The Basalt Gallery

Cut purely into hard, black stone and furnished with enough mahogany furniture and weaponry to have a very extravagant and very bloody society function, this place serves as both a gymnasium and a type of debate table for the more physically minded questions.

On one end of the large, rectangular room, a tavern outfitted with complimentary drinks and idle amusements. On the opposite side, a highly trained team of medical professionals fidget nervously and check their time pieces. In the center, a pit with sloped sides, enough room to accompany two people and a very large sense of aggression.

Many times characters have come to blows in places that might not be super condusive to a thoughtful role-playing environment. Now, I myself enjoy a good train wreck as much as any other man of exceptional tastes, but it has brought to my attention, once again, that there isn’t an easy way for role-players to act out violent encounters with other characters with out a spew of frustration, power-gaming and ill feelings.

This thread can be used as a sort of debate table for which character would trump over which character, or as a means of practicing these types of scenario (canon or otherwise) in a way that will encourage all of our growths as RPers.

All the forum rules apply, but the general precepts of role-players apply doubly so here. The Delicious Friend who RPs the character of Lamia Lawless put it best when she wrote this little tidbit of enlightenment.

[quote=Lamia Lawless]1. Stick as closely to canon as possible (obviously a lot of people prefer not to. That’s cool, too. It’s more fun for some people to imagine ‘what if’ than to religiously dissect the lore.)

  1. Never control other character’s actions or assume their responses.

  2. Don’t force people to contend with huge changes to the environment. Like if people are sitting having a tea party, the players most likely want to be having a tea party, so if you come in and burn the house down, or have a bunch of armed neddies swarm the place, they probably won’t like it.

  3. Likewise, don’t force other people’s characters to acknowledge huge changes to the universe. Like walking in and asserting that your character just killed all of the Masters and is now the One True Master of the Bazaar.[/quote]

So, I’d be curious to see if everyone else feels that this thread is nessecary, because I’d hope that it isn’t. Even if that is the case, have fun! Mr Iron’s Orders!

[ It’s generally a good idea to discuss beforehand which character would triumph over another. At least from my experience, it’s a lot easier and feels better handled when the fight is planned out than otherwise.

Other things to consider:

  • No Powergaming.

Min-Maxing might pose a problem considering the nature of FL. But I’ll leave that up for debate. ]

(OOC: I’ve yet to have a fight with Lamia where the other roleplayer wasn’t incredibly laidback about who wins. Sometimes you can figure out who has better odds if you talk about it beforehand: Like how many years of experience they have, their size and weight*, whether or not they have any injuries or handicaps.

*Size and weight isn’t always the determining factor in who will win, but it does affect the odds a lot. A smaller character going up against a bigger character is going to have to make up for it with speed and technique. Lamia forgets this and goes after people like the Bishop of Southwark as if they’re on equal footing all the time. Serious small dog syndrome. So that’s a fight she loses a lot.

Fights are a lot trickier to write than most things, but I think it’s also possible to determine a winner based on the writing, if you put a lot of research into it and don’t just ad lib. Honestly though, I don’t think most people have that kind of time, so I wouldn’t set it as a pre-requisite or anything.

Anyway, I’m excited about this thread! Fisticuffs! Yay!)

So what are some match-ups that some people might find interesting?

On a side-note, I feel like the stats that the characters have in-game shouldn’t reflect upon their actual prowess. Eli has about 150 dangerous, but I feel like that’s too much for him.

(OOC: Lamia vs. Everyone

Who else showed interest in this besides Amelia, Eli, and Lamia, though? And Eglantine, but I don’t know if that was a general interest in fighting or not.)

[ That’s what I meant by Min-Maxing. You literally have to get all stats to lvl 100 at a certain point in FL. So it doesn’t seem fair to use in-game stats but at the same time what would be the guildeline for stats in a roleplaying setting? I’m with Lamia though. I think as long as you discuss with someone beforehand how a fight should go and the character’s prowess than it should be ok.

Otherwise, outside of the fights discussed in the Inflammatory Salon. I would like to see others here.]

Flesh-Stick dashes inside and eagerly pulls up a chair


I put three surprise packages on flesh-stick, when or if they fight. They seem like someone who can handle themselves.
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“I want to see Evensong fight Fleshy!
This is a request taking venue, yes?”

Flesh-Stick: WHO’S EVENSONG?

