Tell me a little about the Iron Republic

I finally got my Safe Conduct thingy from turning in marks of credit. I can go there now, yay.
Although i wonder if i should (i’m probably going to anyway)
and what i should bring with me, what i might expect there.
How should i prepare for this trip, basically? What should i know before going

as few spoilers as possible please



I would honestly suggest you just go check it out. The Iron Republic is a very… strange place. The less you know going in, the better, I think. It can’t permanently ruin your character in any way, although I think it can potentially change your quirks a fair amount. You don’t need to bring anything in particular.

There’s a fate option at the end to restart. Don’t bother since arriving from zee has the same effect. It is possible to loop parts of the story repeatedly but that’s only for Weird Grinding. On your first few visits just go with the flow or lack thereof.

Yeah, there’s really no point in explaining the Iron Republic. It’ll blow your mind, it’s like no other place!

these replies are interesating.
Sure i won’t need any items? Nobody selling oddities in exchange for souls or something?

There’s a few things you might bring, or do, to help you navigate…

To be properly confused and lost though, you should go in without even the slightest clue the first time.

You won’t need any items, no. Well, unless you’re going there for Ambition purposes.

If you’re going there as part of Ambition: Nemesis, then I believe you’ll need to bring with you 2 Portfolios of Souls and a Stone Tentacle Key (I think. It’s been a while and it’s hard to check the wiki on my phone).

Well, there is one part that’s only unlocked by having Accepting No Further Rats, but you might find that difficult to obtain. Similarly, you can buy Fuel and Supplies for zee-voyages there, but only if you have Sunless Sea echoes (they don’t take Fallen London pence there).

It’s impossible to explain or anticipate; you simply have to go, without preparation or foresight. You’ll be looking backwards soon enough anyway.

oh what about menaces, should i be getting them down to zero before i head out? It’d be a shame to suddenly die or go insane, no?

Your menaces will be juggled around rather randomly or just set to directly to a particular level by passing through the Iron Republic, and it’s rather unavoidable. You won’t die or go insane or anything like that while you’re there, though.

People, stop telling her everything!

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Sorry for that, but really…

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That was really uncalled for.

Not only is the name calling out of line, but also people have every right to ask for any information they feel will help them enjoy the game more, and other people have every right to respond.

No one has told “everything” (and even if they did it wouldn’t be an issue with spoiler tags).

[quote=phryne]People, stop telling her everything!

Sorry for that, but really…[/quote]
I’m asking fairly vague, non-lore related questions.
I was hoping for vague hints in return, like &quotyou might want to bring a few candles&quot

I appreciate surprise and novelty as much as anyone else, perhaps moreso. But it sucks to zail across the zee and then find you can’t do anything because you need 10 candles to proceed and you only have 6 or something.

Last week i sailed out to Abbey Rock all loaded up with everything i needed to continue my ambition, and it turned out i’d forgotten to bring a weasel or some stupid insignificant thing. I had to sail all the way back to london then back out there again with it, two entire voyages wasted, which is about 6-8 hours worth of actions.

i also once went to polythreme without the necessary hat. and i regret that because aside from the voyage, i found the polythrewme carousel terribly dull

Forgive me for not wanting to go through that kind of terrible situation again

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It’s totally legitimate to worry about spending all that time getting to and from the Iron Republic and winding up wasting a trip. With some places (Polythreme, for example), this is very possible. Fortunately, this isn’t one of those places.

Nanako, the Iron Republic isn’t really the kind of place you prepare for. Go in with whatever items or menace levels you want (unless, as mentioned above, you’re going there for your Ambition), it won’t change the experience much. Just go for it, you won’t regret it.

Yes, name-calling is not acceptable. We must be polite and respectful. It’s also fine for someone to request guidance of any level they feel is necessary.

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You can’t go to menace zones while at zee. If you have any menace at 8 on returning to London you get moved then, but while some locations at zee have special menace triggers none will just kick you out.

You can’t go to menace zones while at zee. If you have any menace at 8 on returning to London you get moved then, but while some locations at zee have special menace triggers none will just kick you out.[/quote]
Not true. there is an island that has kicked me out in the past- though i am reasonably certain it’s seasonal content, since it’d be too easy to take a shortcut otherwise.