The Feast of the Rose 1899

I took the chance and divorced, and it seems like a permanent - if you stay single - storlylet opens up over in one of the Lodging sections, so it just says to click to marry him (I also have options for a poly marriage and platonic one). Assuming they remain after the festival, I think you can remarry them without fate as needed/wanted (which is a relief).

She does get a new card. First option is Inspiring. Second looks like a free Bohemian favor but have not clicked it yet. There is a third I will have to get back to you on.

I’m assuming there is some story content too, as there is a little bit for the Jewel Thief option. I am in the middle of upgrading him, and currently the pair of us are conducting a new heist, his ‘last job.’

Hmmm. But she no longer provides making waves or the 2.50 echoes in goods. Unless she gives Fascinating at Helicon House, this is becoming a very tough sell. Not to mention that I like my famous model spouse.

[quote=Robin Alexander]Am I the only one annoyed by the festival?

Like, I’d love to buy items, trade some in, do some of the stories, but . . . the festival forces you to trade with other players (not easy for the anxious, and also involving a lot of trust when real-life cash is involved), or to set up a second account just to send stuff to yourself (tedious and a bit pointless just for one festival).

Well, least I have items from previous years I can trade in, which will make it easier.[/quote]

This year, actually, you get your gift back if you send it to someone and then cancel the sending - even for the non-fate gifts!

This is a major help for the more single-player-minded folks, and takes away some of the social anxiety. Now no-one loses anything if you wish to reject the gift in the first place.

At any rate, should you (or anyone else) wish to send and reject some gifts without feeling socially anxious, I hereby give you express permission to use my accounts (Sir Reginald Monteroy, or my alt Rotsternchen) for this purpose. If you send a gift to me, I will gladly reciprocate, but if you withdraw it for your own use (cancel option), I won’t burden you or be burdened at all.

As for the other things new to this festival, I must say that I’m looking forward greatly to meeting dear November in the flesh! I loved her in her story, and am sure to enjoy her as a companion as well. Here’s to the possibility of one day making her available as a Spouse even!
And with November, July, August and apparently September, plus possibly also January and April on the GHR Board, we have quite a selection from the Calendar Council at our side. Wonder what that’s going to mean down the line, what with the Creditor and stuff.
Huh… Could even February herself one day deign to join us for a tryst during the Feast? Those of us who sold her the secret to the Cave of the Nadir, at the very least?

Oh, and I appreciate that the new Spouse options now have opportunity cards. And I’m looking forward to getting on more… intimate… terms with one of my favourite space bats!

Overall, great job once again, FBG! Love to be loving you, as always!
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This is my first Feast of the Rose so maybe others will have more knowledge: do you think there’s any chance of FBG introducing new spouses during the Feast?

They did! See the full announcement for more details:

The Celebrated Artist’s Model and the Master Jewel Thief can both be upgraded for Fate. The announcement also mentions a new option, but no one seems to have spotted it yet.

Hmm, I was more looking for an existing character being given the option to become a spouse. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

You don’t need to be in your lodgings to draw the Viric Dream cards and I am just terribly unlucky when it comes to RNG, right?
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[quote=Desirée]You don’t need to be in your lodgings to draw the Viric Dream cards and I am just terribly unlucky when it comes to RNG, right?


Correct Caroline has drawn a lot outside her lodgings, but so far only in London

3rd option reduces Nightmares (as I only had 1cp, I can’t confirm how much). Edit: 2nd try confirms at least 5cp of Nightmares reduction.
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Does accepting a gift take an action? I haven’t been paying attention. If it does, then sending a gift and receiving one in return as two actions for one gift (per player), but if both players sent and cancelled gifts, that’s only one action per each gift. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a reason not to use social actions socially.

Phew… I’m trying to push my infernal intimacy up to level 18 so that the devils will finally stop clamoring after my soul, but boy is it ever a slog. Very much a two steps forward, one step back sort of thing. Progress, however, while slow and unsteady, is nevertheless being made.

How do we increase masquing beyond 30? I notice that all the options to send gifts only go up to 30, and the cards options only give 1 or 2 masquing at a time.

Fate-locked gifts can be traded for Masquing above 30.

I’ve upped and forgotten-when does An Encounter at the Feast unlock? Or is it in a specific place this year?

It unlocked yesterday, and it’s a card for now, but will become a storylet later in the Feast.

They said it unlocked yesterday, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

It did, for one of my characters.

I’ve gotten it four times and have all the companions I’m going for.