Soul Problems - Recovering your Soul

Good Evening Citzens of the Neath,

I lost my soul to the Quiet Deviless some months ago, and I’m currently looking for a way to recover it (Souls are pesky things eh? useless yet you can’t live without one!)
I know I may have to spent 15 fate, and I have no problem with that, my big question is, how to start the story to recover my soul, and how to proceed?
(I MAY have already drawn the golden storylet card but discarted or even dismissed the necessity of my soul through the storylet, of that I don’t really remember)



You can spend fate, or you can go to the flit and play games with the fisher kings for bundles of oddities. It’s a 1/131 chance more or less, and can take a little while, but its free and you can get a lot of compromising documents and other things while fishing.

But where can I spend fate? Where is that Story or option?

That’s on an opportunity card that pops up occasionally. It’s pretty uncommon but as long as you’re soulless it’s always in the deck.

More specifically, it’s a bronze bordered card with Unusual Frequency.

I got my soul back in a couple days with Fun With the Fisher Kings though, so it might be worth grinding that while you wait. (It’s a bit more than a 1 in 200 chance of getting your soul back there, so it’s possibly similar to the odds of drawing the relevant card)

Yes, the odds are higher than 1/130 - it’s correct that only one of the potential 130 Bundle values will give you back your Soul, but the &quotJoin in their games&quot option is itself a luck check at 70%. So I make that 1/185 approx.

Thank you all for all your fast and great responses!

I return to report that thanks to the Fisher Kings I am no longer souless!

Those grubby urchins aren’t helping me a bit! Ah well, by now I’m quite used to bring bereft of my soul, so it isn’t much of a hardship. More rooftop fishing ahoy!

Tis not the fisher kings, if you look closely at the note, it was a shephard who was purposefully walking where he KNEW you would be lurking.

Well, that’s half true. It is after all the Fisher Kings that instruct you how to fish, and assist in picking targets. No doubt the Shepherd in question was in cahoots with them, but they deserve SOME praise, I would think.

(this from the player that coined the term &quotUrchinbastards&quot when his Soul failed to turn up after 5 solid days of fishing…)

Geeze that was fast. How long did it take? I just got Solomon’s soul back a second time, and it took two days.
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Geeze that was fast. How long did it take? I just got Solomon’s soul back a second time, and it took two days.
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It took around 20 tries, I guess I was lucky!

Yeah, that’s pretty dang lucky.

Yeah, I’ve done it three times now, first time (not including actions to reduce Suspicion or raise Urchins) took ~200 actions, second time 85 actions, third time 255 actions. (I started keeping count. I don’t know why.) 20 is astoundingly lucky. Heck, my 85 was astoundingly lucky. :)

I didn’t realise it was so tricky, one alt became soulless just to get the 5 card lodging from the Wicket and got it back on their second attempt. So I decided to try with a long term deliberately soulless character - and they got it back on their second attempt as well. Of course they are already soulless again - for a very pretty diamond :)

As an offhand question, has anyone bothered to calculate the expected average profit from selling your soul and getting it back this way?

I mean, obviously it’d be ridiculously luck based but.

I believe it’s ~1.68E/A on a totally average run through, not counting actions to reduce menaces or increase connection:urchins. This assumes the odds of actually drawing from the bag rather than gaining suspicion to be exactly 70%. This makes it slightly higher than the Affair of the Box but lower than selling Collections to Tomb Colonists.

EDIT: This also assumes selling for the Fabulous Diamond. Any other price is not worthwhile. Math:
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THat’s the payout for the soul specifically, but there’s also a non insignificant payout from the bundles of oddities, which should significantly bump up the average.

(My math got 2.10, assuming using rookery password for urchins connections and removing an average of 5 points of suspicion with the Ablution Absolution. Also assuming a starveling cat is not a positive or negative outcome. I suspect the compromising documents are a significant portoin of that payout)
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