The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is here!

[color=#0066ff]Friends, lovers, spouses: the Feast of the Exceptional Rose is here!

Love is kind, except when it’s cruel. During the Feast, Fallen Londoners exchange surprising gifts. Kind gifts, cruel gifts, and those that are both.


Send and receive gifts from other players!

Rewards from the Feast can be won by increasing your Masquing, through participating in the revels and the exchange of gifts. Use your Masquing quality to unlock special companions, only available during this festival!

Make friends for the exchange of gifts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or right here in this thread.


The Glowering Judge looms in his bench. The Auditors from the Ministry sit stiffly in the gallery.

This Feast of the Exceptional Rose, we’re introducing player divorce. Has your spouse been too long gone? Are you too distressed by their unaccountable peckishness? Has love simply faded? The divorce courts will hear your plight; and, if they are satisfied, will end your marriage, so that you may seek out new love stories.

The Glowering Judge is a Prelapsarian fixture of Her Majesty’s divorce courts. The Ministry of Public Decency have ordered that they witness these cases - although, of course, the Auditors have absolutely no bearing on his final judgements.

If you wish to divorce your partner, look for the option to seek a divorce on the Attend to Matters of the Heart card in your Lodgings.


Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour! The place to come for a singing mermaid or a message encoded onto your scalp.

A unique story involving the Neath’s famed tattooists, the Clathermont Family is available for the duration of the Feast.

Find the Clathermonts in Ladybones Road when you have A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets at 4 or higher. As part of the Feast, continue this story from the same area by playing News at Clathermont’s from 15th February.

There is a little something new available for those who’ve already experienced the Clathermont story, and those whose Nomen are yet living.


She examines you carefully. Her eyes swim with glints like violet wine…

The engimatic Lady in Lilac returns to London at festival-time.

On the 15th February we will be releasing the Lady in Lilac card into your opportunity deck, allowing you to trade in your gifts for Masquing. From the 15th, you’ll also be able to turn in your Masquing for special companions on the Encounters at the Feast card.

The Feast will end on the 22nd February. The Lady in Lilac and Encounters at the Feast will remain available until the 26th, after which your remaining Masquing will be converted to Making Waves when Time, the Healer visits.

I too have not seen anything Feast related yet. I’m guessing there’s a slight delay.


Nevermind, it’s up, thanks!
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Of course the Feast starts right as I get sent to the Tomb-Colonies (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Could someone send me Rose-Gifts? I’ll try to reciprocate.

My alt wants to divorce his spouse, but is unable to do so as she’s a deactivated player. May I know how to go about divorcing a deactivated player? Thanks in advance.

I’ve put a thread in the Singing Mandrake for people wanting gifts, so we can ask questions about the Feast and discuss it here without things getting clogged up.

Glorious! May you all receive as many jars of teeth as you desire. Unless there are new ones this year (BARBED WIT! BARBED WIT!), I’ve got all the companions I want, so no gifts please!

Hannah, can I deduce that the new Noman snippet will appear on the 15th along with Lilac, etc?

Excellent work all round, Failbetter team!

Well, due to my being relatively new I’m not able to afford sending out many gifts - anyone know from past Feasts how reasonable it is to get some Masquing from other sources?

Darkroot, there is the Feast of Rose opportunity card, which allows one to get masquing up to 20 by playing the various options there. You just have to keep flipping cards until you see it. I have not seen it today, but I really don’t know when it’ll appear.

Some important information about Fate Gifts
If Non-Fate Gifts are declined then nothing is returned.

If a Fate Gift is declined, then the sender of the gift gets the gift back.

There is currently a bug where if you press the enter key when inputting a contact, the gift goes to your highlighted contact, which is often the account at the top of your contacts list.

I’ve seen this happen before, and it results in accidental gifts of fate. If you want to safe guard against this, my account name is just the number 8, which is listed before most other contacts. I can decline your gifts to get your fate back if you send me a message in game or via the forums (or we can trade, if you want), I won’t accept any unsolicited fate gifts until I can confirm they’re for me.

A Guide to the Feast of the Exceptional Rose?
Why there’s one here!

Want to get married this Feast?
Desperate singles in your area tonight!

Trading lots of Feast Gifts?
Just post here~

Want to trade Fate Gifts?
There’s a thread for that too.

Trading Feast Gifts with me?
If anyone is in DIRE need of Feast Gifts, send a Pink Cat (preferably) my way and I shall gift you back. Otherwise I’m not interested in casual exchanges if you’ve got a lot of them going on.

I will return as many gifts as I have supplies.

Within the first night I have recieved 50 Gifts. I will try to return everything, but look at me as a last resort maybe.

The Starveling Café?

This Feast of the Rose the Starveling Café is sending out Starveling Cats, which are pet-able items (but not equipable).

The way it works is you pick a recipient, pick a cat, tell the Café why in the name of Salt would you want to send someone else a Starveling Cat, and that’s it!
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Darkroot, you can easily get 20 just from the card, I did it last year!

[quote=Robin Mask]

Edit: I bought fate to do the divorce option (action points, very impatient, lol), but it says I have no eligible contacts . . . yet my spouse is still clogging up my ‘spouse’ section complete with all the effects . . .
edited by RobinMask on 2/9/2016[/quote]
[color=#0066ff]Sounds like you have an NPC spouse, which you were already able to divorce through other means. Drop a line and we’ll straighten you out![/color]

[quote=Màiread]Glorious! May you all receive as many jars of teeth as you desire. Unless there are new ones this year (BARBED WIT! BARBED WIT!), I’ve got all the companions I want, so no gifts please!

Excellent work all round, Failbetter team![/quote]

Much the same boat - unless there’s new companions, I’ve no need of gifts. And thoroughly hear hear for Failbetter!

I have the same problem . . .

I think it’ll be automatically done at some point? They said somewhere else that players with deactivated spouses will be free of them early this week; it’s possible the divorce option is for active players, while deactivated players will have theirs removed for them at some point?[/quote]

[color=#0066ff]This will be done manually by us, later today! Edit: It is done. :)[/color]
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If anyone wants to do some gift sharing, I will happily oblige. This is the first feast of the rose I am actively taking part in so was wondering how useful the companions actually are?

[quote=Cecil ]If anyone is in dire need of Feast Gifts, send one my way and I will return it. I will return every single gift I get, just as I did last year.[/quote] Would you be able to exchange a couple of 50 fate gifts? I’m trying to renew my Secular Missionary this year.

Wonder if something is amiss. I have twice now tried to play the &quotsomeone from the past&quot option on the FotER opp card, and after reading the airs of London text, and clicking &quotonwards,&quot I’m simply redirected back to the page of storylets in the Flit, which is where I’m flipping cards.

I’m sending an email to support as well.

Edit: it was a bug, and is now fixed, according to support. Thanks, FBG!
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I don’t remember… if I have a fate-locked gift obtained last year, can I pass it to another character instead of buying it with fate?

Being my first year participating in the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, I shall welcome any gifts, and will reciprocate in turn.

Oh geez is it that time of year again? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reciprocate gifts, keeping up last year was exhausting. I do have over 10000 cryptic clues, so I’ll be able to send 20 glasses of teeth easily, but beyond that…