Spent Your Last Point of Notability? Never Fear!

For a negotiable amount tendered via surprise packages/eyeless skulls I can proffer recommendations to the Amanuensis and save your waiting for one of those oh so elusive opportunities to make a case to him for that first star![li]

Not that I mean to undercut the market but I’ve got some notability to share myself. Mostly a karma thing frankly, I remember what a pain it was when I had zilch not too long ago. Of course on the subject of karma, if someone felt compelled to share anything nice with me I would by no means object! At any rate feel free to get in touch, same name as in the game.

I too can spread some Notability around; contact me on the forums or in-game if you’re interested.

I’m kind of sick of the notability game myself, so I’m happy to recommend anyone who would like some of mine. I’ve got the Amanuensis sitting in my hand right now. Since it’s trivially easy to keep my notability at 2, I should more-or-less always be happy to give some away.

If anybody need that one point, feel free to ask me as well =)

I’ve been flipping cards, hoping to get my first point of Notability before Time, the Healer comes tomorrow. Unfortunately, I recently traded away all my remaining Eyeless Skulls for a Ray-Drenched Cinder, but I can manage a gift of the unexpected when the opportunity arises.

Edit: And of course, the card arrives just after Time chops my Making Waves in half. Well, at least I have my first point of Notability at last.
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I have the card ready if anyone needs it now.

I used up all my notability and I need more for when the Wicket opens. But when I get back up to 2, I’d be happy to donate a point.

Sent you a request for acquaintance-hood so I can send notability =)

I have recently become a POSI and would very much enjoy receiving my first point of notability. If anyone is willing to sacrifice one of theirs for me I would be very grateful and at the very least send you a give of the unexpected in return.

Edit: I did finally get the card and have enough making waves. So I got my first point.
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No luck in drawing the card so far, and I need to up my MW in order to summon him. I’ll keep trying, though.

Right, now my waves are at the correct level =)

Due to time at sea and the recent purchase of Master’s Blood, I find myself bereft of my last point of notability. With Penstock’s gate soon be opening I am eager to meet the Amanuensis.

I’d be very grateful to any generous soul (or soulless) who would be willing to introduce me.

I will happily provide a Parabolan Kitten in exchange.

With thanks
Thaddeus Wren

Would anyone care to spare this new PoSI a single point of Notability? I will put it to good use, I promise…and I would be devoutly grateful.

@Wren, you’ll have to send me an invite to be your acquaintance in order for me to send a point. This might mean dropping an acquaintance for a moment.

Aximillio - Thaddeus Wren is already an acquaintance of mine. But I just got the card and it looks like someone else has already gifted him a point of Notability. At least he didn’t show as one of the people I could help.

Aximillo and Lady Ciel, many thanks to you both but the gracious and and merciful Lady Circe was already willing to speak to the Amanuensis on my behalf.

Thanks to you all


I would be exceptionally grateful if someone would be willing to assist me with that first point of notability. I’ve got some rather ambitious goals for the wicket.

edit: Moments after posting the morose gentleman himself appeared at my door. I’m not sure if that would be termed auspicious, or sinister.
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I had everything lined up for the wicket and then the sudden appearance of a mood card has forced me to re-evaluate my notability plans. I have enough BDR to easily reach my goals but I currently find myself without the first point necessary to get the chain going and the wicket (presumably) fast approaching. If someone would be so kind as to speak to the Amanuensis on my behalf I would happily bestow a surprise package upon them (or similar favor that won’t impact my immediate need to flail my arms and look important).
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