Stormy eyed dreams missing?

It will take a lot of actions to do, but yes.
Remember that you’ll lose various progress Qualities when you go to Zee. So make sure you’ve finished with these before Zailing, as they’ll get reset to zero: Fascinating, Disappearing, Inspired, Seeking, Investigating, Running Battle, The Hunt is On!, Intimidating, Term Passing, Casing, and Dramatic Tension.

As Reveurciel has said, Mutton Island has the ‘carousel’ mechanic. It’s much like being a Guest Lecturer at the University, in that regard.

This time around, the looping quality is Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago. While it’s 0-6, we can do The Mutton Island Wind->I bid the wind speak, which is what we’re here for so that we can get our WtTS to 19.
At Time Passing 7-8 there’s different actions, and when it reaches 9 there’s a final choice which sets Time Passing back to 0 so you can do it all again. The ending action Parelle mentions (which I’m doing so that I have Favours: Docks to convert into Expedition Supplies when I’m in London again) is Crash!->Rescue the Crew.

Edit: One day I’ll remember not to type &quotFavours:Docks&quot. Today was not that day.
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It is great for raising shadowy and dangerous. Also a good source of Aeolian Screams and, if you ask a friend for help they get moon pearls and confident smiles (capped at 20) and you get sudden insights (also capped at 20)

Be careful - just opening the storylet automatically sends you to the Mind. While there you can draw various cards and play various actions; iirc all have options with Stormy-Eyed challenges that on failure lower Stormy-Eyed but pay out with things like Aeolian Screams and Storm-Threnodies.

Just finished playing through the Stormy Eyed stuff. That was good.
A pity I still have ‘What The Thunder Said’ 25, and am probably never going to see The Mind of a Long-Dead God again on this character (not without some serious grinding on Mutton Island), but oh well. :-)
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The card to reset WtTS and set Stormy-Eyed only needs WtTS 18 to show up, so you should be good to draw it again whenever.

not quite- it’ll vanish for as long as you have stormy eyed 7+, if you’ve been and want to kill the WtTS cards rather than go again. good for deck minimization.

Sorry, I meant WtTS 18 is the only quality you need for it to show up, not that it was the only requirement. In this case Stormy-Eyed isn’t an issue of course.

So, while I’m in this mind, what’s the thing I’m looking for to reset it and what options should I pick for a Dangerious buff and some Screams?

The reset for Storny Eyed happens when you leave - if you’ve WDTTS over 18 you’ll gain Stormy Eyed 7 and lose all of WDTTS through a dream card (honestly, I can’t remember if it was an autofire or a non-discardable or a regular card )
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I’m pretty sure the non-discardable ones are all purely negative ones that show up with too much Nightmares.

Think of it kinda like when you’re reducing Menaces after they get too high (most actions you take will reduce Stormy-Eyed, and when it hits 0 you can get back to London again.)

As for Dangerous / Aeolian Screams, the (Wikia) wiki page for ‘The Mind of a Long-Dead God’ shows the action rewards. Normally I’d avoid suggesting it, because stuff like this is more fun to go into blind without already knowing what’s gonna happen. But I’d rather not type it all out either. :-)

When you have Stormy-Eyed at 14+, there are three opportunity cards which give screams. While you have Stormy-Eyed 9-14 there’s one card which gives screams. I’d wait until you’re down to Stormy-Eyed 5 if you want to grind Dangerous, because the Weather Watching storylet has a repeatable option there which doesn’t rely on cards.
The link to the wiki page is , if you choose to use it.

If you’re looking to do this for financial gain, it’s probably not worth it. But if you’re doing it for some story and the chance to explore someplace new, well… I found it rather enjoyable. :3
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It’s definitely not an auto-fire as I’ve yet to encounter it, but the wiki suggests that the card you’re referring to is &quotWho is the third that walks always beside you?&quot which has Unusual frequency (20% as common as Standard.) Seems like a regular card though, but I only have the wiki to work with here.
Hopefully I get to see it so I can do this again! :-D

Who is the third that walks beside you will turn up again. It might take a while but at least once I got it on the same day as I left the Mind. I always wait until I have at least What the Thunder Said 18 until I go into the mind and have been a few times over the years I have been in the Neath.

I don’t seem to see this card on the wiki.

Glad to hear it. :-D I was afraid that I’d only get one shot at this, without EXTENSIVE grinding.

Wait, do I need to have more or less then 6 Stormy EYed for it to unlock? If it’s more I done goofed.

You need What the thunder said higher than 18 and I think you need less than 7 stormy eyed as it sets stormy eyed to 7

Well that’s strange then. Because my Stormy EYed is 1, my WTTD is much higher then 18, and I just payed 3 fate to get a full deck, and yet despite having 5 card space I can only draw 4 cards and none of them are who is the third walks behind you?
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It isn’t a common card so I would try drawing in the Forgotten Quarter or the Labyrinth to avoid location specific cards but it can still take weeks to turn up. If I remember correctly the longest I waited was around two months!

Edit just re-read your message if your Stormy-eyed is at 1 and you are only drawing 4 cards are you still in the mind? The card is in London
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And THAT would explain both why I could not find it in the first place and why I can only draw 4 cards.

This set up is really convolted by the way. But thanks for the help.