The Catafalquerie nerfed

My alt that had 5 Taste of Lacre went to the Nadir roughly two hours ago, and couldn’t access A Casket Marked With A Black Ribbon (had 5, needed 7). She did not have any Tears.

New card is interesting. :o[li]
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I was in the Cave a few hours ago, with six Tears and Taste of Lacre at 3. I drew the Catafalquerie but wasn’t able to play it due to my Taste quality being so low. Hopefully I just hit it during an unfortunate period and it will be back to normal next week!

ugh. i knew i should’ve used the feast and went back in asap.

Hm. I hope they see fit to improve some of the other cards if catafalquerie is nerfed. Otherwise, I won’t be making any more trips to the nadir, what with the new POSI qualities there to achieve!

Welp, goodbye Nadir. Glad I saw this thread before I suffered another stat drop for nothing.

I guess I should be glad that I only saw enigmas on my last visit.

This thread would be more useful to me, and less annoyingly frustrating, if the first page included the basics, or a link to the basics, of whatever the Neath you’re all talking about. As it is, you come across kinda like hipsters. I infer that there’s some sort of change to visiting the Cave and finding Tears, but would it be beneath you to mention what that change was?

I happily used up what was left of my Taste for Lacre to get my 15th Tear - a nice cap to my little collection.

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Ah, I knew it was too good to last. It always struck me as odd that the (by far) most valuable item in the Nadir was completely free, as opposed to Searing Enigmas (nigh-impossible Persuasive check) or Uncanny Incunabulae (burns a Journal of Infamy). But I think you’re overreacting. Even without the Tears, the rewards are still quite valuable: Enigmas are tricky, but Implications and Incunabulae are still fairly easy to get and are still good deals.

[quote=Riley37]This thread would be more useful to me, and less annoyingly frustrating, if the first page included the basics, or a link to the basics, of whatever the Neath you’re all talking about.[/quote]When seeking information, there is often the wikia. It is one of the many pinned tabs in my browser.

Eh, the other items are nice, but a lot of the cards in the nadir are little to no profit at all. The Tears were a great, motivating reward in the ether of the opportunity deck. A 62.50 reward that takes ten actions to claim or a 12.50 reward doesn’t really justify the stat loss you undergo.

Riley, many of the people posting in this threat were frustrated, and in that frustration, neglected to consider how they might make their posts useful to you. But since you are yourself frustrated and have consequently posted something more likely, uselessly, to give offence than to make people want to help you, I am sure you will understand.

Nonetheless, here is a list of the known changes. Summary: the Nadir will no longer pay for your goats, but remains profitable and worth visiting. [ol][li]Tears of the Bazaar, worth more than 300 Echoes, used to be freely available to anyone who drew The Catafalquerie. That option now requires Putting the Pieces Together: The Taste of Lacre 7 and reduces it by the same amount. Since that quality can only be acquired in limited quantities and at this time of year, this is not a particularly attractive option. There are two new options on the card, one of which seems to give a set number of Extraordinary Implications. The other gives a number equal to your current Nightmares, and doubles said Nightmares. Someone reached Nightmares 32 in this way.[/li]
[li]A new card has been added which gives items worth around 60 Echoes at the cost of three Second Chances: Searing Enigmas, Pulsating Amber, Collections of Curiosities and Airag. As a result the Nadir is still profitable, if much less so than before. It also has the incidental effect of gently depleting players’ stockpiles of Second Chances.[/li]
[li]Tears of the Bazaar can be acquired from the Portly Sommelier. The price is seven bottles of Airag. He may also sell something truly rare to the very Notable.[/li]
[li]Tears of the Bazaar are usable. They can be used to increase Putting the Pieces Together, but may be consumed in the process, and are unlikely to increase it enough to buy another bottle.[/li][/ol]

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Oh I don’t know, I think we can still stockpile Irrigo Tainted Goggles to prepare for the Liberation of Night if your into that kind of horror show.
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Personal judgement, I guess. Other than the irrigo equipment, the Tears were the only thing that justified the loss of stats.
Given I’m grinding stats like crazy to get one (or all) above 200 for T2 POSI, I know the Nadir is off limits for me unless there’s some other positive change.

(I am also irked with myself for having burned two or three carefully hoarded Tears just a few weeks ago because I wanted better gear. Grumble.)

If you value your stats, consider leaving the Nadir when your Irrigo is five or less. That will limit your losses to at most five change points per stat, while still allowing you to draw between five and eight cards. You will probably draw at least one which justifies the visit.

It does seem like there are new cards being added to the Nadir, though. Not as nice as tears, perhaps, but still pretty neat I guess.

[quote=Laluzi]… doesn’t really justify the stat loss you undergo.[/quote]That might be true for most characters, but it really doesn’t affect stats that have been capped, since they’ll presumably get back to being capped during the week that follows a visit to the cave. Though I assume that it still sucks for capped stats that have been increased over the cap by expending Notability. Would be nice if there was some way to keep those stats intact. Though perhaps with the nerf of The Catafalquerie players can feel free to use the Notability to raise their main stat above the cap, since they will apparently never go back to the cave anyway? ;)

What would concern me is the Actions it takes to first enter the cave, combined with the fact that it had better be a short visit. This lowers the chances of getting one of the good cards. So it might very well turn out that visiting the cave just to make money isn’t as good as some other ways to make money. If it takes 3 Actions to enter and 1 Action to leave, and there’s only a 50% chance of getting a 12 Echo profit in a single Action, that translates to 6 Echoes in 4.5 Actions. Which is a profit, just not a very good one compared to the 1.77 Echoes per Action I can get by grinding terms in the second stage of the University. (And since I hear that zee voyages don’t pay well at all, perhaps I should just grind myself an Übergoat before finishing the University storyline? It would be nice if that weren’t so, but if that’s how it is…)

I guess we’ll all get a feel for how profitable the cave is during the coming weeks. I’m certainly not going to give up on it. As far as I’m concerned stats are easy to get up to 200, but we can apparently never get more Echoes than we can spend. So stats will have to remain a second priority in my book.

I would elucidate more, but I’m on my Kindle, and not only is typing difficult, but I cant edit my previous posts because the keyboard won’t come up.

The new card looks to be very nice, especially if it isn’t a luck challenge. But I don’t know where you got the 50 percent from. Most of the cards in the nadir are not profitable, and since they can’t be discarded, you’re often forced to play unwanted cards. Thus, looming ‘good’ cards are the incentive and the thing everyone hopes for - but given the uncertainty in finding even one per trip, a higher value goes further in enticing anyone to take the trip.

Excellent post, Flyte.

It looks like the Nadir is getting a pretty big overhaul. I’ve now seen 4 new cards, including the new one to get a searing enigma. I also now have a Recipe for Zoup, and I’ve got a card in hand that has an option which unlocks with 5 diaries of the dead.


Huh. Interesting.

This is entirely unrelated, but I find myself entirely unable to use PMs at the moment. Can somebody tell Alexis that I just drew A Message From the Masters? (Eaten content, and one that I shouldn’t have been able to get anyway)[li]
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