Spirit of Hallowmas '93: 1000+

Angus Turner
Aria Anderson(ZHAndy)
Estelle Knoht
Julia C.
Lady Red
Lawrence Keyworth
Nigel Overstreet
Sir Joseph Marlen

Who else?
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I’ll hit 1000 once I cash in my confessions. I think dov was pretty close as well.

I was wondering, would you consider expanding the scope of this thread to cover sovereigns of hallowmas as well? Getting to 500 spirit is a major achievement in itself.

This raises the question, What happens to excess Spirit? (e.g. having 529, cashing in 500) Will it be saved until next year, much like Taste of Lacre at Christmas?

How could you possibly have gotten that high already? I’ve got hundreds of confession requests and I’m not even close to getting through all of them yet, even as an Exceptional Friend.

Probably not. It’ll probably be wasted, like strange catches and buckets of so-called snow.

each confession you prove trustworthy with this year, returns next. If you make 100 confessions this year, that’s, potentially, 600 spirit next, on top of whatever you get manually.

As will I, but I’m waiting to consign most of my Confessions until Sunday, that way the Confessions I accept will have plenty of time to be consigned or betrayed.
For sterity’s sake, I’m waiting to add folks to the list until I can read the actual number on their mantelpiece.

If folks want to add it to the list, I’ll oblige. But, after this week, they will have something concrete to put on their mantelpiece to display that fact.
This list is, primarily, in case 1,000 Spirit of Hallowmas doesn’t provide any additional reward beyond 500. That way we’ll have a verifiable record of who got it done for the purposes of bragging rights.
It’ll also provide a useful list of names to provide advice for next year. Maybe take some of the burden off your shoulders, NB.
I know you probably got a couple hundred asks from folks who didn’t read the FAQs.

EDIT: Nope. Turns out Spirit of Hallowmas rewards cap at 500. This list shall serve as the monument to those who went crazy above and beyond.
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I’ll almost certainly hit 1000. I still have 68 pending confession requests which were not accepted, though.

I expect to finish sending my own confessions tomorrow, and then I can start consigning.

If you don’t mind me asking, dov, how many confession requests do you have lined up? I’d really like to know if confession requests could make or break the 1000 mark.

According to my notes*:

  • I’ve received 197 confession requests, and have already answered 185 of them.
  • I’ve sent out 200 confession requests, and 138 have been answered until now.

Also, I had about 50 or so confessions from last year which I devoured (sadly, I didn’t take note and don’t have an exact count).

Right now, my Spirit of Hallowmas is at 541.
The remaining 12 confessions to send will bring this to 553.
Consigning the confessions I’ve got (plus the 6 special visitors) will get me 576 right now, with a potential of up to 824 if everyone responds.

So right now I have 1129 Spirit guaranteed, with a potential for 1377 at most.

  • Sadly, my notes aren’t as accurate as I tried to make them. I seem to have sent multiple requests to some people by mistake, and also I’ve received confessions from people I failed to note I’ve asked in the first place. But I believe the deviation is negligible.

Lady Red has consigned all her confessions and hit 1000 spirit!

I only have a handful of pending requests, so while I might get a little higher than my current 1046, it won’t be significantly more.


Màiread has reached 1000 spirit! Thank you to everyone who helped me get there and a special mention to Violet Bandit whose confession carried me over the line - in spirit, at least, I am sending you all a great big slice of Hallowmas cake.

Best. Hallowmas. Ever.

Ahhhhh it’s my profile and I might have been first~~!! I’m 8 and I clearly don’t check this part of the forums enough. Congratulations Lady Red and Màiread!

[brag]For what it’s worth, I was first. [/brag]
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I’m kind of torn between getting 1000 spirit for bragging rights or a ton of candles along with masters’ connections.

You can get candles and Connected: Masters all year round.
You only have 1 chance, ever, to get 1,000 Spirit of Hallowmas 1893.

Current Spirit count: 1087!

OOoooh I’m at 779 and beginning to wish I’d sent out a couple more confessions on the last 2 days, However congrats to all who are over the 1000 mark!
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My own character Aria Anderson has just hit 1000 Spirit! :D

If you throw it up on your mantelpiece for a bit, I’ll add you to the list.

If you throw it up on your mantelpiece for a bit, I’ll add you to the list.[/quote]

There you go its on. Is there an extra bonus for succeeding that on their first Hallowmas? XP