There’s an option on the Urchins card now that requires ‘A Clear Path’. Which from a little research I see is related to a ‘SNOWBOUND!’ storylet. Can’t be long![li]

I hope we can get buckets of snow from that.

Ah, I was wondering about “A clear path” so that isn’t available yet? Good to know. :)

If you were around for last year you might still have a Clear Path, but I’m sure the Snowbound storylet will pop up soon enough for everyone else.

And here it is! The first lacre snowing of the season!

The Fate locked option(s) is intriguing as usual.

30 fate, but assistance from a Master itself, gah! If anyone has tried it, do tell if it was worthwhile.

It’s pretty worth it, although its main benefit won’t kick in for a while.

The social action to clear out other people’s paths doesn’t seem to have shown up yet; but it should be at your Lodgings eventually. the “help other people clear their path” option on Snowbound is not the social action, you just help some NPCs clear their paths.

Someone tried to use his/her incarnadine fur robes ? I have two of them but I fear to get the same items as last year. :)

Is the Something something something supposed to break? The text does mention two outcomes. PM if you got a text for when that doesnt happen.

I’m just waiting for Mr. Fires to be available. Though I do wonder why only Mr.Pages is POSI locked.[li]

Edit-And I have it. Totally worth it.[/li][li]
[/li][li]Double Edit-AHH! I echoed it to my journal but it isn’t there!
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MaskedGentleman, Did the Something something break for you? Or did it work?

I had a robe leftover from last year. Though that wasn’t one of the text choices from last year.

I went ahead and used my [redacted] from last year the instant the option appeared and it gave me the same items as before, I’ll put it on my mantle as proof. None of the options appeared to be new as far as I could tell. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have two of things. Although new things would have been nice. Oh well.
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Thank you NiteBrite for the informations. :)

Oh, gosh. I’d completely forgotten that I’d got a [redacted - Fate-locked, and anyway too nice a surprise to spoil] from last year. I’m now thrown into a spin of indecision all over again.

The last option’s definitely different though. I’ve no idea whether the item you end up with is the same or not, but the description at least has changed.


I just went for the last item. It’s in my profile.

Oh huh, I didn’t even have that option you echoed as an option. Maybe I don’t meet some esoteric requirement (or more likely I just jumped the gun and used my [redacted] before the change). Well I’ll do the fate thing again and see if that’s an option in the future, cheers.

Since last time 'round, I tossed enough money at the game to get Robes for one of every item, I was wondering. Does anyone with a Robe know, is the Coincidence home-comfort the only new item?

I regretted not paying the Masters to clear my path last year so just took the Fate locked option. Interesting visitor (echoed to my journal) and now I have to wait three weeks to see what the living story brings.

Lady Ciel,

I forgot to mention this before, but the link to your profile in your signature returns an error.
You need to drop the &quotwww.&quot at the start to make it work.