The Fate of the Velocipede Squad

I’ve purchased the continuation of the Velocipede Squad and am not sure where to go. It looks like the only change has been to open up two new options for finishing the loop, and neither of those options appear to advance a storyline. Can anyone give me an indication as to how I reach the new content?

Keep cycling.

Heh, sorry.

What I meant was, each loop advances the counter a little bit, and you will be given some interesting choices after a number of repetitions. Completing this branch gives you a quality that “may ultimately be the key to your future”, according to the description.

I got to “Choose what to do about the Velocipede Squad” point. Could somebody with knowledge of the consequences elaborate on this choice?
On the one hand improving the situation is always good. On the other hand the reform choice looks so rose-tinted to me. I mean, the problem with crime in London is that everybody is breaking the law. My character is forced to do it daily, I am not sure he can try to reform anything with a straight face. And it’s not like the squad is evil. Underpaid and understaffed mostly.

Let’s just say that the question isn’t “will it work” - more “is beginning the lengthy process of improving police transparency and oversight worth giving up your stake in the Squad’s present activities, because the Inspector and his friends are going to hate your guts.” Coming from a city where our anti-police corruption watchdog was found to be riddled with corruption, I say throw the book at 'em.

Wait, I get that I will be hated for “Expose the corruption”. But I am going to be hated for trying the insider reform too? Pissing off you buddies and your boss is not how I would start an insider reform. 0_0
I see no reason to publish this, because of course the public will love it, but somehow I doubt that would lead anywhere.

The only way to reform someone like the Inspector is to bring his superior officers down on him and bind him in red tape and committees and budget conditions until he’d need written permission from head office to detain a boiled egg. Maybe you prefer his brand of justice to theirs - in which case, your choice is clear.
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I would also welcome a message with the result of either ‘publish’ or ‘reform.’ My inclination, having just arrived here at this choice, is to go for reform - Ewan C is rather a white knight - but if it’s in fact hopeless then I’d rather know.

I’m back at this point with an alt, who just tried to publish and expose, but this just looped around: is it really not possible?!

I’d like to echo Ewan’s plea. Can anyone let me know what the results are for Reform and Expose?

I’d like to know too, as I am ready to make my choice here. Thanks!

I’ll chime in asking for hints here as well. I’ve left off making a decision on the Squad for quite some time, but it would be nice to know exactly what I might be getting myself into.

You will have to make a choice between accepting things as they are (and in doing so keeping them as they are) or trying to change things… even if it means burning a few bridges in the attempt.

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To speak specifically to the options available in the future of the game, I will say that I played the “Expose” route, which basically leads to the cessation of all Velocipede Squad-related content, much as my similar choice at the University did. The “Reform” may not do that, but I was happy with my choice, and it’s nice to have a storylet actually reach a conclusion.

I think I chose Reform, and now have no Velocipede Squad related content either.

At what level of Spinning of the Wheels do the reform choices unlock? I’m assuming that’s the quality that needs to be raised. Not too far, I hope - I’ve done a few loops, think I’ve seen all the content and am up to 2 and two thirds…

Add me to the list of persons wanting to get a PM on Expose/Reform on Step 4 of the Velocipede Squad…[li]

I’m holding off on choosing until I have some more insight as to what that means, particularly since I haven’t done the Jack of Smiles branch…

I’m still doing the Velocipede Squad - it says you need to get Spinning the Wheels to 9 to make the final choice. A PM on what the final options are would be appreciated, after getting it up to 8 so far I’m not just going to give up.

I am confused too: I purchased the continuation started the first round, but choosing the ethical path when it came up, simply reduces my Riding the Savage Cobbles quality. Does spinning the wheel rise every time I play through the carousel, even if I do not pick the related choices?

You should get some cards to increase Spinning of the Wheels, iirc.

I know it’s years, but there may have been some changes recently.

I can’t do the expose route anymore. Jasper and Frank come over and imply that my player character has built up too many things, and it would be a bad idea to pursue any further.

I didn’t even get anything substantial: my character loses Subtle, and would have gained Steadfast if the quirk wasn’t over level 5. The carousel (fortunately) did not reset.

Is there some requirement that I am forgetting? I have one character complete this story through the same route years ago.
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