The Clay Highwayman

[color=rgb(255, 0, 204)]Are the rumours too fanciful to be true? The Clay Highwayman and his merry band of Scottish bandits are afoot…[/color]
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It would seem that there is now an auto-fire event when your Banditry reaches 8! This is definitely new, because my Banditry had reached 12 before and there were no attempted kidnappings involved.

If the Widow is on your board, there’s a vote that lets you raise Banditry rather quickly.

From my encounter, I have learned several things about the Clay Highwayman:

  • Tall[/li][li]Brooding[/li][li]Lonely[/li][li]Shy[/li][li]Takes long strolls in the moonlight[/li][li]Very tall[/li][li]Has a cute puppy[/li][li]Looks even taller[/li][li]Crimes![/li][li]Let me sip his tea

He has become slightly more approachable just as the Feast of the Rose becomes visible over the horizon, hurtling towards us with breathtaking speed. This cannot be a coincidence.

Meanwhile I shall be ensconced in my Cabinet Noir, hatching a plan to become even closer to him before he notices me.

Is there any new content for someone whose banditry level is low?

The only thing I found is an option to get criminal favors on the respectable passengers card.

That appears to be available to everyone. It seems to be there to help the player slowly bump up Seeing Banditry.

I am trying to fatten up my Nomen. Will do this content later after they have been piñata’ed.

Peppercap* card (A Disillusioned Fungiculturalist), new option for spending criminal favour to get 4 scintillac and +2 banditry. Criminal favours are now ~5 EpA!
Judges card new option to earn criminal favour and +1 or 2 banditry.
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If you want a huge boost to your Banditry, bring the Widow onto your board. She will unlock a special proposal for your next board meeting.

Banditry can be brought back down to 4 after your initial kidnapping excursion, so don’t be too wary of bringing it up the first time. Some recommendations before you begin:

It will be useful to have 5 Fascinating and 5 Investigating before you begin. You should try and raise Tale of the Clay Highwayman to 3 before the Waiting quality runs out.

Peppercorn card, new option for spending criminal favour to get 4 scintillac and +2 banditry. Criminal favours are now ~5 EpA!

Judges card with option to earn criminal favour and +1 banditry.[/quote]

What do you mean by &quotPeppercorn card?&quot

A Disillusioned Fungiculturalist

Ohhhh, you meant PepperCAPS. Got it.

Does anybody know the rewards for the Cover Identity crimes with the gang? I have one ready, but the only thing I know is the Burrow-Infra-Mump one.

Prismatic frame, Fecund Amber, Fabulous Diamond, Legenda Cosmogone. Maybe something else, not sure.
Ah, Scrap of Ivory Organza.

I guess Starstone for Moulin.
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The card for Larceny at Burrow says that’s as close as he gets to Hell. So we may not be getting one for Moulin.

I finished the clay highway men’s story. It actually made me tear up and cry a bit. It’s a really well done story and I loved it.

Amazing story. Is there a way for it to end less … tragic? I’d rather not pay to repeat it, with the non-discardable Larceny cards and harsh stay checks, if it turns out my final option makes no difference to the outcome.

Can anyone echo taking tea with Lieutenant while having the Tale at 5?

So this thing is going to eat up all 30 levels of Investigating that I built up at Helicon House, for no extra benefit? Feels bad, even though as far as I know there never was any use for excess Investigating.

The very first times where you can spend Investigating or Fascinating, it resets the quality. I suspect this is for balance, to mitigate the benefit you can get by going in with a bunch of qualities. Later on, everything costs CP rather than resetting.