The Ambitious Barrister

I just recently got Persuasive to 100 and I want to become a POSI. When I mouse over something that requires being a POSI it says to await the &quotAmbitious Barrister&quot is that a card?

It is - she’ll come to visit soon, I’m sure.

I think you can also force it by talking to the Bohemian Sculptress if you get impatient. You’ll need to be able to get all four stats at 100 to finish the POSI story, so be prepared to either spend some echoes on equipment or some time working on them. Each stat is checked individually, so equipment can make up for a big difference if needed.

So do you all stats at 100 to even get the Ambitious Barrister? Also, were can I find the Bohemian Sculptress?
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Nope, just need one stat at 100 call the Ambitious Barrister. You will then need to get each of the other stats to 100 to finish her story.

Bear in mind, that value of 100 Does include gear. Don’t be like me an actually wait until all your stats are 100 to do it. (I only did it because I have about balanced stats and I was engineering myself to go from 99 > 100 in each stat in two actions, which I did manage but it wasn’t worth it.)

To late :/. I already got Persuasive to 100. So were is the Bohemian Sculptress

Visit your lodgings and look under FIND NEW STORIES: Chat with the Local Gossip

I found her, but how do I get the Ambitious Barrister from her?
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NB: you can force it using either of the four neighbours, if you have their appropriate stat at 100+.

The Bohemian Sculptress only has three options: go to the Shuttered Palace, The Empresses Court, or a choice that costs fate.

Is your pursuasive currently over 100? As in, do you have all the gear equiped right now?


The Ambitious Barrister card is five times as common as standard, so I think you’ve just been unlucky with the RNG, and would advise being patient and turning lots of cards. I believe there are four slightly different cards, one for each major stat:

A possible coincidence - (triggered with modified Persuasive 100)
A curious coincidence - (triggered with modified Dangerous 100)
Almost certainly not a coincidence - (triggered with modified Watchful 100)
Probably not a coincidence - (triggered with modified Shadowy 100)

I hesistated a long time before accepting any Barrister at all (I must have driven at least a dozen off by dressing in rags and gibbering), because I wanted to understand exactly what accepting would lock; eventually I’d like an exceptional specialisation in either Watchful or Shadowy.

I don’t like looking ahead normally, but this is mechanics rather than spoilable plot. There’s no variation in the paths launched by the Barrister cards, only in their triggering stats, so you can safely pick the first one you turn up. Good luck.

Do you already have the “A Person of Some Little Consequence” quality?
You might be already lookin for a storylet in your lodgings (aposlc 1,2,8,9) or one of the four main areas (3,4,5,6). Or even bazaar sidestreets (10,11,12).
(7 is looking for opportunity card(s)).

Do you already have the &quotA Person of Some Little Consequence&quot quality?
You might be already lookin for a storylet in your lodgings (aposlc 1,2,8,9) or one of the four main areas (3,4,5,6). Or even bazaar sidestreets (10,11,12).
(7 is looking for opportunity card(s)).[/quote]
No I do not have the &quotA Person of Some Little Consequence&quot quality, also I have drawn very many cards since I got my Persuasive to 100.
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I emailed failbetter (I thought it might be a bug). Apparently the Ambitious Barrister was at Watchmakers hill (even though I only have 16 dangerous).

Your update beat me to my reply.

I don’t know how much of this you know yourself, but I’m putting it down here as much for my benefit as yours in case I’ve got anything wrong.

Personally, I found the following hovertext a bit confusing:

Hint: If you want to become a Person of Importance, Increase Dangerous, Shadowy, Persuasive or Watchful to 100…and Await the Ambitious Barrister.

This implies that you hit 100, usher the lady in, and boom, you’re a good way to becoming a POSI. In fact, becoming a POSI is a really long-term grind and is achieved in two phases, the first of which is Person of Some Little Consequence. In order to even start on POSLC you have to turn and accept an Ambitious Barrister card. After you’ve completed POSLC you start on the more complicated quest to become a POSI, which needs 200 unmodified points in one of the major skills.

If, as I did, you want to understand how long it will take to become a Person of Some Little Consequence, I recommend looking at the Fallen London wiki here.

As you can see, the Barrister starts making a series of rather stringent and regimented demands and I don’t think they dynamically adjust to fit your skill profile. I believe that everyone has to work through them in the same order, which is simpler to set up but does have the side-effect of forcing a silver-tongued Persuader to suddenly prove their credentials as a Dangerous bruiser, for no obvious plot reason. But it is hard to account for every eventuality when building these things.

OTOH, you are at an advantage because eventually the Barrister will urge both of us to buy a whole lot of upper-crust Persuasive gear, when I would rather spend my cash on things that significantly raise Shadowy or Watchful. So I’ll probably pay a small Fate penalty for attempting to rise in society whilst dressed as a shifty academic in a Ridiculous Hat; you pass that check scot-free.

To understand this myself I had to peek behind the curtain and follow my future character progress, because activities only possible if you are a POSI (and the Exceptional Specialisations, which AFAIK are the last stage in the POSI quest, and the only one that locks you to a particular choice) show up as distant possibilities on the Unfinished Business areas, as soon as you have 100 modified points in any of the major abilities.

So it’s natural to suppose they’re not enormously beyond your current grasp, but the truth is exactly the reverse, and involves a LOT of resources.
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But … that’s the definition of having A_Person_of_Some_Little_Consequence = 3 …

This sounds confused.
Person of Some Little Consequence is a not-so-long story with the barrister. You need to get all stats to 100 (not necessarily at the same time), listen to her instructions, build a velocipede, and on two levels you get to pass by doing one of several possible tasks.
When you are done with this, you become Person of Some Importance.

After that, there’s a bunch of expensive “expanded” equipment you can collect, possibly culminating with a ship.
But you still don’t need stats over 100 (for anything except successes).

Raising your stat(s) to 200 allows you to “level up” your PoSI status, pick a specialization, and become a patron for nubs.

There’s actually four different things you can do to pass that step. You can also pass that step with connections, acquaintances, or lodgings.



&quotA Person of Some Little Consequence&quot is the storyline that eventually allows you to achieve &quotA Person of Some Importance&quot.

Being a Person of Some Importance gives you new opportunities, but make the bazaar cures slightly less effective. You also lose the ability to receive invitation to Dante’s Grill. These two disadvantages are not of particular trouble.

Being a Person of Some Little Consequence doesn’t unlock OR lock you out of anything.

First, you will start receiving cards of the Barrister with any stats above 100. You can safely accept and start the storyline, then ignore her in your lodgings if needed.

She will ask you to go through the first four starter areas with 100 stats, including modifiers from gears. This is mandatory, so you will eventually need 100 in all stats.

Afterward, four cards are added to your deck - checking your wardrobe, connections, lodgings or a townhouse.

However, you only have to play one card out of four to progress, so you can safely skip the clothes-buying one if you want. Of these four cards, most people will play the townhouse card as it is much easier.

Then she will ask you for storyline progress. Of the four options presented, the Shadowy option tends to be the hardest to reach due to the extreme card-based nature of the Cheesemonger storyline. The Watchful and Persuasive options require getting yourself locked out of mid-game areas. The Dangerous option is the only reliable one.

After this, you are effectively done. The game will teach you the mechanics of crafting items, and open up the Bazaar Sidestreets to you. Until you finish the tutorial, you are still not yet a PoSI, but you have access to the Bazaar Sidestreet, so if you have anything special to deal with you might as well deal with them first.