So! Who's having frame-rate issues?

[li]I’ve seen quite a few people mention this (on pc’s of all kinds) and think it may be an issue that requires a bit more discussion (are some pc’s affected more than others, what information is needed in bug reports, etc). How widespread an issue is this? So far I’ve noticed that it can affect turn speed (which is important with the new combat system) but I don’t know if it affects other factors (like fuel consumption, etc)[/li]
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Well, my framerates were pretty abysmal when the Steel-beta was first released (I have an HD 7950 and the FX-8350)But it seems that currently (using the Steel-beta opt in) my framerates seem pretty damn good. No real noticable lag, now. It seems to me that they’ve already done something about it. (And I know at the very least it IS a problem the devs are aware of and would bet it’s pretty high priority)
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I’ve still got it pretty bad once in a while. The effect on turning means when it hits in the khanate it is very hard not to crash I to walls.

I didn’t seem to have this problem until I got the really big engine. After that point my screen started really stuttering.

My game was going pretty well today until suddenly ships started spawning way, way more than I’ve ever seen before. I’m talking literally 20+ all grouped together stuck because they’re bunched up and have no where to turn. And my frame rate PLUMMETED. Which was quite frustrating when a pirate ship caught sight of me, especially since I had the combined poor turning and a floating mass of ships to try to get past.

Yeah every so often it will grind to a halt. I figure it’s a huge crowd of enemies spawning together but I haven’t seen them. I usually close out and when I start the game back up it’s fine.

Fair bit of bounce when there’s more than one opponent on screen and when you approach a port to find that a number of ships have clustered out in the port way (Sometimes as many as thirty), the other problem I have is when the combat system engages and more than one opponent engages you at once, at which point it becomes very flickery.

It looks like I have the same problem (slowed turning, mutiple enemies/neutral ships spawning). I’d encourage you to send a bug report to with both your output log and your save file. [This is what they requested of me when I reported the bug.]

The FPS issue hasn’t effected my gameplay per se…but ever since the combat update, there has definitely been a drop in FPS that’s noticeable right from starting the game.
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Yeah I tend to get a pause when combat engages but I figured it was probably my computer’s fault. It’s not really a big deal most of the time.

I have the horrible slow turning thing now. Graphical settings and resolution have no effect on it. I used to have perfect turning and great framerate, so I’m not sure what’s causing it. I’ll submit a bug report.

I’m playing on a Surface Pro 2 (My main desktop died a little while ago, and I’m stuck on this until I can fix it), but this thing could run FFXIV and other MMOs decently so a little 2d ship game giving it conniptions makes me sad.

Edit: hmm, where does one find their output log? It didn’t seem to be in my appdata folder.
Edit the second: Oh, here’s instructions on how to find your output log -

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Having just had it slow down to one frame every three seconds, I have to wonder if it’s what steam is doing in the background that causes the stutter. I say that because I’ve never had massive frame loss until now, occasional jitters to be sure, but nothing like this. I’m downloading Eve Online at the moment, so I’m thinking that Steam being busy might have something to do with it in general…

I had this problem but I think it was due to a problem with one of the Windows updates from Tues. Installing the Optional update for Windows 8.1 items seems to have fixed it.

Yes, I’ve mostly solved it now as well. It turned out one of the updates caused my power settings to go all screwy, making me go into “balanced” or “power saver” mode even when plugged in. Now that I’ve hard-locked it into “MAX POWER” mode all the time, I rarely get these slowdowns. When I do, it’s usually because I’m running too many things in the backround, or the computer just needs a reboot.

That said, a few times that I HAVE gotten the slowdowns, I’ve run into non-combat NPC boatjams somewhere on the map. So maybe that’s part of it?

I’ve also had some mild slow down issues.

Yeah, I only have problems when the game decides to spawn fifty squintillion boats in a massive heard. Someone really should fix it, because it’s really annoying.

so I tried the game out on my bf’s computer, I thought my framerate went from ok to pretty bad, but actually having seen what it’s supposed to be, I realize that on my computer it actually ranges from pretty bad to downright dreadful. I’ve been playing with a handicap this whole time! no wonder I thought everything was too hard.
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Katarina, I feel exactly the same way.

Now that I’m no longer playing on &quotrealistic turning-radius for a steam ship hard-mode&quot things are so much different. I used to have to factor turning radius and the direction your ship faces when leaving port into ALL my route decisions… which I now realize is just INSANE.
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I know, right! I totally base routes on which way I’m facing coming out of a port. I would skip stopping at Mutton Island on the way home from things half the time even when I was passing right by it just because stopping there left me facing the opposite direction, and getting out of the port in the Iron Republic was almost impossible, as was navigating the Khanate without having to come to a dead stop to turn. And when other people were talking about flanking or maneuvering in combat I was just confused because it wasn’t possible to do anything like that.

The only port I really don’t like for getting out of is the Iron Republic, for obvious reasons. I’ll be interested to learn what the problem has been, because while the turning circle appears to be the same, it’s just that you have to keep your rudder hard down or the frame rate refresh misses that you were pressing it and that’s what causes the slow steering. The main problem I’ve had with it has been when something has engaged me while I’ve been stuck on frame death and it’s turned into real death for that ship…