[quote=Andrey Shmareva]I’ve got a question regarding my gorgeous new iris pigmentation. If i were to lower my quality to a bare minimum do i lose the eye of the storm and have to work my way through 6 months worth of nightmares again or do i simply comply with the storm in the next dream to get it to level 1 again?
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Stormy-eyed is an unlock: if it drops to 0 then you’ve kicked yourself off the storyline and will need to increase What the Thunder Said to 18 to start again. However, Stormy-eyed can be increased in the Mirror Marches, on[edit] Mutton Island[/edit], and by many of the dream cards.
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Going to be a while for me - I’m a player of the Marvelous - and in the absence of the Tentacle Key at the time, I had to give my dream qualities, (from start of play to then, where my stats were generally all around 80-90), to that dratted manager.

I’m only just starting to see some new dream storylets. That said, i used to skip a lot, as i used to be paranoid about Nightmares - now I grab every card I can.
Are there any ways to grind your Dream levels a bit, (barring going mad - I have plenty of memories of light so I can jump to the Mirror-Marshes instead of going to the hotel, but I’m not so keen to go do-lally yet)?

Not really. What you can do is prune your deck slightly, to improve the odds of getting interesting cards. Stripping out unnecessary connections is a start, although the unlocks for the connection conflict cards has dropped from 10 to 5, making it harder. Be careful which pets you buy, to avoid them unlocking useless cards. But it only helps a little I’m afraid.

Where on Hunter’s Keep can you increase Stormy Eyed?

I think that Whitelaughter was just mistaken, as I’m pretty sure that you can’t increase it on Hunter’s Keep, but Mutton Isle has an excellent way to increase it.

ah yes, sorry, it is Mutton Island not Hunters Keep. Will edit original post to fix.

I’m so close I can taste it… WTTS is at 17, and just 8 more dream cards until 18.

Noooooo! I was so close, a mere three points away from 18, and I investigate a new card to ask Dr. Schlomo about What the Thunder Said. The first three options on the card featured a warning that this would reduce my reoccurring dreams quality, but I assumed that since the fourth (promising a nightmare reduction) had no such warning that it would not do so. Do not be fooled, it does reduce it! i’m back to having eight points to go. I wish there were some way to speed up the process, this has been rather frustrating.

I almost feel like mentioning my Stormy-Eyed quality being at 9 would be bragging. Oh wait :P

damn your praeteritio. How long did that take to achieve?

Is this where I mention I have Stormy-Eyed 12 and What the Thunder Said 20 then? grin

I don’t think Stormy-Eyed 12 is uncommon. The highest I’ve seen is 20.

Stormy-Eyed can be ground pretty easily once you have it. There’s just not much point, since you start with so much and, to my knowledge, there’s nothing that requires a Stormy-Eyed of higher than 1.

Absolutely. It has no utilitarian uses, just bragging rights. Like having a Hedonism of 93.

Yeah, I tend to trade in Hedonist every time the Comotion in the suare of Lofty Words card comes up (I think thats what its called at least). Its nice to get a free retry for each stat for some change points in a quality I don’t overly care about, and have in large quantities (though it isn’t nearly THAT high).

Since I got Stormy-Eyed, I’ve gotten at least half a rank every day on it, without going out of my way to do it. I just hit 10 a little while ago, since I find the Stormy-Eyed choices to be better than the others
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Actually, though the Stormy-Eyed choices are better in terms of story, the “sane” choices are better in terms of monetary value (they get you 125 Cryptic Clues an action!). I usually take the crazy option once, then the sane option every time thereafter for the clues.

It is supposed to be at WTTS 18, isn’t it? I hit 18 about two weeks ago, I’ve actually already made it to 19 and still no Stormy Eyed. Am I missing something?
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[quote=KatarinaNavane]It is supposed to be at WTTS 18, isn’t it? I hit 18 about two weeks ago, I’ve actually already made it to 19 and still no Stormy Eyed. Am I missing something?
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It’s a particular card that unlocks at WTTS 18, so it’s just a matter of waiting for the deck to please you. Since the Dreams cards tend to stay unlocked at higher levels, you could get a bunch of other WtTS cards in the meantime. (I’m at 17 now, and I think most of my points recently have been from “A dream about the mist,” the condition-less cards)

I’ve been waiting about a month and still nothing. Perhaps my luck will change soon!

I’m on Mutton Island right now, with nothing much to do. I think I will bump my Stormy-eyed to unprecedented heights over the next few days… :)