Can amyon tell me (or hint) how can I acquire stormy-eyed?

Stormy-Eyed unlocks with “Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 18”

That’s a lot of dream cards needed to get that high, isn’t it?

That’s a lot of dream cards needed to get that high, isn’t it?[/quote]

Let’s just say I have been trying to get stormy-eyed for six months. I finally got it yesterday.

I am also striving for the quality, as I must admit that it does sound incredibly attractive. Eyes of storms? That has got to be formidable (or at least impressive looking!) in some form or another. I wonder if I will become more handsome, or if the asset will assist me in pursuing a certain Revolutionary Firebrand? Wishful thinking, perhaps…

Actually, what does Stormy-Eyed actually do for me when I accomplish it? I’ve accomplished up to the 10th step, as of this morning.

You’ll be able to repeat the whole “What the Thunder Said” dreams from a… let’s say ‘different’ perspective. Apart from that, it doesn’t do much right now. But I’m pretty sure it will be worth something in later stages of the game. And even if not, it is a really cool storylet!

Do be sure, once you have started honest pursuit of any dream-related goal, NOT to spoiler [color=#ffffff]visit Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival for the purpose of Gazing into the Dream’s Mirror. If you do so, while it is an interesting journey and does rid you of your nightmares, it will wipe out all of your dreams. There are items you can buy to let you gaze into the mirror and keep your dreams but they are quite expensive. [/color]spoiler

And yes, I too am in pursuit of the Stormy-Eyed, it does indeed require many delicious opportunities and much luck. Best wishes in your pursuit!

A Lady dreaming

I’d strive for Stormy-Eyed, anyway, even if it would do precious little beyond making my mantle look pretty. It also looks like having Stormy Eyes would make the fountain in the Royal Bethlehem slightly more entertaining, during other mind-addled pursuits. I also see the quality unlock additional options in cards, from time to time.

I must admit, upon reading Maurna’s post, that I would have had my quality up to sixteen by now had I not found out her point the backhanded way. Blast.

I do not regret coming to see through the eyes of the storm. One exists outside oneself. One speaks as the sky, the roots, the rocks, the bones. Rhyme and reason dance, and there is no room for fear.

I am Stormy-Eyed and back up to What the Thunder Said 19. I thought FBG announced something about updates to the end of this some time ago, but I haven’t seen anything new. Anyone know anything?

I’m at WtTS 18 and I’ve been waiting all week for the concluding card to show up. The thunder is sure taking its sweet time.
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I’m striving for it now, I’ve just hit WTTS 15. Wish me luck!

Hmm, I’d like very much to be stormy-eyed as well, but there doesn’t seem any way of doing it without increasing your nightmares and I’m trying to keep them as low as possible right now.

I believe the highest Stormy-Eyed quality(on a mantlepiece, anyway) is 17.
If you thought getting WtTS high enough was difficult, imagine grinding your Stormy Eyed that high.
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You could lower your Nightmares as soon as they go up, either with Laudanum (1 echo per bottle, lowers Nightmares and raises Hedonist and Wounds, so you could go for a little rest at your Lodgings to cure the Wound too afterwards), sharing them with a friend (an Action you can only perform when Nightmares is no less than… 4, I think? Not sure I remember. It lowers your Nightmares and slightly raises the friend’s), or drinking hot spiced wine in the Refreshment Pavilion of the Carnival (50/50 chance of lowering Nightmares or slightly raising Scandal). There are also cards effects that lower Nightmares, for example, A Moment’s Peace.

Also check the forum thread about managing Menace:
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I am basically addicted to Laudanum at this point for the self-same reason. I also an at a halt for my aspirational goal at the moment because it requires an individual to go insane. And, up until recently, the process meant losing your progress altogether. Damn, damn, double damn.

Ah, well. I suppose that is what Court is for.

We will dance in the storm’s eye together, brother.

We will dance in the storm’s eye together, brother.[/quote]

Lead the way, I’m coming along. [Currently at a whopping LEVEL 1 XD ]

I’ve got a question regarding my gorgeous new iris pigmentation. If i were to lower my quality to a bare minimum do i lose the eye of the storm and have to work my way through 6 months worth of nightmares again or do i simply comply with the storm in the next dream to get it to level 1 again?
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I basically permit my Nightmares to rise unchecked until around level six or so. Then I start doing Moderate or greater Dangerous tests to acquire approximately the same level of wounds (and enjoy the spoils from my infrequent successes), then spend some time Ignoring a Cheery Gentlemen (though failing the luck check does increase your nightmares, succeeding lowers them more than failing raises them, hence, so long as you have a comfortable buffer there is little danger), until he goes away at Nightmares four. And then to reduce my Nightmares and Wounds at the same time, I rest in my lodgings and the rare successes doing that tends to lower my nightmares down to around two.

And if you are curious how many more change points you need to get to WtTS 18, there are formulas in the Salon section.[color=#ffffff]This post is without even the pretense of shame.[/color]
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