anything you want! Here’s my Tumblr post about it for more details:

I’m also open to trade any non-Fate gifts except the ones that require Inklings of Identity to send.

I’d be happy to exchange any non-Fate gift. Send me whatever catches your fancy.