The Apicius Club

And now for something a little bit different!

Has anyone else heard of this club? I was checking a character’s account and in the Messages I see there’s an invitation of some sort. A Procurer-General is asking for my help for a club that has an ‘inexhaustible’ appetite for novelties. Problem is I can’t hit ‘Go’ for it since I ‘must be in to play this’ which is a bit confusing. I assume I need to have a membership of sorts? Hoe does one get this and if you need to be in it in the first place, why send one out to someone who is not part of it at all? Does anyone have an idea what they mean by novelties?

I’ve heard of this club! On the Encounter at the Feast card, the Revolutionary Firebrand option says:

“He invites you to dinner at the Apicius Club. Their gatherings are priceless secrets. On the menu: the most improbable delicacies of the Neath.”

It’s appearing for Hubris as a storylet - with the option to offer, among other things, lacre, venge-rats, tiny cave fish, silent souls, rivers in a box, violet amber, or zzzoup. In other words, items that are rare verging on irreplaceable.

Does the storylet require anything, like a certain level of Masquing? I’m not seeing it on any of my characters.

It requires A Particular Day in the Neath 3, which I’m guessing Hubris only has thanks to some sort of bug.

Ah, I see! Guess we’ll all see it on Monday.

Very likely! I’m popping in a bug report now, just to be on the safe side.

That’s the one! It’s appearing for another character of mine and they opted to do the 5 x Action option for the heck of it. I forgot to Echo it but I’m glad I opted to not do that if it’s for Monday.

This week has certainly been an interesting one when it comes to surprises!

…I’m scared.

Apparently they’re actually willing to partake of M------ B----!!!

If anyone is so incredibly brave and/or foolish as to choose this option, please echo it!

The text is here. You get a Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book in return.
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Oh my.

The Apicius Club also turns up in Echo Bazaar’s current Content Snippet Of The Week; find Echo Bazaar’s Twitter feed for the necessary access code.

Goodness, what a choice! I am all at sea trying to pick an option for this week’s delightful snippet :heart: I’m curious, without too many spoilers of result, what have people chosen?

The story stays after you have given them something. So you can visit and give them as much as you want.

Greed got the better of me. After months and months of keeping the Nadir’s location a secret, I sold it to the hated Calendar Council for some M.B., which I have now exchanged for the book. I just hope I haven’t given them too much of an advantage when it’ll come to fight their Liberation of Night…

Lady Ciel, thank you! That’s excellent to know! (I expect it will vanish as soon as Airs change though?)

IHNIWTR, would you say that the reward (in both story and interesting items) was worth sacrificing the extremely rare item? I’m contemplating it, but I am torn between discovering something new and exciting, and giving up my prized possession. Is the reward mundane, or reasonably rare? (To clarify, I would consider a massive pile of echoes a loss, but a unique item worth 2 pennies a gain. Because I’m odd like that. curls around dragon’s hoard)
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I’ve also decided to sacrifice my Masters’ Blood.

The text snippet for the exchange was a bit disappointing given the cost and rarity of the item in question, but I don’t regret the actual exchange for the following reasons:

  • I’m a sucker for hording really rare items, so the Crimson Book is tempting to have. (This is also why I haven’t sold the location of the Nadir to anyone; I’ve bought my vial of Masters’ Blood the expensive way).[/li][li]Since I never intend to actually sell the Masters’ Blood at the bazaar (terrible idea anyway) or the Crimson Book, their Echo value is meaningless to me - just their rarity value.[/li][li]I can always get more Masters’ Blood (with hard work), but this seems like a one time chance to get the Crimson Book.

Petrel, this object is obscenely rare. Much more so than M.B., and I’d even say much more valuable not just in terms of what you can do with it (which isn’t much, atm) but in terms of its in-fiction implications. it’s one of the most coveted things in all of London, and possibly before.[li]

And because I feel the need to share, I’ll note that I arranged for Favourable Circumstances right after the trade and immediatly betrayed the revolutionaries. They were a despicable means to an end, and now it’s time to disavow any association. I only wonder if I want to realign myself with the criminals now that I’m a free agent.
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I have also taken the plunge and given them my M------ B----. After all, there are other routes to obtaining that, but the Book might be much harder to obtain in the future.

Also, be aware that there’s a rare success on the Pickled Liars’ Tongues that gives 25 Echoes!

How much does it cost to free yourself of association with the revolutionaries? While I’m no great friend to their eventual cause, I would like to keep useful ties.