[[Sometimes, I do wonder how the Professor handles herself with her high Dangerous. My theory is that, outside ring fights, she is more adept at intimidation than fighting. It is, she uses the full extent of her respectability as a lady of science, what a healthy dose of that teacher attitude (you know what teacher I’m talking about, the one you would never dare to cross, even if you was a devil of a student), all with a dash of &quotmonster hunter for realz, srsly, she took out a Spider Council&quot reputation to make people less likely to attack her. A pet singing Mandrake is also a good warning for people trying to be funny.

As for the fighting rings and such, I see her as a pratictioner of some kind of martial art, probably one she read in the Adventuress book and perfected in her countless hours of training for the Black Ribbon. I suppose something similar to aikido would work for her, as it focus mostly in using the opponent force against themselves. At first, I would see her as more scrawny and, well, academically-bodied (not sorry), but after spending so many actions making her muscles glister after a Flit run, I’m pretty sure she has more muscle than people double her size.

Fights with her would be boring to describe, as she doesn’t wrestle and have a pointed interest in making fights a quick business: either the opponent is too big and too difficult and overpower her easily, or she uses a couple of moves to knock them down asap to avoid scenario one here. I believe she wasn’t killed at some points of the game just because her multitude of pets would not allow it.]]

Eli shrugs. “I believe it might be Dirae’s wife, but I might be wrong. The Gracious Widow agreed to give Flowerdene a cut of the profits if I helped run this place and I didn’t have anything better to do on a Thursday night. PLACE YOUR REQUESTS AND ISSUE YOUR CHALLENGES. El Topo is my booky, he’ll write it all down.”

“Yes, Dirae’s wife, versus the human parrot!”

&quotMr. Poole, what about you? Do you fight? Anyone who supports the Bishop should be able to back it up on the wrestling mat, in my opinion.&quot Lamia doesn’t really think that so much as she wishes it were true. A bishop with a team of wrestling campaigners. Imagine.

(V., for one, is an utter weakling. She prefers to talk her way out of jams rather than bust out the blows. Even though I recently hit 100 in Dangerous stats, I simply can not picture her taking on anything more vicious than a housecat. :’)
I am excited to see where this will go, however. In my experience, fights are tricky to RP).

[Funny, I thought you are more of an athletic chemical bomber (had to think a little earlier in the Hourglass RP in case I got into a bigger fight with you that isn’t just clubbing people)

I am curious about my fellow roleplayers in Hourglass, especially the one I probably won’t be fighting (like Koh, Zoe and Estelle).]
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When Eglantine walks in, it is not the dandy of salons and parties who has arrived; it is a quieter, more solemn figure, sensibly dressed in attire more suited to combat.

This is the serpent beneath the field of roses. This is the creature of violence more often buried under libertinage and merriment. Sometimes, one must get one’s hands dirty. Eglantine, one might suspect, has had to clean those hands more times than they’ve let on.

[Maria is simple to defeat, since all she can do well is shoot in a straight line… otherwise… she thinks MUCH too far. However, if forced to, she either tries to outthink or uses ALL she can to try to defend herself. Her dangerous is around 40. So unless she can shoot or has an advantage, she will be a bad fighter. While I can imagine her defending herself rather good, and beating John Doe up… most here aren’t John Doe, so don’t expect her to fight.]


When the drunken thief does enter, there is an oddly sober look in her eyes. It’s clear she’s tired as seen by the bags underneath but there’s a strange peace to it too. &quotI haff ta say when I ‘eard o’ tis place was a bit surprised no one challenged me ‘ere. Coulda been leagues easier than constantly movin’ ta marsh o’ docks.&quot She looks around for a moment. &quotAlso fought thar be more ‘ere. Suppose naught everyone be up ta handlin’ a challenge.&quot

[ Since everyone else is talking about their character’s fighting style, I might as well discuss Amelia’s. She’s cheap as hell. Her fighting style is the streets and the streets is all about survival. She’ll throw sand in someone’s eyes and won’t hesitate to stab someone when they’re down. But that’s when the opponent is smaller and weaker than her. If someone is stronger and looks like a challenge, she runs. She runs and keeps running until she has an opening and even that’s not a guarantee. But for this thread, she doesn’t have a wide space to maneuver so I imagine she’ll be in a serious disadvantage depending on her opponent. ]