The Catafalquerie nerfed

&quotI felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.&quot (c) Magister Yoda describing IRC’s reaction to the event.

Man, I was seriously hoping that it’d just be a PtPT:tToL check, rather than a drain. Buuut it cuts the quality, meaning that… the card is now only useful in December? More Lacre generating methods are going to be added? Get-rich-quick schemes are now invalid?

E: I suppose it’s still useful if you have any items you need upgraded, but beyond that - there’s not much use for it, considering the stat cuts etc.
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Well this was predicted the moment we saw the new way to get Blood.
Still. Nadir kind of lost all of its attraction in a flash.

Personally I never got a single tear from around five expeditions there. So I am not sure if should be disappointed, since now I never will, or apathetic, since in a way it did not affect me.
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Yep, won’t be going in the Nadir from now on.

Guess I can feel lucky that I got 4 Tears in 2 expeditions.
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More changes. “You can huff tears now” :D

You can use tears to get Taste of Lacre back now, but only as far as 10, and there’s a 20% chance that you’ll lose your tears.

So I got back to Lacre 10 using that, but I was at Lacre 15 when I discovered that opening the lacre casket with the note in it about lacre would make me forget half of what I knew about lacre (15 → 8). It’d have been nice to have a warning on that, at least…

Yes, and since you need 7 Lacre for one Tear, but one huff in five will lose you your tear… this gamble really is not in you favor. So do not huff substances produced by eldritch structures, I repeat, do not huff substances produced by eldritch structures! Long term huffing will bring you nothing good.

Very depressing news for Boxing Day. After all the work to get into the Nadir it’s now not worth going to - one potential searing enigma isn’t worth all that stat loss to me.

Such a shame as I used to really look forward to my weekly visits and I kind of feel like a big, exciting, atmospheric part of the game is now lost to me.[li]
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I’m rather upset about this. I know that the Tears option was very good, but it was something you could only do once a week, and it was never guaranteed you’d draw the card to begin with. Not to mention - we’d had it for so long that we’ve taken it for granted. If it was going to be nerfed, I would have rather seen it nerfed at the outset - to do it half a year later feels like a punishment, not a correction. Now it costs a considerable amount of a quality that can only be raised in one month of the year - and is by no means easy to raise, even then. I don’t really think I’ll be visiting the Nadir anymore, since the only other card that validates the stat loss is the Unlikely Garden, and I only have about a 6% chance of success there.

Oh my god…
R-Rest in peace nadir…[li]
(( Edit, Not entirely serious. ))
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In other news, we now have a hero with 32 Nightmares. The other option on the card apparently doubles them. And doubles them. And doubles… Rest in peace nedemmons. We will not see you in London for a while.

Very mad indeed. We should make him a crown made of turnips. If one can find turnips in the Neath, anyhow.

I’m confused. I just left the Nadir with a bottle of tears and I don’t believe it dropped the Taste of Lacre quality for me. I just checked and mine is at 6, right where (I think) it was before.

When you got the bottle of tears, did it require 7 Putting the Pieces Together: The Taste of Lacre? Because that’s where the change is. Now requires and costs 7.

How recently is “just”? As far as I know, it was just changed today. Possibly a few hours ago, even.
It does apparently at least warn you that it’s about to drop Taste of Lacre by 7 points now.

Ouch. I’d say it’s still worth taking a peek inside the cave every week, just get out at irrigo 5 or lower. There are still chances to get some really good Echoes/Action in there, though I suppose the initial 3 Actions to get inside might make that a bad deal?

To me it always seemed unbalanced that the most valuable item in the Cave of Nadir was so easy to get once you got the card. No test or quality required. In my personal opinion that item pretty much broke the atmosphere, since it created a strong incentive to rush there instead of finding it in your own time. Like turning a place of mystery into a place of industry. But I didn’t complain about the free stuff, did I? ;)

Ware lacre. It turned the Cave of Nadir into a tourist resort. As if someone sold the location of it to some faction. Which makes it ironic, since that would now be the proper main reward for doing that expedition, not the weekly trips.

It didn’t require anything or drop anything. I did it less than an hour ago.

I was there two hours ago and it butchered my Taste of Lacre… maybe it’s already been changed back? Or something else is afoot.

if it’s been changed back i want my taste of lacre back :[

[quote=Malgorath]It didn’t require anything or drop anything. I did it less than an hour ago.[/quote]Did you already have any Tears of the Bazaar?

Just fishing for differences that might explain this. And hey, not having Taste of Lacre 7 might be the difference that matters: Choose between getting Tears of the Bazaar by the old method, or having a high Taste of Lacre? (Which we apparently will want to have for Mr Sacks?)
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I just ventured into the Cave to see this change for myself (I’ll admit, I find it extremely disappointing), and there is at least one new card there called &quotThe End of Battles&quot. It has four options, each requiring 3 x Second Chances. I tried one and it gave me a Collection of Curiosities. So, there is that, I suppose.[li]
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