Social Goals: an Organizing

We should probs have a place to plan for some of that on the forum.

The social goals as they are:

  • 30 Sunless Sea streams[/li][li]100 pictures of Correspondence on skin. It needn’t be a tattoo, eyeliner and marker work too[/li][li]7 photos of each of eleven different dressed one of the 11 Masters. This will reveal new lore about them. You can take 11 separate photos edited into one to hold eleven different people.[/li][li]2000 Kickstarter backers[/li][li]500 Twitch Followers for FBG[/li][li]200 viewers on a FBG Twitch stream[/li][li]10000 followers on the FBG twitter

Ah! I had the same idea, though I was focusing more on the Masters photo organization, cause that one seems like a bit of a struggle to pull together. This will be really useful though, do we have like, a database somewhere or a few reference images we can use as reference re: canon correspondence sigils? (I know they don’t have to be canon, but it might still help!) is the closest thing I can find to a canon list, but they don’t have the meanings attached

Concerning the sigils, I found this one a while ago, it has at least some with meanings but I’m not sure how canon they are:

And corncerning master dress up pictures, if anyone plans to do an online group to edit together I’d be happy to join, I would love to do that but practically none of my rl acquaintances are into fallen london, sadly.


@Omega8520 @CaptainBleifuss oh excellent! Thank you, it looks like they’ve got at least 13 so far on twitter, which is a pretty solid start.

Also Captain, I’ve started a thread just for that over here:

We’ve only got a couple of the Masters covered so far, so if you wanna jump in with us that’d be swell!

Getting 30 people to play sunless seas on twitch at once shouldn’t be hard, let’s just get a date and time that would work and go from there!

I don’t think we need 30 all at once, just thirty over time- since they want to join in and take questions, I’d imagine it’d be hard to do that across thirty streams.

The next FBG twitch will be this Friday at 4 PM GMT.

As well, I recall they mentioned that the Sigils can be of one’s own design

I feel it worth pointing out that we need approximately 220 people to make twitter accounts and follow failbetter to reach the goal of 10k followers. Also how good does the master outfit need to be?

This has already been reached. There are now 3,000 backers.

I’ll see if I still remember my twitter account in order to participate on the sigil thing.

We’ve reached backers and twitch followers, have almost certainly reached the correspondence, and have almost reached twitter. (Wow thats fast)

I just became follower 9,998 on twitter.

And 10K has been reached!

I’m starting to think FB underestimated the hype :D[li]

They did. Let them be bowled over by the hype spacetrain

It seems I was a bit optimistic. We are above 72 correspondence sigils, but have not reached 100.

Stretch goals and new social goals have been announced! (Generally just more of what we have already been doing)

First two stretch goals achieved before they were even announced!