Sweethearts of the Rose

[li]The Festival of the Exceptional Rose is here and I thought than a thread was necessary for single ladies and gentlemen in search of a sweetheart. At the moment I have someone I am thinking of proposing to, but in the unlikely case I were rejected, I do not intend to spend the Festival on my own.
[li]Who else is looking?

Very nice of you to start this thread.

An Exceptionally Minded single lady is looking for an eligible suitor.

My heart is spoken for, but I would be pleased to exchange gifts.

I, too, would be delighted to exchange (non-fate) gifts, although I already have a suitor.[li]
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I wish I had more time for the forums these days but I will be here for The Feast of the Rose at least.

I’ll help with any Masquing increases, gifts, etc.

As for a spouse…

Happy to exchange gifts

Would like to exchange gifts, also some of the fate-locked ones (but you’ll have to ask me first, I don’t have unlimited money to spend).

Sent you a private message.


I’m open to any non-fate gift exchanges.

I am available to any non-fate gift exchanges as well. Please PM if you are interested.[li]

EDIT: I am also now a newly eligible bachelor who is willing to engage in matters of courtship. If you’re interested please feel free to send me a private message so that the feasibility of the matter can be discussed
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So many petpanions still to acquire…

Edit: My thanks to Colin Sapherson, Lord President of the Council for trading a Well-Song with me!
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crosspostin’ from the other thread in case anyone misses it somehow because it’s just as relevant here

I’m open to exchanging gifts but can only send teeth back :)

An excellent thread, thank you for starting it.

An extraordinary minded but exceptionally humble gentleman would be pleased to exchange gifts and is tentatively open to notions of courtship.

(Please give warning, though, so that I can make sure I am able to reciprocate.)

An eligible bachelor with a legendary charisma here. I’m mostly interested in exchanging gifts (fate locked or otherwise) but perfectly willing to engage in courtship as well. Feel free to message me in regards to either.[li]
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I’m open to any and all exchanges !
(I also don’t know exactly what I’m doing, so, ah, does anyone want some Darjeeling tea ?)

Interested in gift exchanges and so forth.

Interested in gifts. Not so interested in marriage, unless someone has a very good IC reason regarding why.

I would also be happy to exchange gifts on Sardonyx (fate-locked or otherwise). PM me first to set up an exchange please.

I have been politely rejected, so I am in the market. Gift exchanges are welcome, but I am more interested in a serious courtship, possibly but not necessarily leading to marriage.