The Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2023!


The false-stars are orbiting a little closer to the city; Bohemians have put on their suits without holes in them; the smell of lacre on the streets has very nearly dissipated. Love is in the air, and the Feast of the Exceptional Rose begins once again.

Discover all the festival has to offer through ‘Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose’, available throughout London.

Join the Revels!

Take part in the festivities to gain Masquing, which can be later spent on rewards. Exchange gifts of love (or scorn, or mysterious yet enticing indifference) with other players. Keep your gifts – or trade them for Masquing!

As always, additional Masquing can be obtained with Fate, which unlocks further options.

The Lady in Lilac

“You are desired,” she says. “Give me the proof of it, and I’ll make arrangements.”

Also, starting on February 9th, the mysterious ‘Lady in Lilac’ card will appear – allowing you to exchange your Feast gifts for Masquing.

Meet New Faces

Every year, the Feast brings new companions to Fallen London. Starting next week, on February 9th, you will be able to spend your Masquing to attract companions from Feasts past, as well as four returning characters who can now be encountered at the Feast:

  • Promenade with Verity, a deviless of exacting tastes
  • Watch the festivities with Ivy, who has seen so many Feasts come and go
  • Picnic with the Abbot-Commander of Godfall atop Southwark Cathedral
  • Catch up with Ferret at the theatre

Those last two can be unlocked with Fate.


The Revolutionary Firebrand and the Secular Missionary have one last request. If you are married to either of the pair, these small stories will allow you to upgrade your spouse and make them more powerful.

If you have completed the Cave of the Nadir storyline by spurning both the Missionary and the Firebrand, it is now possible to reacquaint yourself with one of the pair in ‘The Missionary and the Firebrand: A Memory of Regret’, in your Social Engagements.

Skin-bound Memories and Nuptial Phantasies!

How better to prove your devotion than through permanent ink? High time for a visit to Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour! Make your way to Ladybones Road to complete the story of the Clathermont family, as long as you have reached level 4 or higher in A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets. Tattoos will become available in the second week of the Feast, from the 9th.

Also available during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose: Nuptial phantasies! Obtain custom-tailored dreams of nuptial bliss (or marital discord) with some of your favourite Fallen London characters. Find these by visiting the Shopkeeper in Viric, in Veilgarden.

A New and Continuing Mystery

Just what is the Exceptional Rose? Rumours abound. Some say that it’s a vicious, fanged flower. Others that it’s a cherub sent to watch over star-crossed lovers. Yet more tut, calling it an elaborate ruse cooked up by Mr Inch. Whatever it is, nobody has seen the real Exceptional Rose in years. But perhaps this Feast is different?

Start this in ‘The Exceptional Rose’, available anywhere in London. This story will progress throughout the Feast, and will return in future years. But the Exceptional Rose, like love, is a changeable thing, and does not always look the same…

Key Dates for the Festival

  • The Feast of the Rose starts on February 2nd
  • February 9th: ‘An Encounter at the Feast’ and ‘The Lady in Lilac’ become available. Trade gifts for Masquing, and obtain new companions. Tattoos will also be available in the Forgotten Quarter.
  • February 16th: Gift exchanging and obtaining Masquing closes. You will still have a week to exchange Masquing for companions and to experience Feast seasonal stories.
  • February 23rd: The Festival ends. Any Masquing not spent will become Making Waves when Time, the Healer comes.

(pointing at the screen) That’s Ferret! I know them! I know Ferret.


Any of those obtainable companions useful for the Burrow Church quest?

Or a companion obtained in another future event?

Is this where I post that I’m totally new to the game and this is my first event? :9 I’m reaching out, hoping to spread some gifts around; I’m Rangiferous in-game!

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I started playing Fallen London during Feast of the Rose as well, several years ago. In fact, it seems my account was created on Valentine’s Day!

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the Feast!


wait hold up

From the recent Exceptional Story? Awesome.


No word on a third Tattoo becoming possible, so I guess there’s no use holding out hope…?

I can’t seem to place Ivy and Ferret, are they from the upcoming Mask of the Rose game?

I’m available for exchanging gifts!

For newbies, honey, cryptic clues and maybe appalling secrets are the optimal resources to be used for making gifts. The others are scarce. I remember burning through tons of honey and cryptic clues to make gifts in previous Feasts.

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Hey all! I’ve been playing Fallen London on and off for a few years now, but due to usually being absolutely swamped this time of year, this is my first Feast of the Exceptional Rose! The name is Crabjacket, a hard-wearing Londoner with a keen interesting in growing his eclectic collection of possessions, and a strong proponent for the reciprocal giving of gifts. Send to me a kindness, and a kindness I shall send back to you. Quid pro quo, yes?


Hello fine londoners. I am available for gift exchanges. anything you send I’ll reciprocate with a gift of the same value.

That’s correct, they’re from Mask. Ferret makes an appearance in the demo. There’s a devblog about Ivy, and she can be seen in the trailer.


Esteemed Londoners, I would like to engage in the exchange of gifts this year. I’m Philberty, eccentric studious of the correspondence and anything occult

“I’ve got honey and secrets to trade if that’s what you’re up for.”
–Sylvia Boyle, A Sagacious and Compelling Individual of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender, currently dueling members of the Black Ribbon.

hey everyone, i’ve sent stuff to people who’ve left their names up here in the forums! i’m vvelleity and this is roundabouts my third time at the Feast, so if you would like something specific reciprocated i can do so no problem :)

Good morning dear londoner, I am also looking for exchanging fate free gifts with anyone wishing to. I will send back something of equal value. Have a nice feast of the rose.

Hi all – I’m Brummagem, and I’m cheerfully available for gift exchanging! Have a wonderful feast.

Hello fellow Londoners! I’ve been playing Fallen London on and off for quite a while, but this will be the first Feast of the Exceptional Rose I take part in! Feel free to send Jack of Cups a gift and he’ll be sure to respond in kind.

I am also keen to share the love, since tis that time of year!


Hi Fishandchips. belerphon2 here

I would like to exchange a metaphysically educated rattus faber for the same thing in return. I have the 40 incendiary gossip necessary to purchase a metaphysically educated rattus faber now.

Is this acceptable?

Hi everyone! I would love to exchange (non-Fate) gifts. I am particularly looking for Custom Engraved Skulls, but will happily accept all gifts. Please let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like in return, otherwise I will send a random gift of the same value.

User name is Bonny Kate.