Swift Zee-clipper or Zubmarine?

I’m currently planning to acquire a ship for my character and I believe that only the Swift Zee-clipper or Zubmarine would do based on the story that I wrote for him . His parents were scientist-explorers so a Steamer will not be honoring their memory while his rugged demeanor means that the Yacht is too refined for his tastes.

Anyways, I want to ask the more experienced zailors here on which of the two do they prefer gameplay-wise and in the long term. I’ve read from a rather old guide that the Clipper gives action reducing cards while the Zubmarine provides menace reducing cards but a few more advice won’t hurt.

Note that grinding for items isn’t a major concern since I like grinding (it makes the end result more valuable) :D


I started with the Clipper, switched to the Yacht, and now have the Zub. I don’t hate the Zubmarine, but I’d go back to the Clipper in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to go through the process all over again. Might do it next time I have a reason to put to zee.
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I’d say the Clipper is a very slightly better ship for navigation itself, as it adds a special Opportunity card giving a lot of CPs of Approaching the Journey’s End and opens a few options in other cards, all increasing Approaching Journey’s End. Zubmarine’s card is not as useful - it lowers the Troubled Waters menace, but that’s mostly useless. The real advantage of the Zubmarine is the +1 Bizarre it gives, though in this matter the Yacht’s +2 Respectable is even better. Personally I have a Clipper and I’m not currently planning on changing; drawing the Good Weather for a Zee Clipper card is too much a joy when you’re in a hurry to complete a zee voyage :)

I definitely third the idea of a clipper, instead than a submarine. Cheaper, and faster (and why would you get notability, since Mr.Slowcake is just a hell-made trap?).

By the way, also my character is really interested in stopping soul-trade. Feel free to contact me, and we’ll help each other as much as possible.

I went with the yacht for non-sailing reasons. When you’re trying to level your notability, the +2 respectable is nice.

Thank you for your thoughts, my zee-weathered friends. Perhaps I could meet you all out there at the zee with a brand new Zee-clipper.

The Zee-Clipper has theoretical Dreaded. I say theoretical because it doesn’t have BDR, though it obviously should be Dreaded, I mean come on :P[li]
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If you enjoy grinding, I advise you to go for the Zub… 20 Strong Backed Labour plus 30 Whirring Contraception… I am sure you will feel rewarded when you finish it :)

Zubmarine. Zubmarines are /cool/.

Zubmarine would be a lot cooler if it had the dark silhouette graphic instead of the colourful ‘sunlit sea’ graphic. But for anyone who’s going to do a lot of zeefaring it certainly sounds like the clipper is the choice to go with. I would’ve gotten one if my destiny wasn’t dragging me beneath the waves.[li]
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Had the clipper, changed to yacht for BDR.

Get either the zee clipper or yacht, zubmarine is a waste of effort.

The clipper’s better for straight navigation, and definitely cheaper, but the zubmarine has cool power. I mean, when you return from your expedition across the zee, bringing back the wonders of far Polythreme and archaeological notes from Corpsecage Island, would you rather disembark from the fastest vessel afloat, which doesn’t so much float as lounge upon the Stolen River, or would you rather climb out of a marvel of the modern age, bearing wondrous secrets from beneath the waves? I know which one I chose.

The question amounts to this: would you rather a vessel that fears the water or embraces it?

Or would you rather observe that comparatively you spend very little time actually out at see and then pick the vessel that is the most useful to you when you are on dry land? (Disregard this advice if, for some reason, you plan on spending most of your time getting to your destination rather than AT your destination).

I don’t regret the huge amount of effort it took to get my zub, but that’s for flavoury and non-gameplayish reasons mostly. It was a huge grind at Wilmot’s End and the Flit for all the advanced items. Certainly never again.

I really thought the “will let you explore the depths of the Zee” would open more options than a few bits of text on a few cards while at Zee. Definitely disappointed in the zub – the Zee-clipper is a fine ship and oh-so-much-cheaper.

Also, not to complain too much, but some more cards for Zee voyages would be nice, particularly some rare ones with fun effects. When in doubt for what to do, I run down to the docks and head out to zee where I don’t mind repeating stories so much. But a little variety would be nice.

Zub seems like it might be necessary for a couple of the Destiny’s in the future.

Mainly just went with it because it seemed more in line with my character’s love for all things beneath the waves.

I picked the Zub without knowing the relative merits of the various vessels, and I’m glad I did. For character related reasons none of the others would do! It’s a strange mixture of irritating and satisfying to know that had I been aware of how arduous the grind for items was going to be, I might well have been tempted to go in a different direction…

Could you please elaborate on that?