The echo worth of all items one owns

As far as I can see,
there is no easy way to figure out the total echo worth of all ones possessions.
So I tried to calculate it with a calculator. That got old real fast.
Therefore I made this code snippet.

var prices = $(&,el){
return parseFloat(el.innerHTML);
return 0;
var quantities = $(&,el){return parseInt(el.innerHTML);});

var sum = 0.0;

for(var index = 0; index < prices.length ; index++){
    sum += prices[index]*quantities[index];

console.log(&quotTotal echoes:&quot + sum);

Just open the &quotsell my things&quot-tab in the bazaar tab,
pop that into the javascript console of your browser,
(F12 in firefox) and press enter.

Do note that I have no actual proof that this is correct,
but the number it gives for me (35476.01) seems plausible,
since I have seven pages of stuff and counting the first page with a calculator gave me
about 6000.

Feel free to point some extremely easy way
to do this without JS shenanigans or otherwise comment on the matter.
Perhaps share your total?

EDIT: Fixed bug with non-echo sellables noticed by Martial Canterel. Now ignores them, so the total is somewhat below your actual worth. Would be too much work to cross-reference the values for those that sell for items.
EDIT2: Fixed bug in bugfix.

PS. Tested with Chrome, poor alt, hand calculation. Seems to work.
edited by MittenO on 3/20/2014
edited by MittenO on 3/20/2014

Ahrg. Why didn’t you post this yesterday. It would have saved me about 15 minutes of calculator typing (My worth is 28083.78 echoes by the way).
Yout script doesn’t give me quite the same result, but the error is within 5 percent. Could it be that there is a problem with the items that don’t sell for money?
Memories of Light for example

Good catch, Martial. Should be better now. Although now it just ignores such items instead of counting them wrong.

There’s only four items that don’t sell for money, so adding them manually shouldn’t be a problem.
Also I’ve been wishing for some alternative to using a calculator for quite a while but sadly I can’t do computer-voodoo like this, so thank you very much.

My total worth is 11520.46 Echoes, meaning if I sold all my items, including my Overgoat, I would be able to purchase an Overgoat (having 1414.35 echoes already). Needless to say, I am reasonably satisfied with this result.[li]

My total worth is 49,222.46 echoes. Not bad, though a lot of the value is in stuff I’d rather not sell.

19K; which is a lot more than I expected, actually.

Very useful, thank you!

(Ctrl+Shift+J for quick access to the console in Chrome.)

22647 echoes.

Bloody hell, Sara, how many Overgoats are you hoarding?

I only have 1 Overgoat! I should probably upgrade to an Übergoat at some point.

[quote=MittenO]Just open the &quotsell my things&quot-tab in the bazaar tab,
pop that into the javascript console of your browser,
(F12 in firefox) and press enter.[/quote]When I did this in Opera Dragonfly, I had to press Ctrl+Enter to get the result. Almost 20k including the two things I have that are sold for other things than Echoes.

Hmm…seems like I’m amongst the less wealthy individuals that have posted so far. I only have 5393.8 echoes at my disposal. [li]
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4130.63 Echoes. Guess I’ll need to grind more stuff.

Just about 15.5k. Nice to know I could liquidate for a goat if I really wanted to, but I still feel poor.

Without Cider: 23016.47 echos, With Cider 103016.47 echos. Almost everything I own would be a terrible idea to sell though.

16k - more than I thought. Long way from getting an overgoat though. Too much of that cash is on hard-to-replace items.

Very very nice script.

My method until now was to copy/paste my salable items into Notepad (7 times since I have 7 pages of stuff), then run a simple search/replace regular expression to convert it into a table that Excel can recognize and get the total sum from Excel (manually fixing the 4 items not sold for echoes). Much faster than typing in all the numbers in a calculator, but still annoying.

I’ve just run my manual sum method and can confirm that your script indeed gives the correct sum (26,447.4 echoes, in my case, after adjusting for the stuff not sold directly for echoes).

Many thanks, MittenO!

Aand thank to this script I realized,
that with much weeping and gnashing of teeth,
I could afford an overgoat!

So I bought one!

Only 5354.48 Echoes worth of items. I should work on that.

Woohoo! I’m really rich: 920 echoes.

Maybe i’m not that rich, after all.