Someone reassure me that the Amanumensis...

… still pops by from time to time, without invitation? Neither my husband nor I have seen him for a week, where other Infrequent cards have still been appearing with distressing frequency.[li]

He does, yes. The RNG is just spiteful and full of malice and will never give you the cards you want.
At least you don’t need to worry about drawing that card much any more once you get one point of Notability, seeing as there’s no cost for summoning him any more.

Pretty much what Spacemarine said. During my grind to Notability 9 (I don’t even remember how long I’ve been grinding), I think I’ve drawn the card 3 times, including the initial first point of Notability.

What I’d recommend is during your card flipping, spend your extra actions on obtaining higher BDR items. It will save you hundreds of actions in the long run, let me tell you.

Thank you - I’m actually a veteran of the notability game OPG, but I’ve not seen him turn up unbidden since he became more amenable to house calls.
Spacemarine: Oh don’t say that. It sent me a lovely pair of dice for advent.

I haven’t seen him in more than a week too. I used all my Notability buying lodgings and he has not appeared since.

He shows up. I have the card in my hand right now.

If you have enough BDR and Waves you can summon him via Society and Scandal, if not he does turn up on occasion.

I have Notability, so I could make enough waves to summon him. But if I do he’s just going to come by soon after or soon before and tell me how I could’ve saved the effort if I had just waited a bit longer. The thing is, with BDR 15 the difference between paying 3 out of 3 Notability and 3 out of 4 Notability is 153 - 15 = 138 CP of Making Waves. I don’t even want to think about how painful it would be to pay 3 Notability after bringing it up much higher. It’s like being punished for putting in the effort, isn’t it? Tax the rich!


That can only be done if you have 1 notability. So if you used it up for Penwick’s or the occupations, you will need to draw the card again. It took me 2 weeks to get him.

I’m in the same boat re. having spent my Notability and not drawing the card despite spending a whole week doing nothing but alternating between Waves grinding in Veilgarden and drawing cards at home. Getting that “Time, the Healer” message this week was painful, I tell you…

Am I the only one frustrated with this mechanism?

You’re not the only one frustrated, but personally I wouldn’t bother grinding Making Waves if you don’t have any Notability. Getting that first point is easy, and after that you don’t need to worry about getting the card unless you’re planning on bribing him with souls.

No, I find it fairly frustrating as well. I wish when you had a certain amount of making waves, even a relatively high amount (say, 30) the amanuensis would become a high-probability card.[li]

Ed. Ok, I’m not sure if they’ve been very actively monitoring this or if I’m just a derp, but you can summon the amanuesis for no cost now at your lodgings if you have enough making waves to raise your notability (?!?!)

Well, that’s a perfect solution!
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Yeah, it’s been like that since they eliminated the chance of failure when turning in your Making Waves.

I’m so confused. I flat-out don’t have that option, and haven’t for quite some time – it’s showing as locked unless you have one point of Notability.

Yes, you need one point of Notability to use that option. However, after you get that one point (and I wouldn’t bother grinding MW while waiting to get the card) it’s really simple to keep increasing it.

Not going to lie, I am super nervous that I won’t get him before the wicket disappears, and I was SO looking forward to getting an eyrie. Desperately flipping for two weeks now. Sigh.

Hold fast, friend, and flip your cards somewhere that doesn’t have location specific cards, like the Forgotten Quarter or, I think, the Labyrinth of Tigers. Between the time I got POSI and the change to notability, I saw the Amanuensis what seemed like multiple times a day, but once the notability system changed and I began to care about becoming notable, he took a two-week vacation. Eventually, though, he did show up, and I was able to get myself a Suite. It happened for me, and it can happen for you!

I am well beyond frustrated. Like Hattingmad, I have been drawing cards since the Wicket appeared and have not seen the Amanuensis even once. At this point I fully expect the Wicket to close before I get my first point of Notability.

Being locked out of time-sensitive content for a full year due entirely to the whims of the RNG is appallingly bad design.

There is a new option on Slowcake’s card

Recommend an unknown acquaintance “Actually - Mr Slowcake has overlooked someone terribly deserving.” This will transfer a single point of Notability from you to a friend with zero Notability, allowing them to summon the Amanuensis.

Which would be a lovely option, save for the fact that Notability appears difficult to come by and, being hard-won, few people are going to be pressed or inspired, I think, to give points of it away to help strangers. Now, if you make an alt and always keep it Notable, this is a solution indeed.