Special event ideas

So, I see many of you have ideas l-great ideas, if I may say so-about real time events like the fluke hunt that we had recently, and I would like to open this thread as an organized place to put said ideas. I would prefer you base your ideas on a AS(either a specific one or a handful), but you could also suggest something like the urchin war. Thank you in advance for anyone who adds their idea here and feel free to flag this if you want to.


Ah, seems I need to start this on my own. Well then, here’s a couple of ideas:

1-an AotRS event where players are tasked with folding reality into paper and making origami out of it-imagine someone making the Thames into a massive blue paper bat… admittedly not sure how you would justify any of this.

2-a KT event where someone important(but not too important)falls intensely sick and the players can either try to make a cure for their ailment or try to make a poison and disguise it as a cure. Whatever side gains more traction wins, a bit like the urchin war.

This is all I have for now. I hope it will help start a conversation.

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