Stormy eyed dreams missing?

I’ve been working on leveling up my stormy eyed quality for a while now, but for the past month or so I have not been drawing any cards that can raise that level, and of the cards that level up &quotWhat the thunder said&quot only one of them ever appears. I have not reported this to failbetter before because I was uncertain if it was a glitch or if the cards had been changed/updated and/or they were locked when I reached a certain dream level.

(My &quotstormy eyed&quot is currently level 11, and &quotWhat the thunder said&quot is 21)

Would anyone mind sharing there experiences with these dreams as of late? I would like to confirm or disprove my suspicions about them.

You can raise your stormy eyed quality at Mutton Island with the &quotI bid the wind to speak&quot option.
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I did get a Stormy eyed option on a what the thunder said dream card last week. My WtTS is 19 and Stormy eyed 18.

I’m not sure but I think the higher what the thunder said gets the fewer cards you get. I’m not sure if there is actually a hard cap for them except the red bordered card that only increases WtTS. But if you have a ship you can go to Mutton Island to get enough Stormy eyed to enter the Mind of a Long Dead God (edit to add) - which will .clear your stormy eyed and let you draw the card that starts the whole cycle of What the Thunder said again.
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Yeah, I’m having the same problem. It looks like if you let your WtTS get too far ahead of your stormy-eyed you get stuck. I’ll definitely have to give mutton island a visit.

The same thing happened to me a while back, and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. In fact, I think I’ve only been to Mutton Island during the Fruits of the Zee festival.

I just got a What the Thunder Said card with stormy eyed options and it said it capped at WtTS 19. So you won’t get that one once you get to WtTS 20.
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Is there any way to reduce what the thunder said without first visiting the mind of a long dead god?

Oh… that would explain why I haven’t seen that in AGES myself.

My Stormy-Eyed is at 13.
My What The Thunder Said is at 25. :-(

What’s the best way to adjust these qualities so that I can continue the Stormy-Eyed storyline, short of going mad over and over and over again?

I don’t think that the Interpreter of Dreams card actually reduces WTTS, so you’ll pretty much have to raise SE instead via Mutton Island.

Going to The Royal Beth does reduce all dream qualities but that would be really slow. If you can, I would suggest you just visit Mutton Island and increase your Stormy eyed to 19 so you can visit the mind of the long dead god and wait for the reset card.
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Yeah, the last WtTS card stops showing up at 20, and the reset card giving Stormy-Eyed only lets it to 7 so doesn’t appear if you have Syormy-Eyed 7+.

Thanks for clearing that up, I was very confused as to why I was not getting those cards anymore. Looks like a trip to mutton island is in my cards. Ill be sure to spend some time there once I am done grinding connections.
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Very unintuitive how this happens. I was holding off on the Mutton Island trip on the assumption that this would be fixed at some point, but if it has been this way for a while, I guess I might as well.

Yeah, I would have hoped that there’d be a card which appears if you’re over the threshold, which converted excess WttS to SE or something, so that people couldn’t over-shoot the mark. I had kept raising WttS, thinking that I hadn’t reached the right point yet. :-s

I guess I’ll hit up the wiki to see which parts of the story I missed, and hope that not too many of the entries have been abbreviated.
I’d been hoping to avoid that.
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For abbreviated entries, you can always copy some uninterrupted line and google it in quotes - it’ll bring up that specific event result and journals with it echoed.

Hello, to anyone else spending an eternity on Mutton Island! :-p
(Stormy-Eyed 15/19.)

Having done this a few weeks ago, don’t forget to pick up some Docks Favours at the end of each round if you’re looking for those over more material rewards.

So, I have What The Thunder Said at 24, and Stormy EYed at 12. Is it time for me to take a trip to the island and if so what should I do there?

Mutton Island is a carousel. On the first part there is an option about the Mutton Island wind - use the stormy eyed option. Then do whatever you want until you cycle back to the beginning and stay there until your stormy-eyed is at 19. When you get back to London there will be a pinned storylet that lets you enter the mind of the god. After that wait for the Third that walks beside you card - that takes all your What the Thunder Said and sets your stormy eyed to 7.

Does goin into the mind do anything?